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Manson Shows Canceled, Huge Discount Mistake, and The Rev Immortal

Manson shows canceled


Just as Marilyn Manson was set to perform in Russia over the weekend, some joker called in a bomb threat, canceling that show … and then another show was pulled. Why? … Well, because it’s Marilyn Manson … that’s why! The first show, one of several planned for the Russian tour, was canceled because of the bomb threat. Police are still investigating. But Sunday’s show in a Russian town that I can’t pronounce was pulled because the religious orthodoxy there said Manson was only promoting sadomasochism. A promoter for the show told media outlets that officials from all levels denied permission for the concert to go on. One of Manson’s Tweets over the weekend asked “Why are the people that proclaim that music inspires violence, the ones that create such entropy?” That’s a great question! Despite the setbacks, Manson continues his overseas tour.


Huge discount mistake


Imagine expecting to spend gobs of money on a show featuring Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Faith No More, Motorhead, Soulfly, Wolfmother and others only to find out that your tickets only cost $4. 25. That’s what happened to thousands of fans who went to buy tickets to the British Summer Time show scheduled for July 4th. The show was actually supposed to sell for at least $85 USD but the press reports that a promoter’s email with a promotional code meant for a few special groups allowing for heavily discounted tickets went to the wrong people and buyers quickly scooped up the tickets. What’s even more awesome is the tickets sold at that deep discount will be honored.


The Rev immortal


And don’t believe everything you read online … except that Avenged Sevenfold’s Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan is immortal. That’s what his Wikipedia page said for a few hours late last week even though the drummer died back in 2009. The entry was eventually changed back to show he died December 28th, 2009.


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Death Punch'd Out Soon, Remission Reissue, and Weezer Teaser

Death Punch’d out soon


It’s all about helping people … that’s why Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer is coming out with an autobiography. Spencer decided to write the book whenever he left a rehab facility a while back. Surely the book is full of all kinds of exploits of drugs and sex and rock star life. Even Spencer’s father was apprehensive of reading the book, but he took the plunge and benefited from being able to see his the world through his son’s eyes. The drummer says the book will be worth it if it can help even one person. Portions of the profits will go the NAADAC, an association for addicted professionals. Spencer’s book, titled Death Punch’d: Surviving Five Finger Death Punch’s Metal Mayhem is due out September 2nd.


Remission reissue


They just released their new album One More ‘Round the Sun and now Mastodon is set to reissue their debut attempt. The reissue of Remission will feature the 2002 album remixed and remastered, plus the album cover will be custom 3D foil stamping thing … or whatever. There will also be a booklet of even more unreleased artwork, and a sticker … bu there’s only 2000 copies of the limited special edition. There’s a black/gold vinyl box set also available for the wax heads. Expect that out sometime in August.


Weezer teaser


Speaking of releases, a new Weezer album is on its way and the band is releasing cryptic videos as teasers. Titled Everything Will be Alright in the End, the band hasn’t posted a release date, but at least two different black and white videos online features a few clips of new music and very little else. We’ll keep you posted when we get the deets.



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New Deadman Lyric Video, Bizkit and Anthrax Bring the Noise, and Still Denying Being Narcs

New Deadman lyric video


Theory of a Deadman have a new song out and with it comes a lyric video. The new tune “Savages” features Alice Cooper on vocals and is quite an alarmist song decrying that the entire world is just a bunch of savages and that “apocalypse is on it’s way.” It’s worth a listen! It’s one thing to sing about everyone being savages, but Theory of a Deadman are also showing their compassionate side. The band his helping out Habitat for Humanity in several builds. July 11th they’ll be in Southern California where they encourage fans to help take part in a build. They’re also selling bracelets at their shows to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. Theory of a Deadman be down at the Pageant in St. Louis with Black Stone Cherry September 3rd. Tickets go on sale this Friday. Their album Savages is available for pre-order now.



Bizkit and Anthrax Bring the Noise


Limp Bizkit and crew brought out members of Anthrax for a show in Germany where the team played the classic Public Enemy tune “Bring The Noise” … and yes, there’s video! The fan shot video is better than most and is definitely worth a view.



