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Cancelling Shows, Chili Pepper Halftime, No More Orion, and Love's Web Series

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Cancelling shows


If you were headed down under just to check out Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington, you may want to change your vacation plans. The band has revealed that they are canceling their planned appearance at the Soundwave festival in Australia so they can work on their new album. Word is that recording has gone beyond schedule and a statement to the festival’s website says it’s because of a lack of recording studios, engineers and producers. Uh, OK. They’re also bowing out of a couple of other Australia shows late February. Canceled shows are bad news, but at least that means fans will get some more new music. The band recently released the High Rise EP to critical acclaim. As for the saga in dealing with former front man Scott Weiland? That’s still up in the air.


Chili Pepper Halftime


While you stuffing your face with chips, dip, wings, beer and football, don’t forget that the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be performing part of the Super Bowl halftime show. The band is also starting to write for their next album. In a recent interview, drummer Chad Smith said the band is gearing up for another album.


No more Orion


If you were able to make it to one of the Orion Music + More festivals, be grateful, because they aren’t going to happen again. Metallica front man James Hetfield said that the festival was a financial disaster. And because of the money issues, he doubts it will happen again. The issue of the expensive production costing more than what was brought in was talked about before and at that time drummer Lars Ulrich said that it’s typical for festivals to take several years to really get back invested money, but now it’s apparent that there’s no hope at all for another attempt. Hettfield told a radio station that metal is struggling a little bit in the United State. But don’t cry your little eye … Metallica will make the rounds in the States again, according to Hetfield.


Love’s web series


It’s called “Twibel” and Courtney Love is taking advantage of the prestige of being the first person put on trial for the alleged act. Love was recently acquitted for libel after she published a Tweet about her former attorney. Now she’s launched a new web series via her YouTube channel. Watch the first installment to hear about the trial and also her thoughts about Dave Grohl – heads up … they don’t get along.



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Nothing Shocking, Grammy Apology, and Kick Bieber's Ass Out

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Nothing Shocking


Well, that was short lived. Jane’s Addiction have booked a live show for Sin City. The gig is booked for May 8th through the 10th at the Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, a new venue that opens March 8th. After a tour last year, front man Perry Farrell stated that there were all kinds of trials and tribulations with the band, hinting at not having much of a good time while touring. Then, just this month, Farrell said he would be taking a long break from the band to work on a musical about the sex and drug trade in Thailand. But, that break apparently is only until at least May. It’s unclear if the Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas venue jumped the gun when they posted the Jane’s Addiction shows for May, but Farrell acknowledged the show this week in a Rolling Stone interview saying Vegas is the perfect place to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their debut album. The band will be performing their album Nothing Schocking in full during those Vegas shows.


Grammy Apology


Trent Reznor sent out a heartfelt “F**K YOU” to the Grammys Sunday and now the executive producer is sending out a heartfelt apology, but is still making excuses. Reznor launched the criticism via Twitter Sunday after discovering the joint Nine Inch Nails/Queens of the Stone Age performance was cut off in some broadcasts to make way for promotional considerations. He said it was music’s biggest night to be disrespected. With nearly 18,000 retweets and nearly 14,000 favorites the Grammy Awards executive producer Ken Ehrilch said he’s sorry Reznor was upset, but says that there were time constraints that forced the show to end abruptly. That doesn’t cover all the other acts of disrespect, including removing certain categories that would have been more inclusive for more genres of heavy metal and rock music. Here’s to not giving a F**K about the Grammys!


Kick his ass out


A petition on the White House’s website to deport Justin Bieber has reached over 100,000 signatures, which means officials with the Obama Administration will have to respond to the call for the pop singer to be removed from the country. The Canadian native is labeled as giving American pop culture a bad reputation. There’s no time frame for when the White House will responds to the call to oust Bieber from the states.


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All Bad Things Must Come to an End, Carolina Rebellion, and Spring Jaunt

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


All bad things must come to an end


They want to end their career as a band on a high note and they don’t want to rip you off in the process. It took an hour long press conference yesterday for Motley Crue to announce they will play over 70 shows over four months through 2014 as their final blowout tour before retiring the outfit. The conference featured officials with band, like attorneys, and at the front of the state tomb stones for Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee and Mick Mars. Halfway through the presser, the band eventually made it out where they fielded questions from a mediator and made it clear that they wanted to end the band with the founding members and not have it linger on for years, hobbling with a few members here and there. Nikki Sixx says the band wanted to sign a contract with each other that officially ends the band after the final tour. The contract makes it real. What’s also real is the band will be selling tickets for 15 to 20 bucks for the shows, making it extremely accessible for any rock fan. The band will be in St. Louis July 9th and in Illinois at Tinley Park August 8th, and in Moline November 9th. The band will also play Sturgis August 5th. All together the band will play over 70 shows over 4 different months.



