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Another Foo Teaser, Book Updates, Pumpkins Better Sell or Else, and RIP Jimi Jamison

Another Foo teaser


A six second sample of the new Foo Fighters album has been posted to Vine. It’s not just the someone holding their smart phones up to the speaker inside the studio … they actually put the needle on the record and gave it a spin. Twitter music buff Bob Moczydlowsky posted the Vine video to his Twitter account saying “Holy Guitars, Batman! New @foofightersrecord makes ‘em sound 100 feet tall. Coming soon” then provides the link to the pre-order. The Sonic Highways album is set to drop November 10th with an HBO special series about the making of the album set to air October 17th. Check your local listings!




Book updates


A couple of rock vixens are set to release books. Butcher Babies’ co-vocalist Carla Harvey has a novel out called Death & Other Dances. It’s dubbed a graphic work of creative nonfiction about a girl growing up through the bowels of the adult entertainment industry and being reborn as a mortician. Is it her story? Pick it up and give it a read. Meanwhile Courtney Love hopes to sometime finish her nightmare of a book project. We won’t hold our breath.


Pumpkins better sell or else


If the new Smashing Pumpkins album doesn’t take off, Billy Corgan will dismantle the band … that’s according to a new interview the front man did with The Chicago Tribune. Corgan complained about the current music climate and how bands reach listeners. He says he doesn’t want to sell a couple of thousand copies to people who are still paying attention only to have someone 20 years from now say “hey, nice album a while back.” Corgan also said when the new album process is over he is “either going to bail on this ship for good,” like he’s done, or he’s “going to have a new ship to sail on.” The new albums featuring Tommy Lee on drums are expected out next year with a new single dropping before the year’s end.


RIP Jimi Jamison


He had the Eye of the Tiger but now he’s dead. Survivor front man Jimi Jamison died at the age of 63 following a heart attack over the weekend. TMZ reports the famed 80s era singer died at his home in Memphis after performing the night before in California. Jamison is survived by his band Survivor and his family.


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Hagar Suit, New Dope Teaser, New Mushroomhead Video, and Quick Recording

Hagar suit


Sammy Hagar is in some hot water over a trist he may have had a couple of decades ago. A former Playboy bunny in Iowa could sue the rocker for libel as well as invasion of privacy and breach of contract. Apparently Hagar put some allegations about the women in his 2011 memoir. A lawsuit had been dismissed last year but an appeals court says the women has established some facts and a jury should decide the fate of the case. The woman says she gave birth to Hagar’s child in 1989. The child later died. Hagar denies being the father and doubts she had a baby and claims she’s guilty of extortion. What a flippin’ mess.


New Dope teaser


More is known about a new Dope album. The Chicago natives posted another video teasing the album Blood Money which is expected Spring of 2015. Earlier this week the band posted the video for the tune “Selfish” which will be available for download September 12.



New Mushroomhead video


Mushroomhead are back at it with a new tune and video that will surely creap you out and give you nightmares. The masked rockers are seen in some neo nazi regailia without being blantatnly neo nazi. Instead, their logo of an ghoul with X-ed out eyes is on flags and arm bands and uniforms. The tune “Out of My Mind” is from the album The Righteous & The Butterfly which came out in May. The video isn’t for the faint of heart. Close to the end there’s a torture scene with back piercings, waterboarding and other images you may shy away from.



Quick recording


So how long did it take to record AC/DC’s new album? Ten days … that’s it. Considering they had a new guitarist with them in place of Malcolm Young, it’s quite the feat! But then again, the band is full of veteran rockers. So what do you expect? There’s still no word on when the new album will be released.


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Final Mix is Done, Close to the Top, Amy's Solo Tune, and Nickleback Details

Final mix is done


Black Veil Brides are ready to release their upcoming album IV this October. They already released the release date but now they’ve confirmed the disc is done after listening to the final mix and signing off on the last few details. Several of the band members took to their various social media accounts to proclaim their pride for the finished product. Fans can expect to pick up the new attempt October 28th.


Close to the top


Is the popularity of country music or Motley Crue? Either way, the compliation of country artists covering Motley Crue tunes cracked open on the US charts at No. 5 selling 31,000 copies in its first week. Nikki Sixx said that the compilation was made for country and rock fans and he thinks that diehard Crue fans will appreciate the country bumpkins take on some of Crue’s most well known tunes.