Still denying being narcs


It’s not like he’s under oath or anything, but Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda has once again denied narcing on Sublime With Rome. The story last month was that Sublime was on stage performing at a festival where Linkin Park was also performing. When Sublime got back to their “green” room … they found their green and their green tools … also known as pot and pipes … confiscated by police. There was also, reportedly, a police report indicated Linkin Park had tipped off the cops. That prompted Rome Ramirez from Sublime to call the band Linkin Narc … which has stuck with critics of Linkin Park. Shinoda recently told Jason Ellis that nobody called the police because there was “a shocking number of police officers in the venue” already. He also said that Linkin Narc is “the funniest nickname ever” by far. In other Linkin Narc … ‘er Linkin Park news, DJ Joe Hahn is set to direct the feature film Mall.


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Michaels Visits, Simmons' Biz Tips, Durst's Film, and Rise Against Tour

Michaels visits


Forget a benefit concert, Bret Michaels went to the small town ravaged by twin tornadoes this week to help in the cleanup effort. The town in Nebraska got a direct hit from one of those twin twisters, destroying or damaging more than half the town last week. The Poison singer and reality TV showed up to help in the town’s restoration, but also took time to sign some autographs. Michaels said that seeing the devastation first hand gave him a lump in his throat, especially knowing the affect on the town’s children.


Simmons' biz tips


Wanna do business the way Gene Simmons does business? Well, you may wanna get your hands on the step-by-step business guide titled Me, Inc.: Build and Army of One, Unleash Your Inner Rock God, Win in Life and Business. Sounds a bit pretentious. Aside from having the longest subtitle of any self help book, it will also have 13 principles for success. Get your hands on a copy October 21st.


Durst's film


Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst shows off his directing and acting chops in a short film available online. The singer directed and stars in the mockumentary film The Truth where he plays an evangelical preacher named Evan Jealous, a person who grew up seeing both sides of people in and out of church. Durst not only directs and acts in the project … he also wears one of the most absurd hair pieces this side of Nile river! When watching, you’ll also see cameos from the likes of Wes Borland and others … but mainly it’s a bunch of no-named actors.



Rise Against tour


Rise Against will be out on the road this summer with a stop at Riot Fest September 12th through the 14th. Then they’ll make it down to St. Louis September 23rd at the Pageant. The band has the new release The Black Market out July 15th. You can pre-order the album via iTunes today. When you pre-order the album, you’ll be able to get the single “I Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore” plus the previously unreleased song “The Eco-Terrorist in Me.”


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ICP and FBI Fight in Court, Canceled Show, and Got the Blues

ICP and FBI fight in court


What do you do when your fan base is labeled as violent criminals by the FBI? If you’re the Insane Clown Posse you sue the government … that’s what! Lawyers for the federal government and fans of the clown painted hip hoppers are in court over a report from the FBI back in 2011 that labeled juggalos as members of a violent gang. Some fans claim they lost jobs or even custody of their kids … there are also claims that they’ve been denied housing, given stiffer sentences for non-violent crimes … simply for liking ICP or having something as inane as a Hatchet-man tattoo. One guy claims he couldn’t even volunteer for the Army because of an ICP tattoo. Lawyers for the feds say that the suit doesn’t have any merit and the Department of Justice isn’t responsible for how local police agencies use information from the gang report. Either way, if the case is allowed to go forward, we’re in for a fascinating carnival ride!


Canceled show


Things haven’t been so good in Ukraine as of late. Surely you’ve seen the news. The turmoil and civil unrest has led to Aerosmith canceling one of their shows in the country. A promoter says the July 2nd concert in Kiev was canceled because they can’t ensure the safety of the artists, crew, audience or equipment. The message posted to the band’s website says they hope Aerosmith will be able to perform in Ukraine when there is peace and stability. Good luck with that!


Got the blues


One of the pioneers of modern metal says he’d “absolutely kill to do a blues record.” That’s the word from soon-to-be 63-year-old Rob Halford who told Noisey that at an early age he was drawn to artists like Janis Joplin and Robert Plant as artists singing real blues and that’s something he’d like to explore to see if his voice could fit “in that wonderful world.” Halford says that metal is still very powerful and helps fans overcome things in life.