Carolina Rebellion


If you can make it out to this year’s Carolina Rebellion festival in Concord, North Carolina, you’re set for a rockin’ time. The lineup for the two-day festival at the beginning of May includes Avenged Sevenfold and Kid Rock as headliners. Other artists set to perform May 3rd and 4th include Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Motorhead, 311, Seether, Staind, Volbeat, A Day to Remember, Black Lable Society, Killswitch Engage, Black Stone Cherry and others. Get more details online at That would make for a perfect Spring getaway, wouldn’t it? Tickets go on sale this Friday.


Spring jaunt


Alice In Chains announced a sprig tour. The band will make their way through parts of the country’s mid section and north east. The announcement came this week with tickets going on sale through the band’s website Friday. There are no dates in Illinois, but a few in Iowa, Indiana and Michigan.


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Reznor Flips Virtual Bird at Grammys, Blythe Taking a Break, and Precedent Setting

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Reznor flips virtual bird at Grammys


There are some untold stories from Sunday’s Grammy Awards that include Trent Reznor’s rage and Paul McCartney’s ignorance. Firstly, Paul McCartney got a Grammy alongside Dave Grohl, Krist Novocelic, and Pat Smear for their work on the tune “Cut Me Some Slack” from the Sound City Soundtrack. That’s pretty awesome that a former Beatle found himself among a reunion of former Nirvana players. But, McCartney didn’t know that. Appearntly McCartney knew Dave but in the studio, he didn’t know who Krist and Pat were. Meanwhile, depending on what broadcast you watched, the finale of the night featuring Nine Inch Nails’s “Copy of A” into Queens of the Stone Age’s “My God Is The Sun” may have been cut off by ads and show credits. Once NIN front man Trent Reznor found out about that, he fired out a tweet:




Reznor’s not known to hold back. Several years ago he refused to perform at an awards show for MTV because he wanted to play his tune “Hand That Feeds” with a portrait of then President George W. Bush on a projection. Producer said no, so Reznor said “f**k you.”


Watch a report that shows the cut off here:



Taking a break


Lamb of God front man Randy Blythe is taking a break from the band, and if you went through what he’s been through, you’d probably do the same. The front man for the heavy metal outfit from Virginia was imprisoned overseas in Prague and even was eventually acquitted of manslaughter charges. All that will be revealed in depth with a new documentary set to make the rounds next month. Blythe also has a book coming out this year about the ordeal. But now the front man says on his popular Instagram page he “will not be thinking about Lamb of God, touring, playing heavy metal, or writing new Lamb of God material” for a long time.


Precedent setting


You’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat to find out if Courtney Love would be found guilty in her defamation case … well, the verdict is in and … wait for it … wait for it … SHE’S INNOCENT! The deal was whether or not Love defamed her attorney for posting on Twitter that her attorney was bought off. The lawyer turned around and sued for defamation of character. A California jury said Love didn’t defame. This is the first-ever defamation lawsuit brought to trial over a Twitter message.


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Grammy Awards Breakdown, and Snubbed

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Grammy Awards breakdown


Metallica and Lang Lang rocked, Trent Reznor and crew kicked ass and new-to-the-biz pop star Lorde looked like she took dance lessons from Elaine from the sitcom Seinfeld, that’s the gist of last night’s Grammy Awards ceremony. If you didn’t watch, here’s a quick rundown of the winners that matter to you. For best metal performance, Black Sabbath won for “God is Dead?”. Led Zepplin got best Rock Album for Celebration Day, and Dave Grohl, along with Kirst Novoseleci, Pat Smear and Beatles legend Paul McCartney won for Best Rock Song for the tune Cut Me Some Slack. That was from the Sound City documentary soundtrack that Grohl put together for his film. Check out video of Metallica’s performance of “One” with pianist Lang Lang below:



You can see the collaboration of Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and others performing Nine Inch Nails’ tune “Copy Of A” and Queens of the Stone Age's "My God is the Sun" here:





Some snubs from last night’s awards ceremony include Killswitch Engage, Anthrax and Volbeat, who were all beat out by Black Sabbath. Queens of the Stone Age was up for several nominations including Best Rock Performance, Best Rock Album, and Best Engineered Album. Nine Inch Nails got left behind in the category Best Alternative Music Album. Other snubs include Alice In Chains, Primus, Green Day, and Jack White. Another big snub was forgetting to mention Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman during the In Memoriam segment of the show. The Grammy Awards have gotten criticized as of late because they changed up the categories seemingly in an effort make it more mainstream. By doing so, a ton of artists and new music gets overlooked while the red carpet fiesta is played out on primetime TV.


