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  • Tuesday, Apr 15

    UPDATE on AC/DC from…….read it here.

    Today’s tip:  if you are filing today and sending it in via snail mail, make sure to put more than you think in stamps on it.  Wouldn’t it just suck to get it back for insufficient postage?  Hey, I gotta rant today.  It was brought to my attention that a website that will remain nameless  has been using my info without crediting me.  That blows.  And you know who you are.  So man up and do the right thing, yo?  Otherwise, I will be sending my boys out, and you definitely do not want that.  Seriously.  I mean, we all get stories from other places, but we should all be giving credit where credit is due, eh?  And printing SPECULATION rather than FACT is also a huge no no.  I’ll step off my soapbox now, thank you…..Sometimes it’s feast or famine when it comes to interviews we get for the shows.   Take this week, I only thought we’d be doing Mastodon  tomorrow (looks like I will be speaking with bassist/singer Troy Sanders instead of my friend Brann, who, unfortunately,  is dealing with some family issues. Thoughts and prayers go out to him)  and Devour the Day stop in on Thursday.  Now Rob Zombie and Chris Cornell have been added.   Hey, I am NOT complaining! Very excited actually. Listening to Superunknown right now too!  20th anniversary.  Geez.  It gets strange when you get to a certain age and 20 years seems like 20 weeks ago sometimes.  Time does fly when you are having fun. Hard to believe hardDrive has been around for 18 years this year.  That’s a feather in the cap of our Lou Brutus, who listeners are compelled to listen to every week since 1996!   So congrats to hardDrive!  18 and ready for college!  LOL…..OK  on to the real news.  This has me very worried, since I first met these guys when I worked for Atlantic Records in the late 70′s.  When I write my book some day, I have some great stories going back to the days with Bon Scott.  Anyhow, Pulse of Radio, our sister company, reports there are conflicting reports about the future of AC/DC. According to The Australian, a “music industry source” has stated the band has booked six weeks of studio time at a recording facility in Vancouver, beginning on May 1st, to lay down the follow-up to 2008′s Black Ice. That lines up with an interview singer Brian Johnson did in February with a Florida radio station, in which he also named May as the month the band would begin recording.  However, Peter Ford, an entertainment reporter for Melbourne radio station 3AW, said yesterday (April 14th) the band was preparing to announce its retirement as soon as this week, adding, “We may not hear them perform or record ever again.” He added founding guitarist Malcolm Young – who has been rumored to be ill for some time — had returned to Australia to “live with his family and for his own personal reasons he may not want to continue with the band.”  In the same Florida interview, Johnson did say “one of our boys was pretty ill” — a development that goes back to 2012, when Johnson said at the time the unnamed band member was “getting better” and expected to fully recover.  In addition to the plans for recording the band’s 16th studio album, Johnson also said the band was mulling the idea of playing 40 shows in selected cities around the world to celebrate its 40th anniversary.  (Now all I can add to this news is the fact that, all of their lives, Mal and Angus have smoked cigarettes, and almost to excess.  I remember when I was a smoker,  I would grub a cigarette off them and we’d be chatting and I’d watch as they would light one off the previous one they had just finished.  Chain smoked like fiends!   They did not do drugs.  They drank.   And they smoked hard core cigarettes.  No “lights” for them.  No bleached tobacco.   European hash hard-ass cigarettes.  One after another.  Carried cases of them on the road.)   But now,  over on Blabbermouth, a new updated report has just surfaced that really distresses me. Mark Evans, who says he is the son of original AC/DC singer Dave Evanstweeted a few hours ago reports of AC/DC‘s imminent retirement announcement are not merely rumors. He added: “Malcolm Young is very sick…. [Malcolm's son] Ross Young spoke to my father this morning because the cat got out…. But yes, the band will be finished…. No new shows or music.”  **Update #2** — April 15 at 5:20 a.m. EST: Australian journalist Darryl Mason writes on The Orstrahyun  “when AC/DC recently reunited in a rehearsal studio, Malcolm Young discovered he had forgotten how to play, due to a brain clot on his brain.” He adds: “AC/DC won’t continue playing and recording without Malcolm. It can’t be done.”   Here is a new report I am just seeing at 1:08 PM Eastern from   Oh man.  I am so sad to hear this.  Say a prayer for Malcolm today, please….That’s all I got.  Later.





  • hardDrive playList: weekEnd April 12-13, 2014


    HOUR 1

    hardDrive Double Dose:  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH
    “House of the Rising Sun” & “Bad Company”
    Plugged In:  HELLYEAH “Sangre Por Sangre”
    THE PRETTY RECKLESS “Heaven Knows”
    NOTHING MORE “This Is The Time (Ballast)”
    BRING ME THE HORIZON “Sleepwalking”
    Guest:  ASKING ALEXANDRIA “Break Down The Walls”
    VOLBEAT “Dead But Rising”
    CHEVELLE “Take Out the Gunman”
    STARSET “My Demons”
    ROYAL BLOOD “Out of the Black”

    HOUR 2

    KORN “Spike In My Veins”
    THREE DAYS GRACE “Painkiller”
    Guest:  SEVENDUST “Black (acoustic)”
    OF MICE & MEN “Would You Still Be There”
    BLACK STONE CHERRY “Me & Mary Jane”
    Guest:  AVENGED SEVENFOLD “This Means War”
    LINKIN PARK “Guilty Al The Same”
    Guest:  PANTERA “Walk”
    What’s In Lou’s MP3 Player?  WE AS HUMAN ftg LACEY MOSLEY “Take The Bullets Away”

    On the next WOLRD FAMOUS  hardDrive:  host LOU BRUTUS welcomes:
    Plugged In:  ROYAL BLOOD
    Music news in Dirt
    New music in What’s In Lou’s MP3 Player
    and one last chance to enter our ROCK ON THE RANGE-Part 2 CONTEST!  



