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Declare Independence ... Don't Let Them Do That To You

Hot dogs, baseball, beer and fireworks ... oh, the wonderful holiday of Independence Day every July 4th.  


I hope that amid the enjoyment of this wonderful day you take the time to do a quick overview of why we celebrate.


The Declaration of Independence ...


Read the whole thing here, but I particularly like this part:

[A]ll experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security [emphasis added]

In that document it describes the things the British King was repsonsible at that time as examples and evidence of a "long train of abuses and usurpations" ...


In modern times, there's another train of abuses from the Federal Government: Drones, kinetic military action (undeclared roving global wars), funding and arming those who would harm innocent Americans if given the chance, the IRS, the NSA, fusion centers ... The Affordable Healthcare Act ...


Today should be a day of reflection and a time for decisions.  Which route shall we choose?  Despotism?  Or liberty, freedom and self determination?


Declare Independence!  


And now it's time for an amazing Bjork song.  The video is also great.  Enjoy.


Bjork - Declare Independence from One Little Indian Records on Vimeo.


Walk A Mile in Her Shoes

Donate to my efforts to Walk a Mile in high heel shoes with the link below!


I got the penny!

I got the coveted penny! I ran 13.1 miles Saturday for the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon!


Even though I wasn't nearly the "winner" of the race or of my class, I feel as if I have accomplished something amazing! You can see my actual time online at


What a rush! This whole journey has been eye opening.

Bishop with his post half-marathon penny!
Bishop with his post half-marathon penny!
Team Checkers!
Team Checkers!


I went from hating running to fully embracing the important health impacts of taking to the streets for a jog. Plus, I think I may have inspired several other people to take the initiative and get ready for long runs in the future!


I lost 40 lbs, quit smoking, gained a new appreciation for making the right nutrition choices and also ignited a new found sense of overcoming adversity and accomplishment.


I have to send out some mad props to a few people.


Firstly, big thanks has to go to my girlfriend Meghan for all the support she gave me in the months of training. She put up with quite a bit of me complaining of aching knees and also being tolerant of my crazy training schedule.


I also have to thank my general manager Mark Birch. He didn't have to, but he ran with me for the entire 13.1 miles Saturday. I know he could have made the race in well under 2 hours, but he kept with me for the race and gave me the real-time support! Thanks Mark!


Big props go to Team Checkers: Tiffany, Jaxon, Meesa, Adrienne, Paul, Siona, Cameron, Biz and others--Seeing you all early before the race and at mile 11 was a total morale booster!


Also, mad props to my mom who miraculously appeared at three different parts of the race AND the finish line! Wow!


Special thanks to AthletiCare and The Springfield Running Center for the training info and running equipment.  Without the knowledge you guys passed on, I wouldn't have been able to do what I did!


And, I can't go any further without thanking all of the amazing organizers and volunteers. You guys really made the race possible. I could have just gotten up and ran around for 13.1 miles ... but the experience was much bigger than the run. Seeing the smiling, clapping, and cheering volunteers at every intersection, at the water stops, at the finish line, was an absolute thrill!


Thank you all for your support! Here's to next year's 50th Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon!

I hope to inspire ...

See all jog blog posts here

Training for the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon is almost done.  I've got one, ten-minute run.  


This entire process has been really exhilarating!  


I'm here in between shifts and thinking about how amazing it's going to be tomorrow, running with over 1700 people on the streets of Springfield.  


We're all going to run 13.1 miles past all of the President Lincoln sites!  Our friends and family will be there to cheer us on!  Makes me smile.  I'm cheesy. 


Anyways ... I did this because I want to make right choices.  I also hope to inspire others.  I think I may have!  At least a couple!


At this link you can watch the News Channel 20 segments from this morning where I'm interviewed by Alicia Lewis!


And, I also show up as b-roll in the story about traffic around town tomorrow.


And, trust me, all your encouragement and support is genuinely felt deep down.  Thanks, and hopefully I inspired some of you.  


Now, let's dominate this 13.1 mile jaunt through Lincoln history in Springfield!

Last minute supplies ...

I just finished up a 3-mile run.  


The first mile was great!  Probably the fastest mile ever, at least for me!  But I definitely felt a bit of a lag into my second and third mile ... maybe I should stay clear of coffee the next 48 hours.  


Tomorrow, it's just a ten-minute run.


Sleep ... gotta get that sleep tonight and early tomorrow.  


What else am I missing?  Oh yeah!  Running gear!  


The Springfield Running Center
A visor and some chew-able electrolytes

I gotta get those last minute supplies and to do that, I'm back at The Springfield Running Center.  A while back, I stopped in to test some products.  


I found what I really needed was something to keep the sweat out of my eyes.  


Typically I have been running with a beanie on because it's cold ... I also found it keeps the sweat out of my face.  


The crew at The Springfield Running Center said I should probably stay away from the beanie because it may be a bit warm this Saturday.  The forecast for central Illinois is sunny, breezy (25 mph winds) and a high of 70.  The Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon is going to gorgeous! 