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Grammy Sunday, Acoustic Tour, New Album Hype, and Anniversary Edition

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Grammy Sunday


The Grammy Awards are this Sunday on CBS, and it’s gonna be heavy on the rock side for the first time in recent memory. Just some of the action you can expect to see includes Metallica taking to the stage to perform their tune “One” with world renowned pianist Lang Lang. Then to close up the ceremony, Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme will join the stage with Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor and Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl. If you can’t watch it live, surely there will be clips available online.


Acoustic tour


Sevendust have announced they’ll be taking to the road in support of their crowd-funded acoustic album. Expect them up in Joliet at Mojoes April 25th. The acoustic album is being recorded thanks to more than 2700 fans who threw money down via They’ve gotten 160 percent of their goal funded and there are still a few more months to go in their campaign. They’ll record Time Travelers and Bonfires and release it sometime this April.


New album hype


Slipknot front man Corey Taylor says there’s a ton of excitement from the band about their next attempt. The singer told The Pulse of Radio that he and Slipknot guitarist Jim Root, who Taylor also works with in Stone Sour, are transitioning into writing for Slipknot and that they making “significant progress.” He also says that they’ve got to “shape everything to that Slipknot point of view, that Slipknot way, that Slipknot sound.” This is all kinda bittersweet news as the band announced before the new year that they parted ways with famed and original band drummer Joey Jordison. There’s still not much explanation on that move. Fans can expect a new ‘Knot album sometime this year.


Anniversary edition


A new two-disc special 20th anniversary edition of Pantera’s Far Beyond Drivin will soon hit shelves. You can expect the remastered tracks along with some live performance audio out March 25th.


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Sound Cities, Amy Lee is Expecting, and Spring Tour for DEP

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Sound Cities?


More is coming out about the new Foo Fighters album, and in particular how the band is recording their new attempt. Front man Dave Grohl said before the new year that the band would record their new album in a way that he believes has never been done before. We’re not sure what that means, but we’re now reading rumors that the band is going to record each individual track in an entirely different studio. These aren’t just some silly things you’re hearing people say around the water cooler. It’s actually been posted on Billboard and also through a Twitter account named FooArchive that Grohl is scouting studios in 12 different cities to record their next disc.




Recording in different studios isn’t new to recording artists, but to do it in 12 different studios is unique, though Ted Nugent did 10 different studios for his record Intensities in 10 Cities. Of course, none of this is officially confirmed. With the Grammys later this month and the Rock Hall induction for Nirvana, Grohl has another busy year ahead.




Don’t expect to hear much from Evanesces’ Amy Lee this year, ‘cuz she be prego! The front woman posted a note for fans on Twitter this week about a secret she couldn’t keep anymore. The 32-year-old said she’s “been working on a very special new project for 2014-A BABY!” She says she and the baby’s daddy are expecting and she’s very happy.




She also has been working on a lawsuit against her former record label, Wind-Up Records, accusing them of selling the band’s back catalog to another company without paying the proper royalties. Needless to say, with a growing baby bump and a law suit, 2014 is gonna be big year for Amy Lee.


Spring tour for DEP


The Dillinger Escape Plan is taking to the road for a Spring jaunt. The band will be in Chicago April 11th at The Metro. They’re gonna be joined by Trash Talk, Retox and Shining for the trek. They’re most recent album One Of Us Is the Killer dropped in the fall of last year to much acclaim … if you’re into that whole chaos-core scene!


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Beats Music Drops, Reznor Back to Scoring, and Awesome Collabo Planned at Grammys

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Beats Music drops


Beats Music has launched for iPhone and Android and if you get it now you can get 7 days free. The subscription based music service touts new technology that allows you to fine tune what your in the mood to listen to. There's a "sentence" function which critics are calling the mad lib of music. For example, you say "I'm at a protest and could rage to some death metal polka" and the program will hook you up with what they think you're into ... There's a ton of names and money behind this deal. It is being launched tantamount to hip hop mainstay Dr. Dre's Beats by Dre (which are overpriced head phones) and even Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor lends his voice to an online promo and an exclusive 4-song remix exclusively to Beats. You may even see a Super Bowl ad, but initial reviews are mixed on what new the ap brings to the music industry. Market analysists are speculating how much it's gonna take away from Spotify, another subscription based music service. But, nothing beats free Real Rock and that's what you get with Springfield's Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ.


Reznor back to scoring


Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor is back to the motion picture arena with another go scoring a David Fincher film. Reznor is reuniting with the director of cult classic films like Fight Club, Seven, and most recently with Reznor on music for Social Network and Girl With a Dragon Tattoo. We can't not mention Atticus Ross who's worked hand-in-hand with Reznor on these film projects and How to Destroy Angels, Reznor's side project with wife Mariqueen Maandig. Reznor revealed via Twitter that he is working with Atticus on Fincher's film Gone Girl.