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AC/DC to Tour, New Song for Sale, Tour Announced, New Korn, and It's Gonna Be an Epic

AC/DC to tour


They’re already in the studio working on a new album and now AD/DC front man Brian Johnson says the band could “very liely” hit the road to tour before the end of this year. A couple of weeks ago, there were rumors that the band would hanging up their instruments. It was then revealed that Malcolm Young, longtime guitarist and founding member of the band, suffered from poor health. That cast even more doubt on the future of AC/DC. But, the band quickly came back and said they’ll record and possibly tour. The timeline is starting to come more into focus. We’ll let you know what we know when we know it.


New song for sale


Metallica’s new tune “Lords of Summer” is available via iTunes here at the beginning of summer. The song was recorded as a demo of sorts and shared with fans a couple of months ago via YouTube. Now you can download the First Pass Version via iTunes. The band is currently piecing together a new album. It’s unclear if “Lords of Summer” will be featured on that album.


Tour announced


Butcher Babies are going on tour. The band featuring two of the hottest chicks in metal will be in Joliet, Illinois at Mojoes October 1st. The band is currently in studio which means we could have some new music sometime this year. And with news Butcher Babies are set to take to the road this September for a headlining tour, the new music possibilities are even greater.


New Korn


A new Korn song is streaming online. The tune “Hater” is expected to appear on the band’s upcoming expanded reissue of the 2013 album The Paradigm Shift. “Hater” will be one of three new songs on the reissue. That is set to come out July 15th. The release will also feature six previously unreleased live tracks.



It’s gonna be an epic


Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan is writing a book. On his website he says he’s got 200,000 words, and five of 12 sections so far. All together, he says he’s gonna have half a million words. Compare that to the epic War and Peace in at just over half a million, and you’ve got a book that not many people will complete. Not a whole bunch of people will ever read half a million words in their entire lives … Good luck with that, Billy!


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Sevendust Documentary, It's the People's Music, and In-Studio Pic

Sevendust documentary


Seeming to take a cue from Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters, Sevendust have plans to mix music and documentary with a release expected next year. The band is currently out on the road with their tour An Evening With Sevendust. That’s in support of their crowd-funded acoustic album Time Travelers & Bonfiers which is out now. It’s now being announced parts of the current tour will be filmed in New York City where they will perform acoustic at first and then they’ll crank on the distortion. Production is already underway. A set release date has yet been announced.


It’s the people’s music


Phil Anselmo is talking about a Pantera reunion, something the drummer Vinnie Paul has dismissed time and again. Anselmo performed at the recent Download Festival where he hooked up on stage with Pantera bassist Rex Brown. The two performed a couple of different Pnatera tunes in two different sets. Afterwards, Anselmo talked with Metal Hammer and said that the prospect of a Pantera reunion with Zakk Wylde on guitar is interesting, but there are some personal things they would need to address, things that can’t be done without everyone’s cooperation. But he say as soon as he knows something, quote “the rest of you f**king a**holes will know something”. Anselmo also says that Pantera music is the people’s music and they if they want to hear it again, they should be given that chance. Vinnie Paul, whose got Hellyeah out supporting a new album, has long dismissed the possibility of reuniting Pantera.


In-studio pic


Megadeth are back in the studio working on new material. Bassist David Elefson posted a pick to the band’s Facebook page showing himself and Dave Mustaine on their respective instruments sitting in front of a sound board. The message simply says they’re working on some new riffs, having fun and keeping it chill. He also says they are merely writing demos, but there’s more to come.


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Killer Show Suggested, Corgan Honored, Uproar Announced, and Streaming Right Now

Killer show suggested


It very well could be one of those shows you tell your grandkids about—Slipknot, Mudvayne and Mushroomhead all on the same ticket. It’s not set in stone or anything, but it is quote “on the radar” for Slipknot front man Corey Taylor. Taylor recently said that Slipknot will take a few months to collect and re-establish themselves, get the new album out and then see what’s going on. But, a tour with Slipknot, Mushroomhead, and Mudvayne is something he thinks is worth pursuing. And so do we, Corey! He also said that he wanted that lineup to feature GWAR, but with the recent death of David Brockie, that prospect is less likely.


