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Zombie Attack in Texas & Profanity Protest

Man on cat tranquilizer eats dog 

Aright ... It's time to start investing in precious metals.  In particular: lead, brass and cold hard steel!  

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Michael Daniel, taken from ABCActionNews

It's evident that there is a trend where people are turning from eating fruits and vegetables or even fast food and beer, and instead are taking bath-salts and desiring living flesh.  

The story has it that the 22-year-old Waco Texas zombie was on K-2, which is a cat tranquilizer--I believe.  Anyways, he started assaulting his family and chased one person out of the house, growling the whole time.  Then he turned on the family dog, killed it and began chomping.  

Eventually police showed up to arrest him, but what if they couldn't get there?

This is just the most recent case.  I think we've gotten like up to ten cases of people just absolutely losing and getting all cannibal-like and zombified.

What can you do about it?

There are resources for this type of thing.  You can get the latest zombie survival information with the Z.E.R.T (Zombie Eradication Response Team) Facebook page.  

Also, you may want to ensure you have plenty of plywood, nails, and hammers stashed away in the house just incase you need to board up the windows.  Make sure it's thick plywood, because when people start tripping on bath-salts and cat tranquilizers, they get strong--retard strong (and I don't mean that disparagingly). 

Speaking of people being offended by words ...


Surely you've heard of the Massachusetts town where they are set to start handing out $20 city ordinance violations to people who use profanity in public.  Well, a bunch of people have been holding "profanity" laced protests declaring their first amendment right!  

Hell yes!  

I'll never understand a society that claims to be free but yet works to stifle freedoms at every corner.  Thankfully, the police are not yet issuing citations.  They're waiting for the state's attorney's office to determine if the ordinance is legit (which it's not).

These people need to keep it up and I don't know, even alter the first amendment a bit to something like this:

"[Those rat bastards in] Congress shall make no [f*cking] law respecting an establishment of [sh*tty] religion, or prohibiting the free [mother f*cking] exercise thereof; or abridging the [f*cking] freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the [f*cking] people peaceably to [f*cking] assemble, and to petition the [sh*t] Government for a redress of [mother f*cking] grievances."

Well, I think I just developed a t-shirt idea, so I'm gonna go capitalize on that and buy some more lead and brass. 

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