Awesome collabo planned at Grammys


And if there wasn't enough 'gasms going around today, there's word that there will be an orgy of collaborations to close this year's Grammy awards which will include Trent Reznor with Dave Grohl and Josh Homme, plus Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham. It's being billed as a "once in a lifetime grand finale" performance. It's not the first the three have hooked up. They appeared together during Grohl's Sound City documentary. Queens of the Stone Age are up for a few Grammys for their latest album Like Clockwork ..., an album that also featured both Reznor and Grohl making an appearance. That, plus Metallica's performance, may make this year worth watching.


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Epic Performance Planned, Throwing Bows Breaks Nose, and Solo Disc to Drop

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Epic performance planned


It’s set to be the most epic live version of Metallica’s “One” ever performed for man kind on this planet … ever. That’s what the band is making their performance with famed pianist Lang Lang at this year’s Grammy Awards out to be. In their first Grammy performance since 1990, the band will perform their epic tune “One” alongside the world renowned pianist. Guitarist Kirk Hammett said it’s gonna be something special and that Lang Lang, the pianist, has “interjected himself into the song” in a way that no one else has ever done. Sounds kinda kinky! Apparently Lang Lang will be playing major parts of the song and all through the melody. Hammett also shared that in rehearsal Lang Lang has played along with Hammett’s solos in an effortless way, something Hammett has never experienced before with other musicians outside of the band. Catch Metallica’s performance during the Grammy Awards on CBS January 26th. Meanwhile, the band says they’ll begin working on a new album “in a couple of weeks.”


Throwing bows breaks nose


It’s been known since the moment the band broke into the mainstream back in the 90s: Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament is an avid basketball player. Hell, he even had aspirations of playing the pros until he discovered he was short and white … so instead he played bass for a little band named Pearl Jam. But his passion for the hardwood is still strong … so much so that Ament broke the nose of fellow b-baller in New Zealand. The story goes that Sherif Hassan was shooting hoops with Ament and Acrade Fire’s Win Butler when he was hit in the face by Ament’s elbow. Hassan shared the story on an Australian radio station saying the Ament was an aggressive player, but made up for it with a pair of tickets and backstage passes to the Big Day Out festival. Plus he got a shout out from Eddie Vedder during Pearl Jam’s set.


Solo disc to drop


Five Finger Death Punch’s Jason Hook is ready to drop another solo disc. Hook announced his second attempt will drop this Spring. His first attempt Safety Dunce got an award for Best Instrumental Record back in 2007 from L.A. Music Awards. But there may not be much time to promote it. FFDP is out with ShipRocked later this month.


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This Could Be The End and Foo Updates

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


This could be the end


RIP Motley Crue: All Bad Things Must Come To An End. That’s what’s written on a graveyard cross in an ad that asks you to save the date January 28th. Various members of the band have been talking about a farewell tour, but it’s unclear if that’s what this date is supposed to announce. Not too long ago bassist Nikki Sixx told the press that he sees some bands beating a dead horse and he’s like ‘Get off the horse dude, it’s dead’ in reference to the band. Drummer Tommy Lee echoed those sentiments and said that the band wants to get one last tour in and call it quits because of guitarist Mick Marrs’ health, something Mars denies. Singer Vince Neil told that the band may start touring sometime this spring and “we’ll do one more time around the world and kinda call it quits. It’s just that time. We’re out on top.” Surely the save the date ad is meant for a press conference where the band will announce their tour and answer various questions from the media. We’ll keep you posted.


Foo updates


More details are coming out about the next Foo Fighters album. The band released a a pic of some master tapes and with it a statement proclaiming “It’s F**king On”! The band has been quiet the last few months after a banner year. Now fans have an Instagram post to drool over. That was delivered late last week. Now forensic analysis of the master tapes photo shows the band working on “LP 8” with several different reels plus a couple of “master tones” tapes. What that means, we have no idea. We’re simply music critics, not sound engineers. One thing is clear, though, it appears the band is again going analog instead of purely digital. Their last album Wasting Light was recorded analog with special editions released including actual snippets of the master tapes. There’s still no word on when the album will be released.



