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WQLZ Music Minute

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop


Relevancy litmus


How does an artist define their relevancy? Well, Album sales can usually be a good indicator. There were two albums released last week from two very well known artists: Slash and Great White. Sure they’re both well known, but are they both relevant? Slash is proving that he is with his new album Apocalyptic Love selling around 60,000 copies in the first week of sales. That’s not bad for a solo project. 80s metalers Great White, on the other hand, released a new album Elation last week and only sold 1,000 copies. That’s gotta sting … at least just a little bit.


New stuff soon


Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell is promising a new album sometime late in the year or early next year. He told Grammy.com that the band has material written, it’s just a matter of getting into the studio to cut it. He also says that the release date is completely dependent on the record company. The band reformed with a new singer to release Black Gives Way To Blue several years ago. Cantrell says another series of bone spurs in his shoulder is what caused the delay for new material to come out.


Another teaser


And there’s another teaser trailer for Slipknot’s greatest hits release. The new trailer focuses on drummer Joey Jordison on stage, back stage and on the drumset, with a slew of Slipknot tunes chopped all to hell. The greatest hits collection Antennas to Hell comes out July 17th.


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WQLZ Music Minute

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop


Teaser video featuring DJ Sid going craaaaaazy

Gretest hits out soon


The greatest hits will be called Antennas To Hell and it’ll be a nice teaser for Slipknot fans that are getting pumped up for a new studio album. You’ll be able to pick up the greatest hits collection July 17th. There’s a teaser video circulating online featuring DJ Sid going crazy behind the tables and crowd surfing on top of fans. The band is also working on demos for a new album, though they haven’t started recording quite yet. As was mentioned earlier this year, the band will get together in the studio after the summer touring session and a much needed winter break.


Cavalcade of rock stars


Bret Michaels is going big with his forthcoming solo album. The Poison front man reality TV star has put out a list of artists that collaborated with him on the project. On that list: Vinny Paul from Pantera, Ace Freely from KISS, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, Van Halen’s Michael Anthony, and even Jimmy friggin’ buffet. The album titled Get Your Rock On is expected out sometime in June. Poison will hit the road this summer with Def Leopard.


HD video


Remember a few weeks ago when Korn hooked up with their former guitarist Brian “Head” Welch? The video that posted online was video from some dude’s cell phone as he hung out on the stage. Well now there’s pro-shot, multi-angle video of that performance of the tune “Blind.” In the video it shows Head backstage saying “this is weird, but good.” The video is available in HD.



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WQLZ Music Minute

"Stairway To Hell"

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop


Streaming online


Remember that Ugly Kid Joe EP Stairway To Hell we told you about last week, well the whole thing is now streaming online. You’ll be able to download the six-song EP June 5th and if you’re still living in the stoned aged, ‘er stone-age, then you can pick it up in stores July 9th.



First-time performance


The new lineup of Nonpoint performed for fans for the first time since reforming. The band performed at the Rockford Speedway in Rockford, Illinois on Sunday. Nonpoint added three members from a Chicago-based band and just wrapped up recording a new album in Chicago that will be released later this year. Fan-shot video of the band performing the new song “I Said It” is available online.


Rock in Rio


Mastodon, Evanescence and even Metallica performed at Rock in Rio over the holiday weekend. Rock in Rio is spread throughout a handful of days. The heavier dose of rock was May 26th. There was another heavy shot May 27th featuring Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and Smashing Pumpkins. Several more shows lined up for June 1st, 2nd and 3rd, but those have a more sedate lineup.


Video of cover


Oh, and if you dug Godsmack’s cover of Joe Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way,” the video is now available online. Check it out here. The song comes off the Godsmack 2-disc live album Live and Inspired that was released earlier this month.



Catch the Music Minute every weekday with the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show on 92-7 WQLZ, the Rock Station

WQLZ Music Minute

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop


New tune


Ugly Kid Joe has a new video out for the tune “Devil’s Paradise.” The band reunited to put out a six-song EP titled Stairway to Hell. The album will be digitally released June 5th and it’ll drop in stores July 9th.  Watch "Devil's Paradise" below:



Brink says "bullying bad"


Maria Brink speaks to MOB.  She can bully us anytime she wants!

