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Post-Election High ...

What up?!?! Bishop in for Dawg today ... enjoy!

The elections are OVER!

If you don’t care about politicians and how they’re gonna rob you of what you work for, maybe you’ll care about this …

Two states passed referendum that legalizes Marijuana. Colorado and Washington didn’t go the pansy way on the issue, where some states have tried to legalize pot for medicinal reasons … nope, they strait up legalized the plant for recreational use!

That’s right! People in Colorado and Washington can smoke up without fear of prosecution! (Can we say bus trip to Colorado?) That is until the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency decides to stick their nose in the business of states, because Federally, Pot is still illegal.

Weedman in court
Weedman in court

Another pot related story

He’s known as Weedman … Ed Forchion was busted with a pound of the sticky stuff in New Jersey when he was visiting. He fought the charges in court starting with a hung jury the first trial. The second trial, he used a little-known tactic of Jury Nullification.

“Marijuana … It’s OK. It’s Just Illegal” he said while telling the jury that he had been munching on pot cookies throughout the whole trial. Essentially he convinced the jury that he is guilty of possessing pot but the law was stupid.

The jury accepted Weedman’s argument and nullified his charge, essentially nullifying the law. That won’t keep prosecutors from perusing the charges in other cases. Soooo, unless you know what you’re doing, you may want to stay out of the courts, but maybe you should investigate what jury nullification is!

What the hell are you smokin'?

Some chick was arrested this week for what she did to a 106-year-old woman she was caring for … according to police in Pensacola, Florida, 29-year-old Taquita Lashay Watson was providing care to the more than a century old woman when she used a “sexual instrument” on the elderly woman. Meanwhile, police are looking at other people in Taquita’s care who may have been assaulted with a sexual instrument. The victim told police that Watson "pulled her pants and diaper down and told her that this 'would make her feel good.'" As Watson allegedly tried to assault her with the sex toy, the victim said she screamed at the caregiver to stop. Watson replied that, "all the old people like it and it makes them feel good," according to the woman's account to police.

WTF … what the hell is Taquita smokin’ … keep that stuff far away from me …

See how dilated dude's eyes are?!?!
See how dilated dude's eyes are?!?!

We know what this guy was smoking, or rather ingesting, but let’s find out what he thought was going on around him … A 19-year-old suspected drug dealer in Indiana was tripping so hard on LSD earlier this week that he either:

a) thought his Indiana home was filled with aliens;

b) believed dinosaurs were chasing him;

3) invited cops into his apartment to peruse his substantial "stash";

d) told officers getting high was great and the whole world should "trip";

5) "continued to talk and ramble on about distributing LSD for money"; f) explained that selling acid was doing "the people’s work."

7) all the above …

If you guessed all the above, you’d be right. When questioned by cops, dude admitted to being high on acid. He says he took 30 hits. He then disclosed that he had thousands of hits in a box on the floor. That’s why the CIA uses LSD as a truth serum … Dude was charged with a bunch of stuff for having a bunch of stuff. Note to self—don’t do drugs. And if you do, don’t take 30 hits of acid!

And finally, a woman was busted the other day at a well known coffee shop in Florida for pleasuring herself. Police came upon the woman after the java shop workers reported a woman in the lobby masturbating. When they arrived, she told them she was waiting to go to a hospital. So, what was she smoking? Police offered the ride, but first requested a search of her purse where they found a crackpipe that tested positive for cocaine. She’s in jail on $1120 bond.

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