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Rock on the Range, Taking Time Off, Defamation Trial Begins and Leto's Oscar Nom

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Rock on the Range


Get ready for Rock on the Range! The festival in Ohio used Comedian Jim Breuer to announce the lineup for this year … and it’s quit impressive. Headlining the three day festival in May at the Columbus Crew Stadium in Columbus will be Guns N’ Roses, Avenged Sevenfold and Kid Rock. Those are just the headliners. The supporting acts include Five Finger Death Punch, Slayer, Mastodon, Staind, Chevelle, BLS, Killswitch Engage and others. But wait, there’s more. Get to each of the three days early to check out Theory of a Deadman, Black Stone Cherry, Pop Evil, The Pretty Reckless, Redlight King, Fozzy, Butcher Babies, Truckfighters and more … even Jim Breuer’s band is gonna take the stage. Tickets go on sale Jan. 24th. Get more info online at


Taking time off


Don’t expect any new Jane’s Addiction anytime soon. Front man Perry Farrell is taking some time off to work on a musical about the Thai sex and drug trade. How long will the band be down? Farrell tells Rolling Stone that it could be another couple years.


Defamation trial begins


Courtney Love was back in court this week for the first day in her defamation trial. Quick background: Love is being used by her former attorney Rhonda Holmes for defamation of character. It all started with a tweet where Love posted that her attorney was “bough off.” Love contends she meant to send the message as a private message, not as a public message. But, it being public calls into question the integrity of Holmes as a lawyer … something a practicing attorney just can’t have. So, she sued. The trial is expected to last about another week. Holmes was representing Love in a fraud case against the executors of Kurt Cobain’s estate.


Leto's Oscar Nom


Jared Leto got an Oscar nom and Tom Hanks didn’t! That’s what’s up! Way to represent, Leto! The thirty Seconds to Mars front man, who is also an accomplished actor, is up for an Oscar for his role in the movie Dallas Buyers Club. He played a transgender AIDS patient, which undoubtedly had its challenges. Good luck, Jared! The Oscars are March 2nd.


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On Sale Friday, Scoring a Film, Premiering in Philly, and Delayed Trial

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


On sale Friday


Tickets for The Toadies down at The Pageant in St. Louis go on sale tomorrow. The band is celebrating their 20th anniversary of their debut album Rubberneck with a show April 10th. Rubberneck is the record with “Possum Kingdom,” “I Came From the Water,” “Mister Love,” and others. What’s really crazy to think about is there are some of you out there right now reading this that weren’t even sperm in your dad’s testies when that album dropped. Man time if flying by. Toadies have put out other records in the meantime, including their latest, and quite bad ass 2012 album Play.Rock.Music. Tickets are $20 in advance and $22.50 day of the show (that’s if they don’t sell out). I’ll see you down there, for sure!


Scoring a film


Add film score producer to Korn front man Jonathan Davis’ resume. Davis created music for the film After the Dark, which is a movie about some college students facing a nuclear apocalypse and they have to decide who gets to go into a bunker. That hits theaters February 7th.  See the trailer below:



Premiering in Philly


If you want to see the premier for Lamb of God’s documentary As The Palaces Burn, which heavily features footage and information about the manslaughter trial of front man Randy Blyth in Prague, you’re gonna have to head over to Philadelphia. If you can’t make the premier, you’ll be able to head up to Chicago to watch the film at the Ginger Man Tavern. The documentary was being filmed before Blythe was taken into custody and stuck through to the very end to the eventual acquittal. The Philadelphia premier at Trocadero Theater is February 16th. The Chicago showing will be February 28th. Details and a preview at  See the trailer below:



Delayed trial


Meanwhile, Tim Lambesis’s murder for hire trial has been postponed in California. That’s because both sides took part in a pre-trial hearing to determine if there could be a possible plea deal for the As I Lay Dying singer. Lambesis was arrested last year and accused of hiring a hit man for $1,000 to off his estranged wife. He pleaded not guilty, but that could change. Proceedings will begin again February 6th. Aside from the Criminal complaint, Lambesis is also facing a civil case filed by his estranged wife.


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First Glimpse, Now on iTunes, In This Teaser, and Celebrating 20 Years

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


First glimpse


A tease of new HellYeah is bound to get your rocks off. Posted on Vinnie Paul's Facebook page is a video clip showing Chad and Vinnie in a parked car jamming to a really sick beat. It reminds me of what I used to do back in the day with Pantera or Mudvayne albums—get in the car, crank it and rock out! Paul and Chad are then heard exchanging lyrics back and forth, but the whole thing is as raw as that concert footage you took on your phone back in 2009. It's worth a listen, especially if you're waiting for the follow up to the band's "Band of Brothers" album. The new album will be out sometime in April. An actual date has not been revealed.


Now on iTunes


Since you've resolved this year to actually buy the music you listen to, you can go back and check out some classics retooled for digital download. Black Sabbath's earlier albums are all being made available for digital download via iTunes. Go take a gander and purchase some today.


In This Teaser


She knows we love to be teased ... In This Moment have posted an excerpt from their upcoming live DVD. Head to YouTube to watch the clip. The video opens with front woman Maria Brink talking about that moment being the first moment that In This Moment was being filmed for DVD. Brink then dedicates the song to the fans in the audience and bursts into "Beautiful Tragedy". The DVD comes out next week. It includes special footage of the band and also a live cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer”. Picking it up just to hear Maria Brink sing about being Closer to God would be pretty sweet.