Never did speaking out against bullying look so good! The front woman for In This Moment has taken to the internet to share her anti-bullying message. In the video message, put together by Musicians Opposed to Bullying, or MOB, Maria Brink says that back in high school she was a kid at risk and was bullied. Despite her attempts to lift her self up above the bullying, it still hurt. She also says that everyone is unique and special and that you should embrace who you are. MOB has been hitting up musicians across the spectrum to send an anti-bullying message.


Short film now online


The short film Wrong Cops that stars Marilyn Manson was featured last month at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Now, the 13 minute film is available to view online. It’s directed by the same guy who directed Rubber, a bizarre movie about a tire roaming around the southwest blowing people’s heads up. In Wrong Cops, Manson plays a street hustler, so you know it’s gonna be effed up. Watch at your own risk!


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WQLZ Music Minute

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop


New Aerosmith streaming


If you’ve been itching for new Aerosmith, your wait is over … almost. The band has released the first single to stream online. You can hear the tune “Legendary Child” streaming through Soundcloud and Youtube. To get fans even more pumped, the band has also revealed the album’s title Music From Another Dimension. Expect the new album to drop August 28th.  Listen to "Legendary Child" streaming below:



Stepping down


There’s a mix-up at 3 Doors Down headquarters. Founding guitarist Matt Roberts is leaving the band for health reasons. Reports indicated that Roberts has been battling circulation problems for years and it’s getting worse with the band’s touring schedule. Roberts says he loves the band but his health must be the top priority. Front man Brad Arnold says that Roberts will always have his slot with the band. 3 Doors Down has a planned tour with ZZ Top that begins tomorrow in New Hampshire.


MCA fooled 'em


MCA had the other Beastile Boys fooled with his prognosis. Mike D tells Rolling Stone that he thought Adam Yauch was winning the cancer fight. He said Yauch “had us fooled in the most beautiful way … [but] wouldn’t trade that optimism for anything.” Ad-Rock said Yauch told him he had cancer but that he was going to be OK. Yauch had been right on everything else up to that point so Ad-Rock believed him. Yauch passed away earlier this month after a long bout with cancer.


Catch the Music Minute every weekday with the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show on 92-7 WQLZ, the Rock Station

WQLZ Music Minute

Interview tonight, live stream last night


How Slash Sees Us

In an effort to boost their ratings, CNN’s Piers Morgan will have legendary shredder Slash on his talk show. Tune in tonight to CNN to catch Slash talking about his new album and his less-than-humble beginnings. Slash’s new solo album dropped in stores this week and to celebrate the release of the album, singer Miles Kennedy and the Conspirators joined Slash on stage for a show in New York that was streamed online. Pro-shot video of the concert is now available to view through Livestream.


Metallica in 3D


Speaking of filming concerts—Metallica’s upcoming show in Canada will be filmed for a 3D release. The band hopes to make movie history with the planned feature that will incorporate live footage with a narrative featuring the band and fans. Expect a release sometime in the summer of 2013.


Eclectic festival


Pearl Jam will be headlining an eclectic festival organized by Jay-Z. The two-day festival in Philadelphia is this Labor Day and will feature Jay-Z and Pearl Jam as the headliners. There’s a slew of other artists from across the music spectrum set to take the stage.


Iommi feels good


An update on Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi’s health—he says that he feels the first live show played after undergoing treatment for lymphoma went well. Iommi wasn’t sure at first if he could play a long set but he says it wasn’t a problem because there wasn’t a chance for him to feel tired. The show was last weekend in Birmingham, England.