I also picked up some GU Chomps that have electrolytes and vitamins.  "They have electrolytes!"  I'll be able to chew on some of those midway through to give me mid-run energy boost.  


They've got everything there, by the way.  The Springfield Running Center has everything else you need from tights, to jackets, and even some defensive spray (for those creepers [and maybe vicious unleashed dogs]) that could get too close.  If you think you need it on a long run, The Springfield Running Center has you covered! 


Also, if I had TV, I'd be watching News Channel 20's Alicia Lewis Friday morning.  




And yes, I'm nervous!  


Read more about my half-marathon training here!

It's almost go time!

Can I just say "wow" ... I can't believe that the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon is this Saturday. 


It's been a long process and you can read all about my transformation at this link.


Here are a series of important tips from Jason at AthletiCare:




Taking it easy!



Don't over train!



Accomplish your routine!



A couple more runs before the big day. More post workout tips!



Don't change anything up!



Now, I'm off to The Springfield Running Center to get some running gear (like a head band for sweat, some new tights and some chewable electrolytes). 


I'll see everyone this Saturday!  Here comes 13.1 miles!

You can't gloat all the time ...

Wow ... less that a month left before the Lincoln Presidential Half-Marathon.

Sunday, I ran 10 miles in the rain ... in the cold, cold rain.

You know, it's a form of meditation like none other.

Jogging a long distance takes a long period of time and will teach you a lot about yourself.

At the beginning of this whole training thing, when I was smoking cigarettes and eating garbage, I never thought I would get to the point where I've dropped 35 pounds in 2 1/2 months, and able to run 10 miles in one run.

I'm impressed with myself.

But really, it's just about getting out and doing it!

I'm not gonna lie, I love people saying "you're looking great!" or when someone I haven't seen in a couple months says how much more vibrant I appear.

Plus I feel better.  I have more focus and energy than I've had in a long time!

I'm on my way to pull off 13.1 miles.

The really cool thing is, I'll get to see all those historic Lincoln sites in a pretty unique way--Pushing myself further than I ever have! 

Before the race, I have to go and talk with the crew at AthletiCare to fine tune my technique.  

Plus I've gotta get with The Running Center for some running provisions. 

Want to run with me?  It's not too late to register for the half-marathon.  Get to!

There is a limit to how many runners there can be and registration so far is up, from what I understand!  Be sure to register early to save money! 

Anyways, you can't gloat all the time.  Tomorrow I've got to put down 6 miles.  Friday it's weights.  Then Saturday, it's a nice easy 3 miles (never thought I'd say 3 miles was "easy").  Then Sunday, it's my fun-day, run-day Sunday with a big 11 mile jog.  

My body aches just thinking about it! 

The right fit for those long runs ...

Read past blog entries here

I'm sitting here, getting ready to run 5 miles. A couple of Sunday's ago, I was looking at 9 miles! This Sunday (with a rainy forecast) I have to do 10 miles. "Then it's up to 11 miles the next run-day fun-day Sunday," I say in somewhat of a scared and sarcastic manner while knowing the sense of accomplishment, yet pain, I'll feel afterwards.

I can do this! I'm already way further than I thought I'd ever be. 3 miles doesn't seem like anything to me now, where just months ago it was daunting. Again, the info I got from Jason and Jeff at AthletiCare was great. Plus, I've had some great tips coming in from all kinds of channels--Twitter, Facebook, emails (don't worry, I'll get to yours!) :D So, thank you all for your support. I may not be the quickest (by any measure) out there April 6th for the Lincoln Presidential Half-Marathon, but I will finish the 13.1 miles, jogging most of it if not the entire thing.

Springfield Running Center

View Larger Map

Now, in order to do a big run properly, I have to have the right equipment. When it comes to running, the Springfield area has a gem in The Springfield Running Center of West White Oaks Drive. There, you'll meet Derek. Dude has run more miles than I can even imagine, so he knows his stuff.

I went in there having run on some old and even flimsy running shoes. These things were falling apart. After every mile, the insole would start finding its way out of the shoe while I was running. It was seriously uncomfortable.

I met Derek who checked out my arches, the width of my foot and suggested I go a few sizes bigger than I do my typical everyday shoes. He says that when you run, especially long distances, feet are going to swell. It's kind of gross to think about, but he says what's even more gross is the blood in my feet not being able to circulate properly and toenails turning black and falling off. I went with his recommendation.

After getting several different options in my size (plus a size-and-a-half or so), I went back in and tried 'em on.

Both have a great feel and are perfect fits ... but I think I want the shoes that have a bit more cushion. Nice.

Shoes aren't all The Springfield Running Center offers. Derek showed me some anti-chafing stuff that is amazing, because let's face it, when you're running that far, you're gonna have some rubbing and possible chaffing ... Just ask Derek about the dreaded "bloody elevens".