Celebrating 20 years


The Toadies have been scheduled to play The Pageant down in St. Louis this April. The show is part of their 20th anniversary celebration of their Rubberneck album, which makes us feel really old here at Springfield's Real Rock. Expect to see them April 10th.


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Red Hot Halftime Act, New album out April 1, Also out April 1, and Leto's Golden Globe

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Red Hot Halftime Act


The Super Bowl halftime show just got a little more interesting, and may be worth watching this year. Joining Bruno Mars will be The Red Hot Chili Peppers! It was announced over the weekend by Bruno during a pre-game show. Now, typically non-football fans have tuned in to the Super Bowl in the past few years to see the spectacle that is the Super Bowl halftime show. It’s a phenomenon that seemed to pick up steam back in the Janet Jackson nip-slip days and was made even more bizarre by Modonna’s parade of satanic imigery. Now we’ll be able to see some weird conglomeration of Bruno Mars’ and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ tunes. Now if they lip sync, I’m gonna throw my beer at the TV. Just sayin’.


New album out April 1


If you’ve been waiting for the latest updates on when you can pick up a new Steel Panthers album, you’ll be able to do that on April Fools’ Day. The album All You Can Eat will feature 12 new tunes, including song titles I probably can’t say on the air.


Also out April 1


Lacuna Coil have their new album planned. They’ll drop their next attempt Broken Crown Halo on the world April 1st. This is despite having some personal issues as of late. The band had to pull out of ShipRocked 2014 because of “very serious personal family matters.” But with a new album and a plan to tour the Revolver’s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Tour with Sick Puppies, Eyes Set to Kill and others, 2014 may be a banner year.


Leto’s Golden Globe


Who cares about the Golden Globes? 30 Seconds to Mars’ Jared Leto does. The rocker/actor picked up a Golden Globe for his role as a transgendered AIDS patient named Rayon in the movie Dallas Buyers Club. The category he scored that award in is Best Supporting Actor. That was Leto’s first major acting gig in a while and he came back in true form, playing a role that many would stray from. Now get back behind the guitar and mic!


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The Real Story, It's Gonna Surprise, Patton Scores Horror Film, and Morello with The Boss

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


The real story


If you’re a life-long Metallica fan and have always wondered why bassist Jason Newsted left the band over a decade ago, a new interview with Newsted on ScuzzTV will definitely enlighten you. It’s a story Newsted says he’s never told before and a story that not everyone that’s worked with the band knows about. The gist is that Newsted had a side project that some in Metallica management thought would be great alongside Metallica, but singer James Hetfiled wasn’t having it. For the whole interview, check it out with ScuzzTV.



It’s gonna surprise


What’s it gonna be all about? Well, it’s a surprise. That’s what Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher is telling fans about their album expected out this year. It’s reported that the band has written nearly 20 songs for this attempt, although it’s likely that number will be whittled down in it’s final form. Kelliher tells Metal Hammer that every Mastodon album has been different and they want to keep that theme going, growing and expanding. There’s no work yet on when the album will come out, but it’s expected sometime this year.


Patton scores horror film


Knowing that Mike Patton is producing the music score to a movie titled The Vatican Tapes makes me want to not only see the movie ASAP, but also to pick up the soundtrack ASAP as well! News has it that the Faith No More, Tomahawk (and about a half dozen other bands) front man will be piecing together music for a horror film about a leaked video tape of a Vatican exorcism gone awry. Surely it’ll be worth checking out. Patton has worked on a ton of other projects and recently just jumped into the world of producing music for movies. His latest film partnership was work on the score for The Place Beyond the Pines is eligible for the Academy Awards. Patton is the just one of many rockers who are getting into the film score business.


Morello with The Boss


Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello has a new album coming out this week … well, it’s not his album … he just appears on it. It’s actually a new Bruce Springsteen album, but Morello is pretty dominant on the album playing guitar on 8 different tracks. The Springsteen album High Hopes drops this week.


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New Album This April, In-studio Pic, New Butcher Babies Video, and Touring the North

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


New album this April


Hellyeah are at it again with a fourth attempt. Before the holidays the band, consisting of members of Mudvayne and former members of Pantera, posted a pic saying there would be some new music on the way and now drummer Vinnie Paul has posted an update saying that their producer pushed them to pump out some havy and diverse stuff and also says that it is their very best yet. The date has been narrowed down, but it’s being reported to be set for an April release. We’ll keep you posted.