  • hardDrive XL playList: April 14-18, 2014

    CHEVELLE                                        TAKE OUT THE GUNMAN
    KORN                                                 SPIKE IN MY VEINS
    LINKIN PARK                                    GUILTY ALL THE SAME
    PEARL JAM                                      LIGHTNING BOLT
    POP EVIL                                          TORN TO PIECES
    VOLBEAT                                          DEAD BUT RISING

    EVE TO ADAM                                  IMMORTAL
    NOTHING MORE                             THIS IS THE TIME (BALLAST)
    REDLIGHT KING                           TIMES ARE HARD
    ROYAL BLOOD                               OUT OF THE BLACK

    ADELITAS  WAY                               DOG ON A LEASH-ADD
    BLACK STONE CHERRY                 ME & MARY JANE
    FUEL                                                   SOUL TO PREACH TO
    GEMINI SYNDROME                        STARDUST
    OF MICE & MEN                               WOULD YOU STILL BE THERE
    POWERMAN 5000                            HOW TO BE A HUMAN-ADD
    SEVENDUST                                    BLACK (ACOUSTIC)-ADD
    STARSET                                          MY DEMONS
    THREE DAYS GRACE                     PAINKILLER
    YOU ME AT SIX                               ROOM TO BREATHE-ADD 

  • Monday, Apr 14

    Happy Monday.  Sadly, it was one year ago today the horrible Boston Marathon bombings occurred.  I remember the day vividly.   Rob Zombie was in the hardDriveRadio studios and when we were headed over to the video room, I had heard the news.  We went to a tv to turn on CNN. It was all so shocking.  It was also  tax day,  April 15th. Let’s take a moment to remember the victims who were lost and those who have been injured.  Boston Strong, America Strong!…Unfortunately I wasn’t one of the 250  insiders and friends of Nirvana who got to see Dave, Krist, Pat and friends perform a long set of tunes at an obscure small metal club in Greenpoint, Brooklyn called St Vitus early Friday morning.  But the show that took place after the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions was apparently  filmed professionally for possible release another day.  Joan Jett, Kim Gordon, Annie Clark (St Vincent) were joined by J. Mascis of Dinosaur, Jr  and John McCauley of Deer Tick (also fronts a Nirvana copy band called Deervana.)  The show started at 2 AM.  Here was the set list:
    1. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (with Joan Jett)
    2. “Breed” (with Joan Jett)
    3. “In Bloom” (with Joan Jett)
    4. “Territorial Pissings” (with Joan Jett)
    5. “All Apologies” (with Joan Jett)
    6. “Drain You” (with J Mascis)
    7. “Pennyroyal Tea” (with J. Mascis)
    8. “School” (with J. Mascis)
    9. “Lithium” (with St. Vincent)
    10. “About A Girl” (with St. Vincent)
    11. “Heart-Shaped Box” (with St. Vincent)
    12. “Serve The Servants” (with John McCauley)
    13. “Milk It” (with John McCauley)
    14. “Very Ape” (with John McCauley)
    15. “Scentless Apprentice” (with John McCauley)
    16. “Tourette’s” (with John McCauley)
    17. “Aneurysm” (with Kim Gordon)
    18. “Negative Creep” (with Kim Gordon)
    19. “Moist Vagina” (with Kim Gordon)
    Meanwhile, guess how many drummers were a part of Nirvana’s history before Dave Grohl? 6.  Bob McFadden, Aaron Burckhard, Dale Crover, Dave Foster, Chad Channing and Dan Peters.  So glad Buzz Osborne of the Melvins  introduced the band to Mr Grohl!….Adelitas Way are tearing up the rock charts with their new single “Dog On A Leash.”  Rick DeJesus  played it for me as a rough cut back in November in Las Vegas driving around in his car.  I actually heard a bunch of tunes.  The album, produced by Nick Raskulinecz, is called Stuck and should be out in early June.   He told me about the tune, “‘Dog On A Leash,’ I know people out there feel like that. I know, whether it’s at work, whether it’s a guy in a relationship, whether it’s a woman in a relationship, whether it’s a son and their parents, everyone feels like they always have to answer to somebody to go do something they want to do. I mean, when you have to answer to people constantly, sometimes you feel like a dog on a leash, man. Sometimes you feel like you’re chained to the wall, and you can’t do anything unless someone unchains you.”….Speaking of Nick, I listened to the new Mastodon album, Once More ‘Round The Sun, that he also produced.  Really impressed at the trajectory of Mastodon’s sound and songs.  Lots of good pickings here.  I’ll be on the hotLine with drummer/vocalist/songwriter Brann Dailor on Wednesday….Another year anniversary passed yesterday.  It marked the 1st anniversary of the passing of Deftones’ bassist Chi Cheng.   The Deftones honored him by posting one of the last songs Chi recorded with the band called “Smile.”  It was from the 2008 Eros sessions, that my eventually see the light of day.  You can listen to  it here. (Thanks Blabbermouth.)…Five Finger Death Punch‘s agents are putting the final touches on their upcoming fall tour.  Meanwhile, Zoltan is already talking about working on new material!  Check out his Metal Hammer interview here…..And speaking of Rob Zombie, tomorrow night at 10 PM, he will be a guest judge on Spike TV’s “Ink Master.”  Set your DVR!….And finally today, apparently Marilyn Manson has written a song that will appear on an upcoming episode of Sons of Anarchy.  One of the show’s producers also commented Manson will make an appearance in the same episode in Season 7….Happy 69th today to Deep Purple  & Rainbow guitarist Ritchie Blackmore!



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