Corgan honored


Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan is being honored for his charitable work with kids. The Illinois State Crime Commission gave the front man the “Jesse White Award” in Oak Brook this week, alongside his brothers Gabe and Jacques Baron. The three used their “Resistance Pro” wrestling venture as an outreach program to foster positive attitudes among kids.


Uproar announced


The Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival featuring top billers Godsmack and Seeter will be in Peru, Illinois at the Illinois Valley Regional Airport August 16th. That show will also feature Buckcherry, Escape the Fate, Redlight King and a burlesque show by Suicide Girls! The tour announced this week will feature Pop Evil and Skillet on most of the dates, but not the Illinois show. Tickets go on sale Friday at, and if you pick up tickets within the first three day you can also get Godsmack’s new album 1000hp for the low price of $7.99. That album drops August 5th.


Streaming right now


Speaking of new albums, streaming through iTunes right now is Mastodon’s latest album. Titled Once More ‘Round the Sun comes out next week and is described by the band as “bizarre” and that the band’s “screaming and yelling is kind of a thing of the past.” Two tunes from the new album, “High Road” and “Chimes at Midnight,” have been streaming online for a couple of weeks. The album drops next Tuesday.


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He's a Fish, Old Venue Sold, Crowd Funding Project, and New Slash Video

He’s a fish


You can add voice actor to Ozzy Osbourne’s resume. The Black Sabbath singer will be on the Nickelodeon show “Bubble Guppies” as a special guest voice. Osbourne’s character will be Sid Fishy, a fish sporting a red Mohawk and piercings. Another trait of Osbourne’s fishy character is he loves being rotten. Ozzy says he was coaxed into doing the job because of his two-year-old granddaughter who is a big fan of Nick Junior, and as Rolling Stone reports Ozzy says he’s “always smelled a bit fishy.” It would be super ironic if Ozzy voiced the character for a bat. Now that would get me to tune in!


Old venue sold


Meanwhile, the place Black Sabbath first played has been sold to developers. A newspaper in England reports that The Crown pub in Birmingham was sold to a Japanese developer for $2 million. The operator of the pub has been told to hightail it. The pub wasn’t just a sacred place for Sabbath, it also is where members of Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, The Who and Duran Duran performed. It’s unclear what the venue will be turned into.


Crowd funding project


More artists are doing it … taking to a crowd funding website to generate funds for their projects. That’s exactly what System of a Down’s John Dolmayan is doing. The drummer is hooking up with James Hazley from the band Cockeyed Ghost for a project called These Grey Men. The project will be a covers album featuring Dolmayan’s take on songs from the likes of Radiohead, Outkast and David Bowie. The duo hope to raise $55,000.


New Slash video


A new video out from Slash and crew is a lyric video of a different sort. Typically, lyric videos have some flashy graphics with generated text and some flashing lights and such. Rarely are the lyric videos worth being called music videos. For the latest Slash tune “World on Fire”, it’s a music video, with lyrics … And it even has a little bit of TNA! The video features a dark haired dancer who eventually takes her top off and seduces an artists to get a bit naughty …. Well, a lot naughty. It’s worth a view, but watch it at home … not at work! Slash’s new album World on Fire is due out Spetember 16th.



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They're Not Metal, Crowd Funded Concert, and Pumpkin Smashed

They’re not metal


It’s New Music Tuesday, so be sure to get out there and support rock music … or metal … or whatever! Out today is Linkin Park’s The Hunting Party. The band has released several tunes from the album online, including several full fledged videos. And in case you’re wondering, Linkin Park is not a metal band. Chester Bennington recently came out on the Metal Hammer radio show to say that distinction is something they wanted to make clear early on. Bennington says there are elements of the band that are pop, duh … that are electronic, uh, double duh … and that are hip-hop, triple duh. Bennington says that the band was labeled “nu-metal” when they first came out. Linkin Park will be out on tour later this year with a show at Tinley Park August 29th.