WQLZ Music Minute

The Robot Zombie Tour
Van Halen's new mascot, the Robot Zombie

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop


“Robot Zombie Tour”


All those rumors about Van Halen fighting with each other are not true, according to front man David Lee Roth. He says the band is a bit tired but they still like each other. The rumors got so loud that Roth had to post a video on the band’s Facebook Page responding to the reports that fights are what’s leading to the band postponing dates after the end of June. The reason for the postponement? Roth says that the band overscheduled the tour. He jokes that the schedule has been “sidelined for unnecessary roughness.” He also goes on to say if there wasn’t a break, the tour would turn into the “Robot Zombie Tour.” That actually sounds pretty bad ass and I’d pay top dollar for that one.


Butler on Ward


In another story that keeps unfolding, a member of Black Sabbath finally is coming out to talk about the Bill Ward issue. Bassist Geezer Butler says the whole thing is “a bit of a soap opera on the Internet.” Butler took to his website, no the Internet, and wrote that for one show, original drummer Bill Ward wanted an unrealistic amount of money … so much that Butler thought it was a joke. Ward persists that he is simply asking for fair compensation.


In stores today


It’s New Music Tuesday and that means that you’ll be able to pick up copies of Slash’s new album Apacolyptic Love and Garbage also has a new one out today called Not Your Kind of People. Also out today: Smile Empty Soul’s 3’s and The Cult’s Choice of Weapon.


Catch the Music Minute every weekday with the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show on 92-7 WQLZ, the Rock Station

WQLZ Music Minute

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop


Major concert announcement


If you missed the announcement Friday afternoon, Springfield is going to go crazy with the Carnival of Madness kicking off their tour in the Capital City. July 31st at the Prairie Capital Convention Center, WQLZ is proud to present The Carnival of Madness featuring Cavo, New Medicine, Halestorm, Chevelle and Evanescence! Tickets go on sale June 1st. Get more detail online at WQLZ.com


Ward's pic of site


The ongoing Ward/Sabbath saga continues with the latest move coming from the band at Ward’s request. Quick background: Original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward complained that he is not getting the respect he deserves with a contract offered up by the band. Black Sabbath says that they are now using a replacement drummer. Now the band has removed Ward off their website, but at the request of Ward’s lawyers. The band says it’s temporary. Ward wants the photos taken down until the band complete their current run of shows. What’s next? Maybe they’ll be a real reunion and they can put all this behind them.


Hagar lost a bet


Former Van Halen front man Sammy Hagar says he lost a bet. News has it that the rocker bet the touring reunion of Van Halen would implode quicker than it did. It was revealed last week that Van Halen would postpone a slew of tour dates. Sources tell various media outlets that the band is fighting and that shows scheduled after June 26th will be put off—for how long? Not sure. Hagar donated $10,000 to a food pantry in Atlantic City just before a Chickenfoot concert.


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WQLZ Music Minute

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop


Tour postponed


Van Halen has postponed some summer dates and the reason has yet to be revealed. Dates beyond June 26th will be put off. A source tells Rolling Stone Magazine that the band hates each other and are fighting non-stop. Figures.


Not addressing Ward


“There are two sides to every story.” That’s all that Black Sabbath could say about Bill Ward’s criticism of the band. Ward, one of the founding members, recently revealed that he would not be performing with the band during their reunion. He claims that the band has not presented him with a fair contract. The band won’t really address the Ward issue instead focusing on the progress that’s been made during Tony Iommi’s cancer treatment. They have said that they are using a substitute drummer. But again, they won’t say anything about the Ward deal. Ward should understand that … uh … it’s Black Sabbath. Not a labor union. I doubt conducting a strike is gonna do anything as the world’s best drummers would be more than willing to take time out of their year to tour with Sabbath.


White was in the record book


Told you yesterday about Jack White trying to get a ridiculous Guinness World Record for the shortest concert—Guinness told MTV News that The White Stripes’ 2009 one-note concert was in the 2009 book. That lead to other bands trying to beat the record, which quite frankly is just silly. Then it became murky as to what a concert was. Hey Guinness … I’ve got a one-note concert lined up in the bathroom. The record keepers closed the category.


