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Rock Not Surprised, Tour Announced, New Album to Top Charts, and Ward's Drum Art

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Rock not surprised


Kid Rock isn’t an economist, but he says he’s not shocked by Detroit’s bankruptcy filing. The Motor City native says he’s not happy about it but people, especially those from Detroit, saw it coming. Rock tells Billboard that people know Detroit is “run-down and it's dangerous and it has political problems, but when they start reading the statistics, that's what they really talk about. But I don't think it's a big shock to anybody in the area.” Rock has done charity work in the Motor City in the past and is sure to continue working to lift his hometown from the ashes.


The guys from FFDP
The guys from FFDP

Tour announced


Speaking of Detroit, Five Finger Death Punch will make a stop in Motor City October 8th on their headlining tour … Their new album is out now and the band has unveiled a headlining tour for this fall. You can expect to see the band out on the road in most places around the country except for Illinois. They will be in Springfield, Missouri, October 20th.


New album to top charts


The latest album from Five Finger Death Punch is surely on it’s way towards the top of the charts after yesterday’s release. What is the first of a two part release, The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell Volume 1 is already getting rave reviews. Considering that their past few albums have gone gold, it’s kind of a given that the band will land at the top of the charts after the first week of sales. The single “Lift Me Up” from Vol. 1 has already landed at the top of the rock charts. The second volume of The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell is expected out later this year.


Ward's drum art


Original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward has revealed his original art work and it focuses on his passion … no, not Black Sabbath … drumming. Ward’s prints were created when he plays illuminated drumsticks and other devices that produce light. Each print is signed by Ward and they’re up for sale online. Wanna peak and possibly buy? Check out the website BillWardDrumArt.com.


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Producer Tapped, Dreamt Melody, Light It Up, and No White Zombie Reunion

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Producer tapped


Hellyeah have tapped a producer for their fourth studio album, even while out on tour with Gigantour. The new album will take the band out of the comfort of Vinnie Paul’s home studio to a studio in Sin City … Los Vegas, NV. Producer Kevin Churko will take charge of the sound. Churko recently produced Ozzy, Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment and others.


Dreamt melody


Pop Evil has been tearing up rock radio with their tune “Trenches” and front man Leigh Kakaty says he came up with the melody in a dream. Kakaty says he heard the melody in a dream then woke up and sang it to the guitarist who quickly mimicked the dreamt tune. Coming up with the lyrics was an entirely different process. Kakaty wasn’t sure if he should do rap-based lyrics but he felt it better represented his angst. Even more interesting, the band didn’t intend for it to be the first single from their album Onyx, but it is and has worked out just fine.


Light it up


Forget about flipping that Bic with the cheesy skull and tribal artwork, be sure to grab up a custom Rob Zombie or Five Finger Death Punch Zippo. Those are just some of the artists from the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival who have crated their own custom designs for Zippo lighters that are gonna be sold while out on tour.


No White Zombie reunion


Speaking of Rob Zombie, he’s adamant that there will not be a White Zombie reunion … at least not anytime soon. In an interview with Consequence of Sound, the horror rocker says the ones calling for a reunion were “15 years old and it was their first concert and everybody in White Zombie was, like, 23 years old. They’re no longer 15 and they’re gonna come to the concert at 40 and look at White Zombie, who are all gonna be 50, and go, ‘This sucks now.’” Mayhem featuring Rob Zombie was just at Tinley Park over the weekend.


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Two New NIN Songs in Fuji, Draiman Whips Waters, and It's a Sledgehammer, Dog

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Two new NIN songs in Fuji


Over the weekend, Nine Inch Nails performed in Japan and the Fuji Rock Festival where they played several new tunes and showed off what their stage show is going to be like here in the states … and it’s no wonder the floor tickets were $99, ‘cuz this show is gonna be worth it. The band played the new tune “Copy Of A” from the forthcoming album Hesitation Marks, which hits stores September 3rd. Watch video at this link or below:



They also rocked out to the new tune “Find My Way.” Watch that video at this link or below:



While performing at Fuji Rock, the band displayed an intense stage show with a ton of moving pieces and interactive lights that is sure to stun even the passive observer. NIN will be in Chicago this Friday for Lollapalooza and then down in St. Louis October 1st.


Draiman whips Waters


It’s seems more apparent that David Draiman doesn’t like anyone that isn’t David Draiman. That may be a bit far, but the Disturbed/Device front man has blasted a rock icon for something that may seem a bit trivial to most of us. In a post, Draiman took Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters to task. Why? Because Waters used the Star of David on an inflatable pig during a live show. Draiman, a half Israeli Jews, wrote a sternly worded letter (thankfully not in all caps like he’s known to do) demanding Waters apologize for denigrating the Jewish religion. Waters has yet to respond.


