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Metallica Outtakes, Fred Durst Directs, and New Album Early Next Year

Metallica outtakes


That funny ESPN Sports Center spot featuring Metallica has some outtakes and you can watch those over and over again online. The spot promoting the ESPN show dropped a few weeks ago to much acclaim. The blooper real shows the same scenes as the actual spot, but alternate lines from the various band members. Start your morning with some ‘tallica bloopers today! However, don’t start your morning with cocaine! That’s one thing the drummer Lars Ulrich gave up a decade ago, because of an interview he read with a bloke from the UK. Lars recently told The Daily Mirror, admittedly an ironic source to share details about a cocaine habit, that he read an interview with Oasis front man Noel Gallagher that inspired him to quit the hard drug. Ulrich said he’s never had an addictive personality so one morning he just woke up and said “enough.”



Fred durst directs


No, it’s not a parody … it’s a real eHarmony commercial and Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst directed it. At first you may think “is this a joke”? which is exactly what I thought, but it’s a legitimate, true-blue commercial for the internet dating website. All told, Durst actually filmed three spots for eHarmony, a couple of which are expected reach a larger audience in August. Durst recently released a short mockumentary he directed and starred in about a evangelical self-help guy.



New album early next year


Ready for some new Three Days Grace? The band is already out with their latest tune “Painkiller” but it will be just a bit longer before they release a full blown album. Bassist Brad Walst reported that the new album is expected to arrive sometime in early 2015. That’s still months away. The band has been hitting the studio when they’re not on the road. Fans checking out a Three Days Grace set this summer may hear some of the new material. Bassist Walst says the new music is quite heavy, sonically and lyrically. Looking forward to hearing more!


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New Godsmack Song, Heart Surgery, Canceled Show, and Getting Some Support

New Godsmack song


Godsmack have released a new song online. Titled “Generation Day,” the track will be on the new album 1000hp which comes out August 5th. Front man Sully Erna says the nearly six and a half minute tune has some cool textures and colors and is drifty and trippy, fat and cool … not sure what other adjectives he can attribute to the song, but that’s plenty. Godsmack is out on tour for the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival mid August. They’ll be in Peru, Illinois August 16th.



Heart surgery


Drummer Tim Alexander is recovering after suffering a heart attack and then going through surgery. The Primus and Puscifer beats man went through a successful surgery this week to remove a blockage from his heart. Primus posted to their Facebook page that there were no complications from Monday’s surgery and “all signs point to a glorious and speedy recovery.” Primus is out on the road for Riot Fest this September. They’ll be in Chicago September 12th through the 14th.


Canceled show


Ted Nugent ain’t brining his intensities to a Native American tribal area in Idaho after the Coeur d’Alene Tribe canceled an August 4th show. The tribe’s elder described as Nugent’s “racist and hate-filled remarks.” There was no specification for what remarks the Nuge made that tipped the Native Americans off, but they may just be upset that Uncle Ted called President Barack Obama a “subhuman mongrel”. Nugent has since apologized for those remarks and instead called Obama a liar who violates the constitution.


Getting some support


Eddie Vedder is getting some support from Nirvana Bassist Kirst Novoselic. Vedder took to a stage during a Pearl Jam show in England earlier this month for a profanity laced rant apparently slamming the ongoing conflict in Gaza between Israel and Hamas militants. Vedder said that he understands war as a last resort, but there are some people who just want land and will kill for it. Novoselic wrote that our world is more connected than ever before but you have places still building walls. He also says that things can change.


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Another Slipknot Teaser, As He Lay in Prison, and Riot Fest's New Colorado Home

Another Slipknot teaser


If you head over the Slipknot’s website you’re in for a creepy treat. The band has posted another teaser to their website that features some woman in a high vaulted cell of sorts. The woman, covered in grimy makeup and what appears to be blood, pull back a sheet and grabs some horns and then holds up two severed goats heads. The 20 second clip features very little by way of music but it’s another indication that the band is nearing closer to a new album. Last week the band posted a different set of teasers to their various websites.


As He Lay in Prison


Meanwhile, As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis will have to stick it out in prison. He was denied a request for a reduced prison term. The singer was given a six-year prison sentence after he pleaded guilty to hiring a hitman to kill his estranged wife. Lambesis was asking that he get credit for time he’s already served under house arrest and during the trial but a court in San Diego said nope! Should have thought about the ramifications before you handed over an envelope full of cash to an undercover cop, idiot.