Catch the Music Minute every weekday with the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show on 92-7 WQLZ, the Rock Station

WQLZ Music Minute

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop


Bogus record request


Jack White is a bit angry that he didn’t get in the Guinness World Records. Apparently, in The White Stripes documentary Under Great White Northern Lights, the band played a one-note concert. Jack White recently said that he contacted Guinness World Records to get certified for the world’s shortest concert. It’s no surprise that the record keepers turned him down. White turned around and called Guinness quote “a very elitist organization” with “an office full of people who decide what is a record and what isn’t.” Yeah, Jack, uh … that’s their job. Maybe White should resubmit the one-note concert for the world’s most ridiculous record attempt. That would get Guinness’s attention!


Rock camp


It’s a time honored tradition and something rock fans across the world wish they could do … that’s hang out with rock stars at rock star fantasy camp! Coming up this fall, the 15th annual Rock ‘N Roll Fantasy Camp will go down in Las Vegas where attendees will get to hang out and jam with some of the world’s biggest rock stars. This year’s lineup includes Gene Simmons, Vince Neil, Zakk Wylde and Sebastian Bach. The camp kicks off October 10th and culminates with a massive rock show where participants get to play on stage with rock stars October 14th. They even get to take a DVD of their experience home to show their parents what they did at camp! For more details, check out RockCamp.com


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WQLZ Music Minute

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop


Video of Michaels getting knocked out by a stage prop during the Tony Awards in 2009

Case settled


They finally settled. Bret Michaels and the Tonys finally came to an agreement about the lawsuit where Michaels was seeking damages for injuries he suffered when a stage prop clonked him on the head during a performance at their 2009 awards ceremony. Michaels says that the injury is what led to a brain hemorrhage that nearly left him dead. Another thing that Michaels was upset about is that CBS aired the incident of the stage piece falling on his head leading to an embarrassing moment that has been viewed millions of times on repeat through YouTube. No details were given about the quote “amicable resolution.” For those who don’t have a dictionary on you at the moment, amicable means friendly. So Michaels and the Tonys have kissed an made up.


Concert set to stream


Slash’s New York Concert will stream online! The sold-out show will be on the Livestream next week at 10:15pm Eastern Time Tuesday. That’s 9:15 Central Time. Tuesday just so happens to be the same day his new album Apocalyptic Love come out.


Exclusive to iTunes


Speaking of new albums, Garbage’s new album Not Your Kind of People is now available, but only exclusively through iTunes. The exclusive release is only for a week. Everyone else who doesn’t use iTunes will be able to pick up the new album next week.


Catch the Music Minute every weekday with the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show on 92-7 WQLZ, the Rock Station

WQLZ Music Minute

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop


Fan-shot video of Rob Zombie's trailer for Lords of Salem

Trailer premiers at concert


It’s about friggin’ time! Rob Zombie’s new flick is closer to being released and there’s a new trailer circulating in a unique venue. If you head to a Megadeth show with opening act Rob Zombie, you’ll see a trailer for the movie Lords of Salem just before the last song on Zombie’s set. The preview has not yet been released online … only a shaky ass camera shot from the audience is available. Expect the film to be out later this month. It’s apparently about some really effed up S—so, if you’re into that type of thing, make plans to see it.


Back at it


We’ve heard this before … Is Scott Wieland back with Velvet Revolver? The Stone Temple Pilots front man recently told ABC News that he is back with the band making music. He says that everyone has grown a bit since their last stint together. Apparently Wieland, Duff McKagan and Dave Kushner are getting together next week to have a song writing session. Slash is busy revving up with the release of his solo album later this year, so I doubt he’ll be involved at the onset.


Catch the Music Minute every weekday with the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show on 92-7 WQLZ, the Rock Station

WQLZ Music Minute

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop


Anselmo's solo album


Pantera’s Phil Anselmo has a solo album he’s working on and he says it’s the most intense thing he’s ever put together. Anselmo told a radio station up north that the record is tracked and mixed and he just wants to give a few more passes before sending it off to master. He hopes to have it out by the end of the year, but he also says that he wants to wait for the re-release of Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power and also Down’s forthcoming EP to breath before putting his solo work out. Anselmo also says that the media is to blame for the riff formed between the former members of Pantera. Though, he says his door is always open for Vinnie Paul to come and chat.