It's a sledgehammer, dog


Speaking of responses, Puddle of Mudd’s Wes Scantlin is talking about his recent arrest on vandalism charges. The singer was caught by TMZ leaving the police station last week where they asked him why he’d use a buzzsaw on his neighbor’s porch. He replied “It’s called a sledgehammer, dog.” Scantlin reportedly used a sledgehammer and a buzzsaw to vandalize his neighbor’s porch.



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Tour Announced, New Album This Fall, Temporary Placement, and New NIN Album Insight

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Tour announced


Avenged Sevenfold and The Deftones will be at the US Cellular Coliseum in Bloomington October 12th. Tickets go on sale August 2nd. This is the first big tour from Avenged Sevenfold after they announced the release of their new album Hail to the King, and the first major headlining tour for A7X since 2011. They kick off their tour up in Chicago October 3rd at the All State Arena. Hail to the King hits stores August 27th. You can actually head to the band’s website to pre-order the new album box set which will also give you advanced access to pre-sale for the various shows. A7X and The Deftones will be joined by Ghost B.C.


New album this fall


Alt rocker Cage the Elephant are planning a fall release for a new album. It’ll be the band’s third studio album. Before releasing the yet-to-be-named disc, the band will be out on tour with Muse all of September making a stop in St. Louis at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater September 14th.


Temporary placement


As I Lay Dying drummer Jordan Mancino has a new job. He’s gonna slap the skins for Killswitch Engaged during their European/Asian tour. The news comes after Killswitch drummer Justin Foley injured himself in a bike accident. Even though it’s temporary, it’s great news for Mancino, whose other band is on hiatus because their front man Tim Lambesis is facing charges of trying to hire a hit man to kill his estranged wife. Killswitch Engaged is out on the road with Lamb of God here in the states starting late October. Foley is expected to be back at full strength by then.


New NIN album insight


Though he doesn’t raise his voice a bunch in the new album, Trent Reznor says the new Nine Inch Nails album Hesitation Marks will still get to you. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Reznor says the album doesn’t use scare tactics as others in the past have, nor does it sound like a middle-age, I’ve-given-up record either. The album hits stores September 3rd. Nine Inch Nails will be in St. Louis October 1st.


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New Blood, New Feel, Same Band, Scantlin Buzz Saw Massacre, and Side Project Drop Date Revealed

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


New blood, new feel, same band


Saliva were in town yesterday on their way to Edinburg for a show at The Palace Theater but before that they stopped in studio to hang with Lars. Original member Wayne and new-to-the-band Bobby talked about how new blood has given the band some new life. Just before rockin’ an acoustic version of the classic Saliva tune “Always,” Wayne said that it’s the same band but a new band meaning they still have the classic songs to pull from but they have a new take with Bobby on vocals. He also said that it feels likes a real rock band when they’re out on the road. Bobby, who joined the band not long ago, says a mutual friend put him in touch with the band and things just clicked. Original vocalist Josey Scott broke away from the band a while back to work on some solo music. Both Wayne and Bobby say they’re stoked for their new album In It to Win It to drop sometime this summer. Watch video of the band in studio online:



Scantlin buzz saw massacre


Everyone hits their bottom sometime. Is this Wes Scantlin’s bottom? The Puddle of Mudd singer was arrested again. This time, it wasn’t for a bench warrant, or for freaking out on an airplane. Nope! He was busted for vandalizing a neighbor’s LA property. The singer is accused of using a sledge hammer and a buzz saw to beat up his neighbors property after claiming it was infringing on his property rights. Why isn’t there a reality TV show following Scantlin around?


Side project drop date revealed


Slipknot’s drummer Joey Jordison’s side project Scar the Martyr is ready to drop their self-titled album October 1st. A teaser video posted online shows the band in studio with some commentary about the music. The band is out on the road with Danzig and Huntress starting in August. They’ll be up in Chicago at the Congress Tehater August 18th.



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Tour Canceled, Providing Support, Don't Pour Sugar on His Food, and New Solo Project

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Tour canceled


Who didn’t see this coming? Hinder has just canceled their tour … Earlier this month the band reported that singer Austin Winkler was taking some personal time off, but the band would continue their summertime trek with another singer. Then news came out that Winkler was going to rehab and that the band had asked several different singers to join them on stage. To top all that off, Sunday night the band’s tour bus was in an accident after being cut off. That led to the injury of several members of the band and crew. Though the extents of the injuries are not known, the band has been ordered by doctors to take some time off. They plan to return to full strength August 10th with a show in Troy, Ohio.