Riot Fest’s new Colorado home


Riot Fest has a new home in Colorado after it was uncertain the three day concert would find a new spot. Riot Fest organizers were in a mad dash to find a new venue after their original site in Byers was denied because area authroties couldn’t promise the level of security they felt would be necessary. So, they are now set to have the Riot Fest and Sideshow September 19th through the 21st at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver. Concert organizers are going to recreaste the Byers May Farms at the new location and there will be free parking, plus public transporation access. Tickets you already bought for Colorado’s Riot Fest will be honored at the new venue. Can’t make it to Colorado’s? No worries! You can catch the festival in Chicago September 12th through the 14th at Humboldt Park. Riot fest will feature Slayer, Rise Against, Weezer, Social Distortion, Sublime With Rome, Primus and more.


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Criticizing Singing Competition Shows, Vedder Responds, and Manson Screenshot

Criticizing singing competition shows


Well, somebody had to say it! And, by golly, it just had to be Dave Grohl! Really, he just adds to the chorus of criticism over TV singing competition shows. The Foo Fighters front man said the popular prime-time programs are “not what music’s about”. As he is in the throws of a documentary series on HBO about Foo Fighters’ new album, he’s addressing his concerns of how TV misrepresents music. He also says the competitions provide a false sense of what it takes to be a musician. At a press even for TV Critics Association Grohl said he doesn’t want his daughter to think you need to stand in a line to get some celebrity judge’s approval. Grohl and Foo Fighters are the focus of a forthcoming HBO series called “Sonic Highway” about the band recording their new album in various studios around the country.


Vedder responds


Eddie Vedder is defending his onstage anti-war rant from earlier this month. Vedder took to a stage in England during a Pearl Jam concert to says if war is the last resort, he gets it, but says there are people out there determined to take land that doesn’t belong to them and kill innocent people in the process. The veiled comments seemed to hinted at the conflict between Israel and Palestinians. After being criticized for the comments, Vedder took to a blog titled “Imagine That – I’m Still Anti-War”. Vedder says with a dozen assorted ongoing conflicts in the news everyday, and the horror behind them, it becomes unbearable. He also quoted John Lennon’s "Imagine" throughout the post.


Manson screenshot


Ever wonder what Marilyn Manson looks like in a prison get up? Well, you can check out his Twitter page where he posted a screenshot from a prison scene from the upcoming season of “Sons of Anarchy”. Manson plays the role of Ron Tully, a white supremacist prison shot caller. The Twitter post says “Tough acting like you want to kill your favorite character”.




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Engaged on Stage, Guest Mentor, Explicit EP, and Insurance Getting in Way

Engaged on stage


“Remember that time we got engaged at a Machine Head show and the lead singer told us what our vows should be?” That’s what a beautiful newlywed couple will be saying years from now, if they don’t get divorced that is! Video from a recent Machine Head show features a darling couple getting engaged on stage and then front man Robb Flynn being quite graphic as to what the couple should promise for eachother in their newfound life together. Sound advice for all couples, really. Watch the NSFW nuptials as offered up by Robb Flynn below:





Guest mentor


If you watch “The Voice” on NBC, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you have better things to do? Anyways, this year Gavin Rossdale will be a guest mentor. The deal is that he’s teaming up with his wife Gwen Stefani of No Doubt who will be a guest coach. Rossdale said everything came together really quick and that he will do his best to be a mentor for contestants while letting Gwen say and do what she needs to say and do. If you care, Season 7 of “The Voice” airs September 22nd on NBC.


Explicit EP


Buckcherry is coming out with a new EP with a title I can’t say on the air. Let’s just say the name of the effort contains some of the same letters you’ll find in the word FiretrUCK. What makes the EP even more explicit is each of the six songs features the F word in the title and surely in the song. Expect to pick that up August 19th. Plus, the band will be out on tour beginning early next month and part of the Uproar Festival thorugh mid August into late September. You can catch Buckcherry and Uproar in Peru, Illinois at the Illinois Valley Regional Airport August 16th.


Insurance getting in way


Tommy Lee has bigger plans for his “Cruecify” drum coaster … he wants to take a fan on the ride with him. Lee is out on Motley Crue’s so-called “Final Tour” where select venues that can handle his contraption will see the drummer and his set taken along some coaster tracks. As for when a fan plucked from the audience will be able to go for a ride, Lee says they’re still working with the insurance company on the whole idea.


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