In-studio pic


Speaking of new albums, a new Sliptknot album is becoming more a reality with a pic posted by guitarist Jim Root. The pic posted to Root’s Instagram profile show his outstretched tattooed arm holding a guitar over a recording console. This is after Root uprooted from a Stone Sour tour to head back to the states for some studio time. All indication is that Slipknot will be working on a new album without drummer Joey Jordison. The band parted ways with Jordison just before the holidays.



New Butcher Babies video


The latest Butcher Babies video is out. The video for the song “I Smell a Massacre” from their debut album shows a ton of different clips in black and white of the band taking the stage and ripping it up at what appears to be a festival. It’s not a true-to-form performance video because it appears that the clips were taken from several different songs and pieced together to show the band performing as if they were playing “I Smell a Massacre.” Regardless, the Butcher Babies are still hot as hell and it’s worth taking a look. The band will be with In This Moment at Home Bar in Arlington Heights, Illinois.



Touring the north


Guns ‘N Roses will be hitting the road this year for a few dates. The band will be returning from Mexico and South America this Spring, and then it’s time for a jaunt across North America, though no dates have been set yet. Let’s just hope that when they do travel the country, guitarist DJ Ashba doesn’t get any more cops fired.


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ICP's ACLU Suit Against FBI, Harrell's Appeal Goes Nowhere, and Quick Turnaround Desired

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


ICP's ACLU suit against FBI


The ACLU is helping ICP sue the FBI. That’s a ton of acronyms this morning. Let’s unpack that a bit. Insane Clown Posse is suing the Federal Bureua of Investigations with help from the American Civil Liberties Union. Okay, that’s better. Now, the deal is that the FBI put out a report not long ago that put ICP fans, also known as Juggalos, in a category of violent gang members. The group says Juggalos and Juggalettes are fans, not gang members. The ramifications of the FBI’s categorization is that if someone is picked up on a petty, non-violent, drug charge and they just so happen to have a tattoo related to ICP, they could be considered a member of a violent gang and then have heavier punishment. The suit ICP and the ACLU filed against the FBI has the group as plaintiffs, but also has a couple of fans as plaintiffs. One says he tried to join the Army but was told to get rid of his ICP tattoos. Even after removing them, the army rejected him anyway. Keep an eye on this one. It’s gonna be quite the carnival ride!


Harrell's appeal goes nowhere


Here’s to holding people accountable for driving under the influence, regardless of who they are. The bass player for 3 Doors Down lost his appeal of a recent DUI conviction. At a hearing in Biloxi, MS, Todd Harrell was fined $1,000 and given a two-day jail sentence. Harrel was ordered to enroll in impairment and victim impact programs within the month. The bass player was convicted of DUI after he crashed his car into a truck back in 2012.


Quick turnaround desired


Queens of the Stone Age are already planning a follow-up to their highly successful album … Like Clockwork, but that’s not after a full touring schedule and another release possibly from Them Crooked Vultures. Front man Josh Homme says he wants a quicker turnaround for the QOTSA’s next attempt. Plus, they’ve just been added to Coachella 2014, along with Motorhead and a ton of other acts. Coachella happens in April.


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Latest Pop Evil Vid, Metallica to Play Grammys, and Black Sabbath Sneakers

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Latest Pop Evil vid


The latest video from Pop Evil completes their first trilogy of the art form. The video for "Behind Closed Doors” shows the band performing in a bare walled apartment adjacent to a young woman curled up in a fetal position. As the band progresses, it shows the girl using some sort of video chat program on a laptop. You can only image what she's up to ... but the video then shows the young woman in fits of rage destroying the furniture and walls. Then there are razorblades, and pictures of the girl from when she a younger girl, and more rage. Either way, the tune is catchy, the video is appealing … it’s another hit from Pop Evil! The video is the band’s third video seeming to complete a story told by the band’s two other videos from the album Onyx.



Metallica to play Grammys


You may have thought tuning into the Grammy Awards later this month would be a great way to get a jumpstart on some sleep, but things have changed. Metallica will perform at the 2014 Grammy Awards, and they’ll be joined on stage by classical pianist Lang Lang. That’s a classical pianist … get your head out of the gutter! In a statement posted to the band’s website about the planned performance, Metallica says it’s been 22 years since they’ve been on the Grammy stage. The band’s soundtrack for Through The Never is up for a Grammy nod.


Black Sabbath sneakers


Need some new kicks? Like Black Sabbath? It may be a bit late to ask Santa, but you can still score yourself some pretty sweet Converse sneakers honoring Black Sabbath. The shoe company hooked up with the band to to provide a line of shoes featuring 5 new styles with artwork from some classic Sabbath albums. The shoes will run you about $60 to $70.