Providing support


Speaking on substance abuse problems, members of Five Finger Death Punch are praising front man Ivan Moody for fessing up to having a drinking problem. Drummer Jeremy Spencer told Artisan News that it’s important for band mates to be supportive in difficult times. The new album drops July 30th.


Don't pour sugar on his food


You can pour all the sugar you want on Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen, but when it comes to his diet, keep that refined crap away! The vegan recently told Grammy.com that despite the song “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” he doesn’t have any enriched sugar in his diet. He also said that he’s bench pressing a ridiculous amount of weight. Coming in at only 155, the guitarist claims to bench 380. Sounds like a case of narcissism. But then again, he’s a rock star. What do you expect. Def Leppard have a documentary series coming out sometime in the near future. When? That’s still unclear.


New solo project


Sevendust’s Clint Lowrey has finished recording six songs for his side project Hello Demons Meet Skeletons. Lowery was sure to tell fans that this in no way is to diminish his work with Sevendust. He says it actually enhances his work with the band and help provide an extra outlet. There’s no word yet on when the solo project will be out.


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Through the Latest, Documentary Series, Fantasy Camp, and Forthcoming Album

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Through the latest


Comic-Con was over the weekend and Metallica was there talking about their new movie Metallica Through The Never. Actor Dane DeHaan, who plays the central roll of a Metallica roadie sent out on a mission, says he was confused by the script. Since he doesn’t have any lines in the movie, there were a bunch of directions and it took 10 reads of the 15 page script just to get a grasp of what he was doing. Drummer Lars says that the band has been focused on the film for two years. It’s set to hit up IMAX screens September 27th with a full release in theaters in October. Lars also says that 2014 will be almost all about another Metallica record.  Watch the latest Through The Never trailer below:



Documentary series


Def Leppard is gearing up for a documentary series following their recent stint at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas earlier this year. The series “Living With Def Leppard” follows the band on and off stage. There’s no word yet on when or where the series will run.


Fantasy camp


This isn’t your sports fans’ fantasy camp … this is for the rockers. The annual Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp is starting to take shape and it’s a chance for fans to feel as if they’ve made the big times! This year Sam Ash Music Stores is getting behind the effort. Among some of the camp’s so-called “counselors” is KISS drummer Peter Criss. You’ll also surely get a good swath of musical taste with blues artist Johnny Winter. Camp opens up next month and after campers learn from some of the greats they then get to show off on stage in New York’s Time Square. Get more details online at RockCamp.com.



Forthcoming album


Gwar have announced details about their new album. Expect to pick up Battle Maxiums September 17th. The first single “Madness at the Core of Time” is currently streaming online. It’s the band’s first album since the 2011 death of guitarist Cory Smoot, also known as Flattus Maximus.



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Lightning Bolt of a Show, Week Off, Tour Dates, and New Video

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Lightning Bolt of a show


Pearl Jam played two new songs up at Wrigley Field for a sold out crowd Friday … but not without a three-hour rain delay. The band came out for seven songs but then rain and lightening delayed the show. When they eventually did get back to the stage, they hooked fans up with a few new songs, including the title track for the new album Lightening Bolt which comes out October 15th. There’s fan shot footage of the performance circulating online. Oh, and on a plus side … the residents of Wrigleyville didn’t complain too much and some scalpers trying to hawk bogus tickets were arrested … so all-in-all it was a good day for PJ and their fans.



Week off


Newsted has to skip out on part of Gigantour … no, not because front man Jason Newsted is hooking back up with Metallica (that's just a bogus rumor). It’s because he’s got a bad case of pneumonia. He’s been out with the tour thus far but will have to take the coming week off. Gigantour is currently out on the road with Device, Hell Yeah and Megadeth.


Tour dates


Queens of the Stone Age have announced some shows … for early next month. The band has been scheduled to play Lollapalooza up in Chicago Friday August 2nd. Well, they just added Friday August 1st to play The Metro up in the windy city. Nice notice, guys! Thanks! After their two-night stint in Chicago, they’ll head for a trek across the country and then they’ll make it down to Mexico for a show in October and then overseas to Europe for a slew of dates to finish out the year. The latest album … Like Clockwork is out now.


