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Heaven & Hell, Bath-salts, Toilet Seats and Topless Protests

Heaven beside you, hell within

Bill Hicks jokes about asking "forgiveness" from some offended hecklers

It's only appropriate that it's Sunday and this story comes out: Study finds people who believe in heaven commit more crimes.  

Reading the story you find the researchers indicating that the belief in hell leads to less criminality while a belief in heaven could lead to more criminality.

Now I have no idea how the hell they crunched their numbers, but it guess it kind of makes sense.  I mean, if you fear hell and burning in eternal damnation without water being raped by little demons, then sure you may not want to do some violent crime.  But if there's a belief in heaven, typically that comes with some kind of subservience or need of "forgiveness."  

Reminds me of a great comedy routine from the late-great Bill hicks!  

Don't do unnatural drugs, kids

Speaking of the propensity of committing violent crimes ... what's with the bath-salt madness?  

There's been at least two zombie-like attacks in Florida, and now this!  These are absolutely horrifying stories that blow my mind and they all seem to stem from a designer-drug like bath-salts.  I'm not advocating more laws outlawing the stuff but I am advocating for people to think things through a bit further!  

Here's some advice--If you have ever done bath-salts and you think "nothing like that happened."  Consider yourself lucky, repent and never do that garbage again! Oh, and definitely don't post on Facebook that you've done it and "never became a zombie."  That's a sure fire way to end up unemployed ... for life.  

So, don't do unnatural drugs, kids (unless it's prescribed by a doctor, but even then use caution!).  'ight? 'ight!

Woman super-glued to toilet seat at store

Need a Sunday afternoon prank idea?  You didn't get this one from me!  

Could you imagine having to take an emergency bathroom break at the superstore and after rushing to the stall to drop your pants you sit down and feel the slightly sticky residue of something as you sit down?  Then, by the time your realize what's happened, it's too late.  

This is a great advertisement for the continued use of those paper liners for public restroom toilet seats!

Topless protests

This is a nice way to protest!

I love activism!  I may not agree with everyone all the time, but I do my fair share of activism and I thoroughly support the right of people to stand up for something.  

When I saw this, I thought maybe it could get more people interested in joining a cause.  I don't care what cause it is you want to join, but get up off the couch and do something.  

It could be helping the homeless or rallying to secure your Second Amendment rights.  Either way--Just do something!

It's great to see these women from around the world out on the streets protesting a variety of things--while topless!  They are surely getting the attention for their cause, which brings in more support, and I'm not talking about the support they would get from bras.

So, there you have it.  The ponderings I have on a Sunday morning.  

Have a great week! 

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