Super-group a no-go


It would have been a super-group, there’s no question about it … but not everyone was on board. Megadeth’s Dave Mustain had the idea of bringing himself, Megadeth bassist Dave Elifson, Metallica’s James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich to form a super group. After the idea was shot down, Mustain says he apologized for even brining up the idea. Maybe Metallica is worried about doing any future collaborations after that abomination called Lulu featuring Lou Reed.


New album talk


Oh, and they apparently are far from retiring. AC/DC says their new album will be out in a year or two. This would make it the 16th full-length internationally released album from the Aussie natives. We’ll keep you posted on details.


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WQLZ Music Minute

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop


Barker's tonsils


Celebrity surgery, on this Music Minute … however, that sounds like a great cable show that MTV or VH1 should pick up … Anyways, Travis Barker went under the knife for an emergency tonsillectomy. It’s gonna take a few weeks for him to recover, but he got to his tonsils before they caused serious problems. The Blink 182 drummer has probably seen his fair share of hospitals and recovery centers in the past few years as he survived a tragic plane crash back in 2008 that led to death of four people. Blink 182 plans to be back on the road in Europe this June.


American Idol performance


I’m not really interested, but you may be … Aerosmith will perform on the finale of “American Idol.” Guitarist Joe Perry tells Rolling Stone that the band will debut a new single on the episode. Now, that I’m interested in. The show, not so much. This does seem to be a big turnaround for the band as there was a bunch of criticism from Perry and others when Steven Tyler took the judge job. Perry now says their beef wasn’t with Tyler getting the job but rather with how the rest of the band found out about it. When the news came down that Tyler would be a judge, the band was on tour and Tyler neglected to notify them. That’s not how you treat your bros, yo.


Bizkit's album


Oh, and continuing with their theme of stupid-ass album names, Limp Bizkit’s forthcoming attempt has been named Stampede Of The Disco Elephants. Dear lord.


Catch the Music Minute every weekday with the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show on 92-7 WQLZ, the Rock Station

WQLZ Music Minute

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop


Record sales jump


It tends to happen when a famous musician passes away … sales of their albums get a bump. That’s exactly what has happened with the sale of Beastie Boys albums. Billboard says that Beastie sales have jumped an amazing 1,235 percent since MCA passed. They sold 55,000 copies of records in the week ending Sunday which was only a few days since news broke of his death. Licensed To Ill was the highest seller. It’s not just physical copies either. There were 151,000 digital purchase of albums and songs. “Brass Monkey” was the highest selling song. That tune jumped 807 percent.


Morello affects march


Apparently, Chicago authorities are not big fans of Tom Morello. A nurses group planned to rally this month in front of the NATO summit in Chicago and they had a permit secured. That changed when they brought on the Rage Against the Machine guitarist. The group had planned to march through downtown, but when city officials thought Morello would attract more people so they changed the permit to a park area, instead of a march. Morello used Twitter to lash out saying “Why is Rahm Emanuel so afraid of The Nightwatchman?” And, yes, the nurses group is filing a federal lawsuit over the city’s actions.


This is metal as f**k


Opeth’s front man is showing some … bone. Apparently he split his head open down to the skullbone. Mikael Akerfeldt wrote on the band’s website that the injury happened on Mastodon’s tour bus when he was sent to get a new pair of unders. He was taken to the emergency room and got 8 staples to the head. They had to cancel the show in Minneapolis but were on stage last night in Washington.


Catch the Music Minute every weekday with the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show on 92-7 WQLZ, the Rock Station

WQLZ Music Minute

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop


Later this year


It’s been 15 years since they’ve put out new stuff and fans are surly getting their fill of the tune “Live to Rise.” Now Soundgarden says their new album should be coming out sometime in October. It doesn’t have a name yet, but Chris Cornell tells Rolling Stone that the band is pretty much done with everything in the recording process.