New video


They’ve got a new lable and a new song. Limp Bizkit have posted a video online of their new song where they collaborated with rapper Lil Wayne. If you wanna see that train wreck, you can see it online. The band says they’re putting the finishing touches on their new album Stampede of the Disco Elephants




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B Sides Coming Soon, Slash-er Flick, Noise Complaints, First Live DVD, and First Live Performance

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


B sides coming soon


Lars is gonna get chubs for this … Rise Against is set to release a disc full of b-sides and cover tunes. Coming up September 10th this year, fans will be able to get their hands on Long Forgotten Songs: B-Sides & Covers, 2000-2013. The album will feature a bunch of tunes that previously haven’t been available on any other albums. It will also include some cover tunes. Front man Mark McIlrath says they’re super-duper proud of the 26 songs that have slipped through the cracks.  Watch a promo below:



Slash-er flick


Slash is taking a stab at producing music for a motion picture and it’s only appropriate the movie is a horror flick. Slash scored the film and alongside that score will be two original songs for the motion picture. He didn’t just score the film, he also produced it. The psychological thriller Nothing Left to Fear hits theaters October 4th, the same day the soundtrack comes out.



Noise complaints


And in obvious news … noise was an issue at a rock festival. Reports indicate that there were two dozen noise complaints logged against the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival in Bangor, Maine, this week. According to the Bangor Daily News, a dozen complaints were reported to police and the rest were given to a top city official. The crazy thing is, the headliner, Rob Zombie finished up his set at like 10:15.


First live DVD


Speaking of Rob Zombie, he plans on releasing the first ever Rob Zombie live DVD. Guitarist John 5 recently told AbsolutePunk.net that the band will capture its current live show for the release. There’s no timeline when that’ll be available.


First live performance


And speaking of live video—A new video has surfaced online of Avenged Sevenfold performing their new tune “Hail to the King.” Apparently it’s the first time the band has performed the tune out in public. A bunch of lucky fans at the recent Rock USA Festival in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.



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Four Album Covers, New Tour, and Misplaced Outrage

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Four album covers


When you go to buy the new Nine Inch Nails album, you’re either going to buy multiple copies because you’re such a fan boy like I am or you’re going to have to make a choice … which cover will it be? The band will release the new album Hesitation Marks September 3rd and the release will feature four distinctly different covers. Each cover will feature different artwork by Russell Mills. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the guy who did all the artwork for Nine Inch Nails 1994 album The Downward Spiral. Mills also did album artwork for several LPs during that era. Choices have been posted online. Be sure to collect them all!


New tour


Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage have announced an extensive lineup for a fall tour. The bands will take to the road October 22nd in Canada and will eventually end up in Maryland in late November. They’ll be at The Congress Theatre October 30th.


The controversial cover
The controversial cover

Misplaced outrage


Rolling Stone magazine isn’t new to controversy and it’s no surprise they’d be provocative just to be provocative. But some in the rock world are saying their forthcoming issue featuring an in-depth investigation into the suspected Boston Marathon Bomber is too much. Bands like Adelita’s Way, rockers like David Draiman, Dave Navarro and Tommy Lee and even the likes of Kelly Osbourne are all on Twitter slamming the magazine. The cover features Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 19-year-old accused in the bombings. Now, the rockers don’t seem to be pointing out that the magazine has already convicted Tsarnaev by titling the article “The Bomber” and not “The Suspect.” No, they’re not upset that the headline seems to completely bypass the judicial process; they’re upset that Tsarnaev is pictured on the cover (and they’re not). Let the trial happen, people. It’s innocent until proven guilty. If we lose that, we’ve lost.


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Not This Year, Directorial Debut, New Video, and Art as Therapy

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Not this year


It'll most likely to arrive in 2014 ... that's what Tool drummer Danny Carey had to say when asked about new stuff from the band. What is turning into one of the most anticipated new albums, new Tool has been put off by band members dabbling in other projects from Maynard’s A Perfect Circle and Puscifer to Danny Carey’s VOLTO! and even guitarist Adam Jones is busy starting a family. In a recent interview with Loudwire, Carey says the band should head into the studio later this year with a new album to come out sometime in early 2014. We’ll hold our breath.


Directorial debut


While we wait for new Slipknot, percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan is going to brush up on his filmmaking skills. It’s reported that Crahan has sealed a deal to make his directorial debut for a film based on the comic book Officer Downe. There’s no word on when the film will be out, but it’s sure to be a goodin’.


New video


There’s a new music video online from the Russian political punk band Pussy Riot. In the video circulating online, band members don their trademark bright-colored ski masks and short skirts while pouring oil over large photos of the leader of a state-run oil company. They also liken Russian president Vladimir Putin to an Iranian ayatollah. The most recent video comes more than a year after three members went to prison for a protest concert inside a church denouncing Putin.



Art as therapy


Therapists will tell you that creating art is great therapy … maybe that’s why original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward has taken to the fine art world. Ward is set to unveil his fine art creations titled “Absence of Corner” August 1st. The exhibit will feature 18 different pieces and will be available to view online at BillWardDrumArt.com. Sabbath didn’t welcome Ward back to the band for their most recent album 13 citing contract conflicts.