I've already run in the snow, this weekend, it's gonna be rain ...
I've already run in the snow, this weekend, it's gonna be rain ... 

Anyways. The Springfield Running Center can equip your run with not just accessories like wicking wear, gloves, socks and even an assortment of ways to stay hydrated, but Derek and his staff have plenty of tips and tricks to get through those big runs.

If you're looking for a one-stop running store, get to The Springfield Running Center!

Here's to a few more weeks of some good runs ... and here's to trying to stay dry while running in the rain.

Maybe I should give Derek a call and check out the options for waterproof long-distance running.

Comments? Please leave below, send a Tweet or drop me a line.

Raise your hand if you're a beginner ...

In my training for the Lincoln Presidential Half-Marathon, I've made great strides --- pardon the pun --- but what I've really noticed is I'm new at this whole thing.


My previous posts about quitting smoking, my diet, how to track my food and my workouts, have all be very helpful, but nothing has been more helpful than my conversation with Jason and Jeff from St. John's Athleticare.

St. John's AthletiCare


I sat down with Jason and Jeff for a couple of hours to go over what I've been doing in training and what I should be focusing on.


We're a few weeks away from the big run, and one thing I really need to do is take advantage of the off days. These are days I've been neglecting as I want to drop as much weight as possible before the 13.1 mile run (by the way I've lost 25 lbs since this all started).


However, as we get closer to the big race, I'm going to be putting a lot of stress on my knees, hips, and body in general. The off days will be crucial for me to recover!


Jason laid out for me a training guide for the next few weeks. Last Sunday I upped my big run-day Sunday to 7 miles. That was difficult, but I got through it, especially after loading up on carbs before running! This next run-day Sunday I will get up to 9 miles! Then I'll take a break the following week and only run 3 or 4 miles for my big run-day. But, it'll kick back in the following two weeks to be 10 miles one run-day Sunday and then 11 miles for the following run-day Sunday! HOLY COW! That's a lot, but I can get it done!


The thing Jason really stressed was the taper weeks just before the race. The two weeks beforehand, I will not be running nearly as much. This is a way to prepare me for the big race.


Jason also stressed how I need to test out clothing, foods, water intake, all to prepare for the big day. I don't want to have digestive issues, chafing issues or anything else that will hold me up from crossing that finish line.


Next, I'll tell you about something else that's gonna get me through the race ... and that's some new shoes and running gear from The Springfield Running Center off West White Oaks.

The workouts ... Every. Single. Day.

Visit the my jog blog here for other entries

Enough futzing around ... I've talked about smoking, about food ... and about food again!

"My gosh, Bish, quit being a chubs!"

Now on to the part that seems like some kind of motivational poster, "where there's no pain, no gain."

Here's what I did about a month ago after I knew I'd be attempting the Lincoln Presidential Half-Marathon April 6th. I searched online for a sample of what a weeks exercise routine should be in order to train for a 13.1 mile run. From that, and because of my schedule, I decided upon this:


  • Sunday's would be my big run-days. At first I'd start with two miles, jog/walk. From there I would determine what I'd run throughout the week. The first Sunday I made two miles--warm up and a mix of jogging and running. I then went on another round that same day.
  • Then Monday's, after work, I book it to the gym to get on the elliptical machine for 30 minutes. There I choose a course that provides a good amount of resistance so I can keep my heart-rate up. After that 30 minute cardio, I get on some machines to work my upper-body Ideally, I'd go another 30 minutes.
  • Workouts for Tuesday includes either an indoor or outdoor jog/walk of 30 minutes, plus a lower-body workout with machines. If I run outside, I go for two miles as quick as I can. On the treadmill I go for 30 minutes, which lately has been right about 2.2 (and continues to get further).
  • Wednesdays it's off my feet and on a stationary bike of some kind There I use a program to provide resistance to force my heart rate up and steady. After a 30 minute, roughly 10-plus-mile trek, I then head to other machines for an upper body workout.
  • Thursdays, it's back to a 30 minute jog/walk workout on the treadmill.
  • Fridays, it's back either on the elliptical or the on the stationary bike ... either way, I want to be off my feet but still getting my heart rate up.
  • Saturdays are a bonus day that I could use to rest, but I still go get my heart-rate up on a machine and do some kind of machine workout or work on my core (though, I still need a LOT of work on that).

Then back to Sundays, it's time for the big run day. When I started I thought two miles was gonna kill me. Now a month later, I'm up to nearly 5.5 miles on my big run Sunday. I hope that by the time April 6th comes around and I'm up to run 13.1 miles, I can do it without losing my sanity!

More motivational poster stuff: This is where you put up or shut up!

Really, it's a big jump to devote to a training schedule ... but once you start and feel the benefits of working hard every day to work harder and go farther, you don't want to stop! I haven't skipped a trip to the gym in a month. That in combination of a good solid diet of fresh vegetables and calorie counting and plenty of solid sleep to recoup my body ... I've lost 20 pounds since Christmas!

That's motivation!

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