Family reuinion


Head joins Korn on stage during "Blind"

Well, snap … it’s time’s like these you wish you were in the right place at the right time. During their performance of “Blind” at a festival in North Carolina, Korn was joined on stage by former guitarist Brian Head Welch. Welch left the band 7 years ago after cleaning up his addictions and becoming a born-again Christian. He said it was amazing and a family moment.


Streaming online


Slash has a new tune available streaming online. “One Last Thrill” is streaming on Slash’s Facebook page. When you go, you have to authorize the blasted app, but if you share the tunes with 5 friends, you will unlock even more tunes to stream online. That’s a gimmick that is sure to work! Apocalyptic Love comes out May 22nd.


Catch the Music Minute every weekday with the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show on 92-7 WQLZ, the Rock Station

WQLZ Music Minute

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop


They speak


It’s gotta be difficult to grieve in public, but that’s what remaining Beastie Boys members Adam Horovitz and Mike Diamond are doing through various channels this week following the passing of Adam Yauch. Horovitz, also known as Ad-Rock, says he’s glad to know that all the love MCA “put out into the world is coming right back at him.” Mike D says on Facebook that the last few days “have been a blur of deep emotions for our closest friend, band mate and really brother.” He also says that Yauch was an example of “what determination, faith, focus and humility coupled with a sense of humor can accomplish.” MCA passed away Friday after battling cancer.


No new album


If you thought that System of a Down touring with Deftones meant there was a new album on the way from the band, you’re mistaken. System front man Serj Tankian tells Billboard.com that the two week tour does not signal that at all. He says they’re waiting for the right time and this is not it, apparently.


Winning awards


Avid fisher and 3 Doors Down bassist Todd Harrell took a prize at the Porter Wagoner Memorial Artists & Anglers Memorial Fishing Tournament over the weekend. Harrell fished with his dad, who’s a pro, and they took the prize for biggest fish. Interestingly, the band loves to fish. 3 Doors Down front man Brad Arnold won the tournament two years ago.


New Korn vid


Oh, and check out the new video from Korn for the tune "Way Too Far"



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WQLZ Music Minute

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop


Artists remember MCA


It was unfortunate forshadowing when MCA didn’t appear at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony where the Beastie Boys were given high honors. Musicians across the spectrum are sharing their remorse for the loss of Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch. Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Ferrel says “Yauch brought happiness and energy to so many people. Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello says that Yauch’s “humor, talent and gentle soul are just irreplaceable.” Billy Joe Armstrong from Greenday says Yauch “was full of wisdom and encouragement.” Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers says Yauch was “a class act all the way.” Yauch, also known as MCA, was the reason The Beastie Boys got together. In a 2007 Charlie Rose interview with Mike D, Ad-Rock and MCA, the group conceded that it was Yauch who pushed for the group to form. News of Yauch’s passing came out Friday. Yauch had battled cancer for years.


MCA's legacy


The passing of MCA leaves behind a legacy of influential music and activism. Yauch not only was the catalyst for The Beastie Boys to form, he was also one of the key organizers for the Free Tibet concerts a few years back that raised money and awareness about the problems the Tibetan people face. His eclectic musical style will be forever recognized as able to cross generational gaps with ease. Rest in peace, MCA!


Catch the Music Minute every weekday with the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show on 92-7 WQLZ, the Rock Station

MCA is Dead

Adam Yauch in 2010. Image taken from The Guardian

Deepest reverence for MCA

The news today of Adam Yauch passing is still very fresh and surely all the details will come out about his battle with cancer--which will be difficult for many to hear.

His absence at the Rock Hall of Fame induction ceremony was sad and unwanted foreshadowing of what everyone knew was going to happened but avoided accepting it as a defense against the reality. 

There is no replacement MCA, and really, Ad-Rock and Mike D can only live to remember MCA's importance to the group.  In other words, there will never be another Beastie Boys. 

It really is the end of an era! 

The Beastie Boys were one of those bands where nobody had anything bad to say about.  They fit many interests, crossed cultural boundaries like no other group and allowed for complete opposites in taste, sensibilities and influence to come together in common understanding. 