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New Song and Tour Announced, STP and Filter Trek Planned, Added to The Gathering, and Headlining tour

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


New song and tour announced


With the release of the title track from their forthcoming album Hail to the King, Avenged Sevenfold have also announced a tour this fall with The Deftones and Ghost B.C. The tour kicks off in Chicago October 3rd just in time for the new album to be in the hands of fans. A7X’s new album Hail to the King drops August 27th. The new tune Hail to the King was released yesterday.



STP and Filter trek planned


Speaking of tours, Stone Temple Pilots with Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington on vocals have just announced a tour of their own. The 15 date run will be with Filter and will hit up parts of the south, east coast and New England. STP recently brought Bennington on board after an ugly falling out with original front man Scott Weiland. There are currently pending lawsuits being thrown back and forth, but STP with Bennington are showing resolve with the tour and plans for more new music.


Added to The Gathering


Things just got even more interesting if you’re an Insane Clown Posse fan. You can now add Soulfly and Sevendust to the lineup of this year’s Gathering. The annual music festival is set for August 7th through the 11th up at Hog Rock in Cave-in-Rock, Illinois. Of course there’ll be the wicked clowns taking stage alongside some of their tried and true minions like Twiztid, Kotton Mouth Kings and even Vanilla Ice said to be making an appearance. It’ll be one for the record books. So all you hatchet men and ladies, make your plans today.


Headlining tour


Five Finger Death Punch have announced a headlining tour set for this fall. The band will take to the road with Miss May and Escape the Fate. The trek will kick off September 15th in California, will snake through parts of the Southwest to eventually end up in Springfield, MO, October 20th and that’s about as close as it’ll get to Central Illinois.


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#Trust, Streaming Now, He's in Rehab, and To Big for Venue

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station




Glad there’s some good news out there in the rock world—Corey Taylor has recovered nearly all of the musical equipment that was stolen from his home and a storage unit in Iowa. The news was revealed last week that Taylor’s nearly $36,000 in stuff was stolen when he was overseas. What made it even worse was that it was a so-called friend that ganked the equipment. Taylor posted to Twitter over the weekend that he’s recovered 98% percent of his stuff thanks to his wife and the goodness of people. With that he posted the hash-tag “#trust”. No word yet on if the two basses owned by the late Paul Gray were recovered, but we’re hoping so! Taylor will be out on the road promoting his new book starting this week.




Streaming now


It comes out tomorrow but is now streaming online: Through Exits Only, the new album from Phil Anselmo and The Illegals. Phil posted a couple of videos (here

and here) about the new album and the forthcoming tour. They’ll be up in Chicago at the House of Blues August 4th.


He's in rehab


Who didn’t see this coming? It was reported last week that Hinder front man Autstin Winkler was taking some time off and that the band was going to continue to tour. Now it’s revealed that Winkler is going to rehab and the band looked at getting several “American Idol” contestants to fill in … which didn’t pan out. They finally came to the conclusion that Jared Weeks from Saving Able and producer Marshal Dutton would fill in for the rest of the tour.


To big for venue


If you were planning on seeing Avenged Sevenfold in La Cross tomorrow, you better make other plans. The band canceled the gig. Not because they are struggling with rehab or anything like that … nope … it’s because the venue they were set to rock couldn’t handle their set. What that means is if you do get a chance to see the band, make it happen ‘cuz the shizzle is gonna sizzle. Get what I’m throwing down? They’ll be in Oshkash at Rock USA Festival July 17th. The new album Hail to the King comes out August 27th.


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Announced Album Alongside Song Release, They're Sponsors, and Out For Now

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Announced album alongside song release


New Pearl Jam will be out later this year and a new song is now available for you to request, and to stream online. A second countdown expired yesterday at the band’s website and with it came a huge announcement—the band plans on releasing the new album Lightning Bolt October 15th.



The new tune “Mind Your Manners” was also released with the announcement.



The band posted a slew of new tour dates earlier this week. Pearl Jam will be up at Wrigley Field July 19th for a sold out show.


The Black Keys sponsorship
The Black Keys sponsorship

They're sponsors


Don’t worry kids … The Black Keys won’t sue you … they just want to sponsor you. A boys’ baseball league in Ohio wants to sell replica t-shirts of one of their team’s uniforms because the team is sponsored by the band. In a post to Instagram, drummer Patrick Carney shows the world a photo of The Orioles of West Akron Baseball League that had “The Black Keys” clearly displayed on back of the jersey. The story is made even more epic that the team went undefeated this season … and that the team is free and clear of the sue-happy band.


