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Porn Star Watches Herself On Tape [VIDEO]

You think watching old home movies of yourself is awkward... Here is pornstar Coco Velvett watching a porn starring herself for the very first time!!

New Sevendust Track "The Wait" [AUDIO]

Sevendust are getting ready to release a fan funded new acoustic album, Time Travelers & Bondfires. The album will have acoustic versions of some their biggest hits but also have 6 new tracks. Set to be released on the bands' own 7Bros label, Time Travelers & Bonfires is set to come out April 15th with a tour kicking off at the beginning of April.


Check out new track "The Wait" here...


New Metallica - "Lords Of Summer" [GARAGE DEMO VERSION]


New track from Metallica, just as long as the new album is not Lulu nor St. Anger. 

We went paintballin'... My injuries [PHOTO]

So, all of us at Springfield's Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ went on a field trip up to Bloomington's Urban Warfare Paintball for a "team building exercise"... And it was freakin' awesome! 


Hurt like a son of a b**** BUT AWESOME!!


We played several different scenarios. Full disclosure, it was my FIRST TIME paintballin'. A virgin, a newbie, whatever you want to call it. I'm not going to lie and say I didn't expect it to not hurt. And honestly, it didn't hurt that bad! 


It felt kind of good. Theraputic. I could do it every other week! 


Here are my bruises on my left side. I have a few more on my back and shoulder. A few others are too close to another body part (the gears if you catch my drift), that I didn't snap a photo of them. 


Oh, everyone else got 15-20 bruises each. But Lars took a paintball right to the face (IN THE FACE!!) and gave him a bloody nose... Needless to say, he was out for the rest of the night. 

20 Things Men Do That Women Probably Don't Know (Or Want To Know)

Eric Zane's Wife Has A Problem Swallowing [VIDEO]


Eric Zane's wife Diana had a case of the sniffles over the weekend, requiring her to take some medicine. She has a bad gag reflex to cough syrup. Watch her choke it down right here. 

Get All Techy with Volbeat [VIDEO]


If you're a gearhead/concert tech nerd... then you'll enjoy this behind the scenes tour of Volbeat's sound & lightning crew... showing off their rigs!

In This Moment To Release "Blood" CD/DVD


Tattooed hottie Maria Brink and In This Moment will be releasing a special edition of their album "Blood" January 21st of the new year. It will have the CD, of course... but also have a DVD, which "Blood At The Orpheium" - live performance footage filmed at the historic theatre in Madison, WI. 

Ex-Korn Drummer Silveria Rips Fieldy on Facebook

David Silveria, former drummer of Korn has made his feelings public about the group he left back in 2006 and they're defiantly raw. Responding to a fan's question on Facebook about Silveria's tense relationship with Korn bassist Fieldy, the drummer responded: 
"Ha ha!! Fieldy NEVER threw down his bass and tried to fight me. He is a coward with a big mouth and he knows I would beat his ass like the little wimp that he is. I would love for him to talk s–t to my face now. I would love to crush him like a b-tch.”
Silveria went on to describe the environment of working with Jonathon Davis and the rest of the band.
"Munky just puts up with them. A lot of people don’t know this but after I left the band Jon and Fieldy would gang up on Munky trying to control him and Munky QUIT the band 3 times since I’ve been gone,” 
“When I was in the band I stood up to their control freak nonsense and Munky became their target after I left. It’s all nonsense because there is no reason for them to be a–hole drama control freaks when they could have been cool like Munky and I and just embraced the blessing of being able to play music for a living. Fieldy and Jon had drama almost daily. I never wanted anything to do with their stupid nonsense. I just wanted to enjoy being a rock star and rock the world drama free!!”
Silveria also gave his 2 cents on the current sound of Korn.
 “The original Korn sound is gone. It’s the JD show now and it just no good.”
Members of Korn have not responded to Silveria's Facebook rant. 
h/t  - Loudwire

Danica Patrick Not Amused By Mohr Jokes [VIDEO]


The Nascar Sprint Cup Awards Banquet was held almost 2 weeks, hosted by actor/comedian/sports talk show host Jay Mohr. Mohr got some heat from Danica Patrick fans for the comments.... JOKES.... he made towards her and her boyfriend at the banquet. 


I'm not a huge NASCAR fan, to me it's just a bunch of guys (and ladies) driving in a circle for fun? But, I can respect Danica for being one of a few females in a sport? / activity that is dominated by dudes and giving women a place in athletics/sports and giving young girls a female role model... but really Danica... lighten up!


Do you think Danica's boyfriend, fellow NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. wanted to laugh, but knew his balls were toast if he even cracked a smile?  

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