Amy’s solo tune


Amy Lee is taking some time for a solo release. Fans may notice a bit of a different side of the Evanescence singer as she put out a new electrnoica song titled “Push the Button”. The song will be on the soundtrack for the film War Story which is out now. Lee worked with Dave Eggar on the track and said the film is very dark and introspective. As for her plans with Evanescence, Lee says she doesn’t like to make predictions but she doesn’t have plans in the foreseeable future to work with the band saying she needs to show some different sides of herself. Well, we’re looking, so show us all the sides you want!



Nickleback details


The new Nickleback tune “Edge of a Revolution” is out now and so are details about the band’s new album. Titled No Fixed Address the Canadian natives plan a November 4th release. This is the first release from the band under the Republic Records label. A hand written track list of the new album was posted on the band’s Facebook page.


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New Slayer Next Year, New Billy Idol, Butcher Babies Uncovered, and New Dope

New Slayer next year


Am I the only one who thinks it’s kinda weird that Slayer is on Facebook? Anyways, the thrashers from Slayer are back in the studio to work on their eleventh album. The band posted a pic to Facebook showing the back of Kerry King’s tattooed head as he stares longingly at a soundboard. The message attached to the pic simply says “#SlayerAlbum15”. Am I the only one who thinks its kinda weird that Slayer is now using hashtags? The band’s last album back in 2009 was before Jeff Hanneman’s death and Dave Lombardo’s dismissal. But there are new members and a new album expected in 2015.


New Billy Idol


Speaking of new albums … One of the original cyber punks is preparing a new album and we’ll see how well it goes over for the current rock crowd. Billy Idol has a new single streaming online titled “Can’t Break Me Down.” The single is expected to appear on the new album Kings & Queens of the Underground. Fans can preorder the album now. The first attempt in nearly a decade will be out October 21st.


Butcher Babies Uncovered


They could be described as the sexiest chicks in metal and soon they’ll be completely uncovered. Well, that’s what their new EP will be titled. Butcher Babies are working to release a 5 song cover disc titled Uncovered September 30th. The disc will feature songs like “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raiser,” “Don’t Give a F**K,” and “P***Y Whipped” so you know it’s gonna be just what the doctor ordered. The band fronted by Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd will be out on tour September 12th.


New Dope


Dope is back with some new music and the performance video for the new tune “Selfish” is everything you’d expect from the band and more. With driving drums, droning yet syncopated guitars and Edsel Dope’s unique vocals, it’s definitely worth checking out. The Not Safe For Work video features a tompless women covered in grease paint lipsyncing the tune. The band will be out on tour in Peoria August 31st and then Joliet at Mojoes September 5th.



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Slipknot Album and Tour Deets, New Bizkit Video, and Canceled Godsmack Show

Album deets


It didn’t take long for Slipknot to release details of their fifth studio album. The band sent radio the single “The Devil In I” and also made it available to stream online. Just a few hours after that they let fans know that October 21st is the day the 16-track album titled .5: The Gray Chapter will be in their hands. It’s been six years since the masked group released their last album. Then they suffered an overdose death of bassist Paul Gray. Front man Corey Taylor and other band members said Gray was instrumental in the band’s writing process. As for who’s on drums—that has not been revealed.


Tour deets


If you were satisfied with new Slipknot album details, you’re about to be spoiled. Slipknot also unveiled a North American Tour alongside Korn starting this October. They’ll be in Moline, Illinois at the iWireless Center November 25th. Then they’ll be in Rosemont, Illinois at the Allstate Arena November 28th. Tickets go on sale September 5th.


New Bizkit video


Limp Bizkit have a new video out for their tune “Endless Slaughter” and it’s rather unique. Now, the song has multiple personalities. That also is apparent in the video. When the music changes up, so does the video. It opens with an interesting take on what it’s like to be Fred Durst making his way through a crowd of fans while singing the new tune. Then it shows the band’s bassist walking on a bridge. Then Wes Borland covered in grease paint running through some catacomb-looking place. At the end of the video Drummer John Otto takes to the screen behind the drums. It’s still unclear when the new album Stampede of the Disco Elephants will be out.



Canceled show


And the show apparently didn’t go on for Godsmack at Uproar. The band canceled their set over the weekend because of unforeseen production and technical issues. The band took to their Facebook page to announce that none of the main stage acts were able to play because of the stage problems. Other bands moved their sets to the outdoor stage to perform … Godsmack defends their decision saying they didn’t know about the problems until last minute.


Catch the Music Minute every weekday with the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show on Springfield’s Real Rock 92.7


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