Out for now


Hinder front man Austin Winkler is sitting a few out as the band continues to tour. The band won’t say why, only that there are “personal reasons” for Winkler’s absence and that he’ll “be just fine.” Jared Weeks of Saving Abel and producer Marshal Dutton will fill in for Winkler during Hinder’s summer dates. Winkler won’t be back until the end of August.


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Engagement, Old school preview, New album in the works, and Worth checking out

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station




It’s being reported that Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is getting married. And who do you think would marry the drummer of arguably the world’s most popular hard rock band? If you said a super model you’d be right. The Las Vegas Informer reports that Lars is engaged to 29-year-old super model Jessica Miller. She was previously in a relationship with System of a Down’s guitarist Daron Malakian. There’s at least 20 years difference between Lars and Jessica … but hey, they’re consenting adults. That’s not weird. Or is it?


Old school preview


A rare 30-second advertisement for Nirvana’s In Utero album features all three band members giving birth … the spot has been uploaded to YouTUbe as a way to drum up interest in the 20th anniversary release of the album … has it really been that long?



New album in the works


Nikki Sixx says the new Sixx: A.M. album is going swimmingly. The Motley Crue bassist says the new album from his side project, the third from the band, should be out sometime later this year and things are going so fast that they better come up with an album title soon. Sixx will be out on tour with Motley Crue for a brief cross-country jaunt soon. Then he’ll rejoin his other band back in studio to finish up their new album.


Worth checking out


I have no idea who Deltron 3030 is but with special guest appearances by Rage Against the Machine’s Zach de la Rocha and Faith No More/Tomahawk front man Mike Patton, I may have to check it out. Deltron 3030 is a conceptual collaborative hip hop super group of sorts with an album coming out in August. Want more deets … find it yourself.


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New Album Deets, Out now, Ain't gonna happen, Theft and Infomercial

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


New album deets


More is to be known about the new Korn album. Titled "The Paradigm Shift," there'll will be a sacrament to be had this October. It's the first album from the band featuring Brian "Head" Welch in over seven years. Details about the album are accompanied by word that Jonathan Davis had his own struggles treating depression with drugs and detoxing off those antidepressants in a quote “ghetto” rehab … so working on the album was magical and necessary experience. The album comes out October 1st.


Fake blood, strategically placed electrical tape and big smiles!
Butcher Babies: Fake blood, strategically placed electrical tape and big smiles!

Out now


Speaking of new albums, Butcher Babies new album Goliath is out now! If you haven’t yet, check out the hottest thing to hit the metal scene in years … Butcher Babies are seriously smoking hot!


Ain't gonna happen


Well, that's a nail in the coffin ... Vinnie Paul, the brother of Dimebag Darrell and drummer of Pantera says there's no way the band will get back together. So, whatever rumblings you're hearing ... drop it. It ain't gonna happen!




Well, that blows ... Corey Taylor from Slipknot and Stone Sour fame was robbed of $36,000 in Music Gear. The really bogus part is the culprit is a friend of his that was looking out for the singer's house. Stuff was jacked from both Taylor's home and storage unit. And, what even sucks more is that two basses originally owned by deceased bassist Paul Gray were also taken. It’s reported that several of Taylor’s real friends tipped the singer and police off to the thefts and that someone was attempting to sell some of the items at a music store in Iowa. If you can’t trust your friends, who can you trust? What a bummer of a story.




Queens of the Stone Age’s album … Like Clockwork already went No. 1 on it's debut and now the band decides to put out an infomercial. The glory of the whole deal is you don't have to watch crummy late night TV. The four-minute long spot is posted to the web promotes the USB thumb-drive version of the album. You can order it now for around $30.00. Cool thing, as with every G.D. infomercial, they'll thrown in an addition thumb-drive at NO ADDITIONAL COST!



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Was it a Dud, Hitting the Road, Teasing Title Track, and TV Appearance

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Was it a dud?


For those who already got tickets to the Chicago Pearl Jam show, Monday’s announcement was a bit of a dud. A countdown posted to the band’s website ended at noon yesterday to reveal more concert dates. The already announced date at Chicago’s Wrigley Field set for July 19th is a few months before the rest of the dates kick in … and there was another countdown clock posted to the band’s website. That clock is set to expire in two days. Will this be the countdown to reveal new album details and maybe get a new single? Hold your breath. We’ll keep you posted.


Hitting the road


Danzig is hitting the road for a tour this summer and he’s bringing along a former member of The Misfits and also Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison’s side project Scar the Martyr. The tour kicks off in August and will be at The Congress Theater in Chicago August 16th.