Black Sabbath Sneakers


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Last LA Show, Suing the Label, and Doesn't Matter Who It Was

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Last LA show


Surely we’ll see even more nostalgic Nirvana stuff as we get closer to the band’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this April. The latest treat is footage from the band’s final Los Angeles gig just before front man Kurt Cobain’s death. The video seems to be taken with a home video recorder and shows the band’s stage equipped with statuettes of the In Utero album and a roaring crowd. Then the members of the band take the stage with the first words from Cobain “This song’s for River Phoenix” as they opened with a cover of Vaselines’ “Jesus”. Phoenix passed away October 31st of 1993 of a drug-induced heart failure. Cobain died April 5th of 1994, which means we’re getting close to the 20th anniversary of that passing. Anyway, the one angle 15-minute video posted online was filmed Dec. 30 of 1993.



Suing the label


The lead singer of the popular chick-fronted metal band Evanescence is suing Wind-Up Records for more than $1 million over unpaid royalties and other charges. Amy Lee took to the courts in an attempt to prove the label was working to sabotage the band. TMZ reports the story, though there’s no official statement from Lee or from the band. Late last year, the label announced it sold a large amount of its back catalog to another company, and that included their collection of Evanescence songs.


Doesn't matter who it was


Some homeless dude in Massachusetts tried filling the role of the drummer of Whitesnake, but it really didn’t work out that great. The man had been asked to leave an apartment building Thursday night where he was found sleeping in the doorway. Authorities say he tried using the “You know who I am?” card, but that didn’t work out because it really didn’t matter if he was homeless or the drummer for Whitesnake. You can’t just curl up in front of an apartment and sleep. You’ll scare the neighbors.


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Vulgar Letter to Venom, KISS to play hockey, and Iommi Update

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Vulgar letter to Venom


Metal-heads with a deep understanding of 80s metal history more than likely remember an infamous band named Venom. They had several albums back in the early 80s and actually are working on a new album to follow up their 2011 attempt Fallen Angels. Well, one of the great things about today’s internet is being able to see the gems that can surface from a time we’ve since forgotten. A producer and journalist recently unearthed a rejection letter that Venom was sent by EMI records in the UK back in 1980. Needless to say, the message sent is pretty crystal clear. Typed out in big letters made of letters, the note simply says “Dear Venom, F**K OFF, WITH COMPLIMENTS” with no signature from who penned the rejection. Surely that is framed and up on someone’s wall, right?


KISS to play hockey


If you’re a hockey and a KISS fan, watch out. The carnival will be taking to the ice in Los Angeles later this month to perform for hockey fans when the LA Kings take on the Anaheim Ducks. The game is part of the league’s Stadium Series which finds various teams playing hockey at various outdoor venues like ballparks. As for when the band will perform … the league says they’ll get the crowd warmed up before the game and also perform between each of the periods.


Iommi update


It’s been a while since we’ve gotten an update on Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi and with the New Year comes some good news. Posted to his official website, he wishes fans a happy new year and thanks those closest to him. He also shares that the band has some dates in the US and Canada, the Grammy’s and a trip through Europe in the summer. Plus he’s finishing up regular treatment and all is positive.


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Jordison Was Just as Shocked as You, and Ashba's Proposal Leads to Cops' Discipline

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Jordison Was Just as Shocked as You


As fans of Slipknot, surely we’re all still shocked about the announcement last month that drummer Joey Jordison will not be with the band moving forward. Reports kept adding that Jordison was working with his new project Scar the Martyr. Well in a statement posted New Year’s Day, the drummer said he wants to make it very clear that he “DID NOT QUIT SLIPKNOT.” He also goes on to say that he would never abandon the band or their fans and that he was shocked and blindsided by the news as well. As for what really led to the departure, even Jordison is keeping his mouth shut. He says he must remain silent at this time, though there is much he’d like to say. He then went on to wish everyone a happy New Year. In a recent interview with a radio station up north ‘Knot front man Corey Taylor said that more details about the departure will come soon. We’ll keep you posted.


Ashba's Proposal Leads to Cops' Discipline


Remember back in August when Guns N’ Roses guitarist DJ Ashbah posted a pic to his Instagram showing himself alongside his girlfriend turned fiancé flying around in a Las Vegas Police helicopter? Shortly after that fateful moment, Ashbah proposed. The story was that the couple just went a long for a ride along, but more details are coming out and discipline is being handed down. The police captain who arranged the flight has been allowed to retire, rather than face demotion (and surely he’ll keep his fat pension). As for the pilot, well he got his wings clipped. He’s no longer gonna be flying for the department. It’s funny how things catch up to you. It could have all gone unnoticed if Ashbah hadn’t posted the pic to Instagram and personally thanked police for the experience. As for Ashbah’s abuse of his rock stardom, it’s unclear if he’ll be charged with anything … even helicopter gas. Hopefully he feels like a d-bag!


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