As an art, which good art reflects passion, it's safe to say that The Beastie Boys were extremely passionate about their art.  They've helped me enjoy life more and will forever live as the zeitgeist of an era. 

To get a good look at who The Beastie Boys are, watch this 2007 interview with MCA, Ad-Rock and Mike D on the Charlie Rose Show.  Oh, and be sure to spin those Beastie Records for LIFE!

WQLZ Music Minute

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop


Canceled show


Avenged Sevenfold had to call off a show in Indonesia Tuesday (not that you were planning on going) because the stage they were set to take was … well … let’s just say “unsafe.” It’s Indonesia, after all. The band posted to their site that the stage had defects and they didn’t want to put themselves, their crew or their fans in harms way. There were rumors that the band canceled the show because of security concerns but the band denies that.


Hanneman Spider Bite Depiction
A reenactment of the spider bite. Image taken from MetalInjection.net

Spider bite


In other live performance shakeups--Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman says he’s still not ready to take the stage after being bit by a spider nearly a year ago. He says he is still recovering from that bite that damn near took his arm and he actually ended up in a medically induced coma. He’s had skin grafts and has had to relearn to walk. At least he’s back playing the guitar … just not on stage. In the meantime, Gary Holt is filling in for Hanneman. Being arachnophobic, I find this very difficult to report.


On the side


It’s called a retirement plan and one rocker found the perfect fit. Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson says he is starting up an airplane repair business. So if you every want to get your plane fixed and talk shop, hit up Cardiff Aviation Ltd. in the United Kingdom.


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WQLZ Music Minute

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop


Grohl set to direct documentary


It seems that everyone is getting into the movie business. You’ve got Trent Reznor and Jack White writing scores for blockbusters and now Dave Grohl is getting into the documentary game. The Foo Fighters front man will be directing a documentary about a recording studio just outside of Los Angeles. It’s all about Sound City Studios where famous artists like Neil Young, Guns N’ Roses, Cheap Trick and even Metallica have recorded. Grohl and his other band … a band called Nirvana (have you heard about them?) … recorded the epic album Nevermind there. Word has it that Grohl will actually get together with several other musicians who have recorded in that studio for a collaboration to be included as part of the documentary. There’s no word on when the doc will be out.


Perry's primetime


Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler isn’t the only member of the band getting a piece of the primetime pie. Now it’s be being reported the guitarist Joe Perry is getting involved with the instrumental tracks for “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” a name that is a bit redundant. Anyways … Perry says that the tunes he’s laid down are pure adrenaline rock and roll. Another track includes a dance beat that his son Roman laid down. Watch tonight’s ‘sode if you want to hear Perry’s music. Check your local listings.


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United States -- World Wide Rebel Tour [Bobby Roth]



Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello is using May Day to release a documentary titled World Wide Rebel Tour. The film features Morello’s performances and an interview. He actually went above and beyond and created 42 different versions specific to different countries and has it dubbed in 30 different languages. Their not all the same, he actually has specific content for each country with some content being exclusive to each particular country. Morello brings in some other rock stars to help out including Serj Tankian facilitating the questions for an Armenian audience and Sen Dog of Cypress Hill asking questions for a Cuban audience. Interested? Check out WorldWideRebelTour.com.


Mayhem options


Planning on heading to Mayhem July 20th down in St. Louis? Want to hang out with Motorhead and chill in your won VIP tent? Better save up and drop around $600. The band is offering up 20 packages per show. Get more details online. Oh, and there’s also now a Mayhem Cruise. That sets sail through the Caribbean December 7th and will feature Lamb of God, Hatebreed, Machinehead, and Anthrax, to name a few. Tickets for that journey go live this Thursday.


MM online extra


Remember when the Grammy Awards boiled down the number of categories they’d give awards for? Pretty sure they cut and combined the categories from 109 to 78. Several artists sued the Grammy Awards. For what? The judge is still trying to figure that out as well as he dismissed the lawsuit. One plaintiff, a jazz musician, says he expects a long fight.


Catch the Music Minute every weekday with the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show on 92-7 WQLZ, the Rock Station


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