Teasing title track


The new album from Avenged Sevenfold will be out August 27th and details have been slow but steady from the band. Now the band is teasing the title track of the album “Hail to the King.” A thirty second sample has been posted online for fans to drool over. Hail to the King will mark the band’s sixth studio album. The band will be out on the festival circuit for Rock USA Festival, Heavy MTL, and the Aftershock Festival. Then they’ll be heading overseas to tour Europe with Five Finger Death Punch.


TV appearance


Speaking of Five Finger Death Punch … their guitarist, Jason Hook, will be on the History Channel TV show “Counting Cars” tonight. The show evolves around restoring, customizing and reselling some of the most classic muscle cars in the history of automotive. Hook is a good fit because he’s a bit of car and motorcycle nerd. FFDP’s first part of a double album is due out later this month.


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Lambesis blogs, Tell and show, PJ news at noon, and Up in Chicago

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Lambesis blogs


As I Lay Dying front man Tim Lambesis has posted a statement to his official blog saying someday he’ll be able to tell the whole story. In the message he acknowledges the public and private messages he’s received asking to explain what’s happened, but because the case is ongoing he isn’t allowed to. He says soon he’ll be able to air his side of the very complex story. Lambesis is also asking for everyone’s patience and started rambling about looking at all sides of a philosophical argument before coming to conclusions. The lead singer was arrested in May for soliciting an undercover cop to murder his estranged wife. It was also reported that the singer’s attorney said his erratic behavior may have been from steroid use.


Tell and show


Metallica plans on appearing at Comic Con in San Francisco July 19th. There they’ll be promoting their upcoming 3D concert film Through The Never. After that, they plan on performing at a “super secret” location. Through The Never will be in theaters everywhere October 4th.


PJ news at noon


The countdown clock has begun at PearlJam.com where it’s expected details about a new album will be revealed. Expected to rundown at about noon Central time, fans are eager to see what’s unveiled as talk began earlier this year that the band was in studio piecing together a new album. Could it be just the album details or could it be the release of an actual single? It’s hard telling, but it’s the first hint at something big outside of various band members telling the press the new album is being worked on and is going to be great. Watch PearlJam.com during your lunch break for the big reveal.


Up in Chicago


Volto!, the band featuring Tool Drummer Danny Carey will be up in Chicago August 10th at Lincoln Hall. The jam-rock-fusion-jazz-blues band features Carey on drums and is also a sign that Tool fans will have to wait a bit longer for a new Tool album.


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Welcome to the Stage, Walmart Exclusive, Topping the Charts and New Video

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Welcome to the stage


Alice In Chains aren’t letting a dispute with former singer Layne Staley’s mom get in the way of staying in touch with his father. During a show in Canada the band welcomed Layne’s father Phil on stage to a very welcoming Canadian crowd. Back in May Layne’s mom Nancy McCallum field suit in Seattle claiming the band is scrimping her form royalties. The band denied that and said she’s been paid more than she’s due.


Walmart exclusive


Emma Anzai, bassist for Sick Puppies
Emma Anzai, bassist for Sick Puppies

Sick Puppies are going all mainstream on everyone by recording a concert video for Walmart to coincide with their new album. The band was in LA to do the show for Walmart’s Soundcheck Risers website. Their new album Connect will be out July 16th. The performance for Walmart will appear on the Soundcheck Risers website the day before. Despite the move, bassist Emma Anzai is still smokin’ hot!


Topping the charts


Rock had a great showing on the billboard charts with several albums landing on the top 25 for the first week of sales. Topping rockers was Skillet at No. 4 with their latest album Rise. The band plans to hit the road with the Carnival of Madness Tour this August. Meanwhile August Burns Red landed in the top 10 with their best charted album to date Rescue & Restore. They’ll be out on Warped Tour this summer. If Swedish death metal is your thing, you’re not alone … Amon Amarth’s latest attempt landed at No. 19. And despite the uncertainty of how the new Queensryche would fare, the band pulled away with a No. 23 spot for their self-titled album. Meanwhile Pop Evil landed at No. 1 with their single “Trenches”

from the album Onyx.


New video


Megadeth have unleashed their latest video fro the tune “Super Colider.” The band is preparing to hit the road with the Gigantour featuring Device, Newsted and Megadeth with a few others here and there.



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Lullabies to Paralyses, Book Ordeal, Health Update and Who Cares?

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Lullabies to paralyses


Move over lullaby metal and rock, Tool is joining the lullaby game too. Just the other day we were telling you about some of the most dark and hardcore metal tunes being turned into lullaby music. Now Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star is again rocking out a collection of classic tunes from some of the seminal bands to modern rock. A sample of Sober is actually quite beautiful and the album art is perfect. Kudos! The collection is due out later this month. Now go pre-order it and get your kids hooked!



