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The Top Ten Douchiest Cartoon Characters

Number 1. 

Fred from Scooby Doo

Fred is the ultimate Douche. He often sends in his stoner buddy, his stoner buddies dog, and his lesbian friend to fight scary villians all the while he hangs out in the van banging the hot chic in the van










   Number 2

        Reggie Mantle from ARCHIE 

          reggie often keeps Archie otherwise occupied so he

          can attempt to date rape either Veronica or Betty when 

          he gets them alone.












        Number 3 

                 Brainy Smurf


                     Thinks he is smarter than anyone else, Is 

                    condesending to the other smurfs when lets face

                   it if he was really smart the dam little blue bastards wouldnt be getting caught by Gargamel every other day







         Number 4

           Mr Burns

                 Goes without saying that Mr Burns is one of the biggest douches in comic history with the treatment of his employees and how he leads poor Smithers on



         Number 5

         Wimpy from popeye

                  Wimpy is a no good free loader who never pays for anything and at the time when the rest of the worls was in the great depression he still ate so much he was morbidly obese


            Number 6

             Scrappy doo

              Constantly picking fights and letting others take the heat for his hot headedness. he's just a little prick who is really unliked by the rest of the scooby squad. Obviously suffering from small man syndrome





         Number 7

          Great Gazoo

               Class A jerk with the way he treats Fred and Barney by tempting them with wishes and always making life harder plus he is a verbal abuser with the way he refers to them as Dum Dums





           Number 8

            Mr Krab


                        All around a-hole to Sponge bob and mentally disabled Patrick



            Number 9

                comic book guy



                           Very condesending and thinks he is better and smarter than everyone plus he invented the very worn out phrase ....ever






             Number 10

                   Zan from Super Friends


       JERK, has the ability to turn into cool things like Ice Spears or Ice Bullets but instead just changes into a bucket of water

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