Book ordeal


If he writes it, the book will sell. Randy Blythe, the front man from Lamb of God that was held in Prague for weeks and later tried in the death of a 19-year-old fan plans on writing a book about the whole ordeal. Blythe was acquitted of the whole ordeal but says it provides him a chance at becoming an author—a dreams he’s had for a while. He also says he never imagined the unfortunate and accidental death of a fan would be what prompts his book debut.


Health update


It's been a series of follies and health mishaps all preceding a storied career of hard core heavy metal partying ... Lemmy Kilmister is suffering through some stuff right now. Just a day after it was revealed that Motorhead would have to cancel the rest of their European tour, Lemmy released a statement that he's been told to rest and he apologizes to those who bought tickets in a crap economy. The statement also says that you can send all the get well garbage somewhere else. Now go fight.


Who cares?


And in passing ... here's a recent headline: Kroeger Marries Lavigne, 'Wild, All-Night Party'. Now ... again ... go fight.


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Would Have Taught, Killer Festival ... Out West, Rock and Roll Toll, and Hope for Better Numbers

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Would have taught


The mind behind Ministry says if he hadn’t become a drug addled industrial rock star he would have been a teacher. Uncle Al Jorgensen has had his fair share of the scene having been touring and performing intensely for decades. The band’s got a new album coming out titled From Beer to Eternity and Jourgensen has a new book titled Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen which is out now. In a recent interview with Loudwire, Uncle Al said he had interest in being a history teacher. Interestingly, Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger also recently lamented he also thinks being a teacher would have been more rewarding.


Killer festival ... out west


A two day festival in California sounds very enticing. The Monster Aftershock Festival will include the likes of Papa Roach, Volbeat, A Day to Remember, Him, Skillet, Buckcherry and others. Headliners include Korn, Shinedown, Avenged Sevenfold, Megadeth and now Five Finger Death Punch. If you can get to Sacramento September 14th and the 15th, do it!


Rock and roll toll


It’s been bit of a bumpy road for Motorhead after having to cancel the remaining dates on their European tour. This after having to scrap a few shows last week. Drummer Mikkey Dee broke the news. It seems that front man Lemmy Kilmiester suffered a haematoma … that follows news that a defibrillator was used on Lemmy after he had some heart problems. All of this followed a recent fall Lemmy suffered that screwed up his hip. Mikkey says that Lemmy not being able to perform is like chopping a pianists hand off … I said a pianist … pervert. Rock and roll can definitely take it’s toll, kids. Don’t forget it!


Hope for better numbers


Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem film is due out on DVD and Blu-ray September 3rd. Hopefully DVD and Blu-ray sales do better than the theater performance. The long awaited film debuted in 355 theaters this past April earning just $642,000. It reportedly took $1.5 million to make.


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New Album Details, Scare and a Show, Opening act, and Wylde on Lambesis

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


New album details


Avenged Sevenfold have revealed the official details about their new album, but it took an online scavenger hunt to make it happen. Here’s the gist … the new album called Hail To The King will be out August 27th. The album cover has some king Skelator looking thing with wings wielding an axe. The album is the follow up ot 2010’s Nightmare. That album featured several different drummers after the passing of The Rev. The new album will feature a new drummer in Arin Ilejay.


Scare and a show


The month of October is going to be one hell of a scary and kick ass month for Rob Zombie as he brings his Great American Nightmare to life in Pamona, California. The three-themed haunted experience will end with a concert and each night it’s open there’s a different lineup of kick ass bands, including the likes of The Used, Butcher Babies, Real Big Fish, and Andrew W.K. Closing night November 2nd, the rock will be taken over by Powerman 5K, Eagles of Death Metal and Rob Zombie himself. Get details and a complete lineup online at GreatAmericanNightmare.com.


Opening act


When you see Black Sabbath up in Tinley Park this August, you’re surely going to party hard with opening DJ act Andrew W.K. The hard-core partier won’t be with his band. Instead, he’ll be spinning some records getting fans ready for the show. Andrew will be the sole opening act for Sabbath’s 20 date US trek. He says he’ll provide a bunch of heavy rock beats spanning several decades. Mr. W.K. recently just got the record for longest drumming session after playing the drums for 24 hours. Sabbath will be at Tinley Park August 16th.


Wylde on Lambesis


“You’re not f—king killing anyone. Let’s just chock it up to a loss.” That’s what Black Label Society’s Zakk Wylde had to say about the saga of As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis. BLS has toured with As I Lay Dying in the past and in a recent interview with Under The Gun Review, Wylde said he understands that dude can be pissed, but you shouldn’t ever take it to the next level. Lambesis was arrested in May and charged in a murder-for-hire plot against his estranged wife.


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