Crowd funded concert


Who says that rock stars don’t look out for the little people? A crowd funding campaign that sold tickets to a concert that didn’t yet exist sounds like a horrible idea, but that’s exactly what happened in Richmond, Virginia. Well, organizers reached their goal, something Foo Fighters took notice. That means the band will be headed to Richmond, for the first time since 1999. 1,400 tickets were sold for the concert. If Foo Fighters didn’t agree to perform, there would have been a full refund.


Pumpkin smashed


And another shakeup at Team Smashing Pumpkins: Billy Corgan has acknowleged that drummer Mike Byrne quote “has left the building.” This makes sense, if you remember not long ago Corgan talked about brining on Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee to record some tracks for an upcoming disc. The new album Monuments to an Elegy expected out early next year with a few singles pushed out later this year.


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Rose Bud Commercial, Rush Doctorate, Body Count on Fallon, New Slash, and Kasem Dies

Rose Bud commercial


This Bud’s for you, Axl … The Guns N’ Roses front man makes a super-duper brief appearance in the TV spots for Budweiser that are airing during soccer’s World Cup. The commercial shows some of the international stars of soccer while the tune “Paradise City” plays in the background. One of the players then flips a guitar pick out in to the crowd where Axl catches it. He then raises a beer to salute the sport. I wonder how many takes that took … And, I wonder how late Axl was to the filming of the spot … inquiring minds want to know!


Rush doctorate


Rush got their hands on an honorary degree from a university in Canada last week. The band, which features Geddy Lee, a high school dropout rock star, accepted the doctorate via video because they couldn’t land due to fog. Lee said his mother will be proud. See kids, you can get a doctorate even if you drop out … you just have to become a rock star … and good luck with that!


Body Count on Fallon


The hip hop metal group Body Count featuring Ice T made it on network TV for Friday the 13th. You can seek out the performance from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon online. Thankfully the power of the internet allows you to go right to the performance, so you won’t have to suffer through any thing Fallon has to say on the show. The band performed “Enter the Darkside”. They’ll also be out on the Rockstar Energy Dirnk Mayehm Festival. Their new album Manslaughter is out now.



New Slash


Streaming online, you can listen to the latest Slash tune “World on Fire”. The song features the likely Conspirators including Myles Kennedy. The album World on Fire is expected to drop September 16th.



Kasem dies


Long time “American Top 40” host Casey Kasem died on Fathers day. During his peak, the disc jockey broadcast on over 1,000 radio stations around the country. He also was a coveted voice actor. He was 82.


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New Video and Payment Method, Filter to Tour With Helmet and Local H, New Nino, and Somewhat Super-Group

New video and payment method


Mastodon are remembering the past and ushering in the future their latest updates. The band has released a video for the new tune “High Road” showing young royalty getting excited while two hotties prepare to makeout, but then the kid quickly wakes up in reality where he’s just a nerd playing role playing games with his grandma who’s hooked up to an oxygen tank. The video progresses from there where the kid then hooks up with a bunch of other nerds in medieval gear as they prepare to LARP. It’s definitely worth checking out. Mastodon also announced they’re accepting the crypto currency Bitcoin as payment for their new album One More ‘Round the Sun. You can preorder the album at their website now. The album drops June 24. Mastodon performs at Bonnaroo tonight.



Filter to tour with Helmet and Local H


Filter is going on tour with Helmet and Local H. The tour will come through Illinois next month at the Lombard Jaycees Fest in Lombard, Illinois. They tehn haed out west but then snake their way back through the Midwest later in August. The bands are calling the tour “The Anti-Folk Revival Tour in Drop-D.” Clever tour name, especially for us guitar players who love drop-D tuning.


New Nino


Ill Nino are preparing for the release of a new album next month and they’ve put out a new single for fans to listen to on repeat. The song “Live Like There’s No Tomorrow” is streaming through YouTube right now. The latin-infused metal band will be out this summer with the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem festival July 20th at Midwest Ampitheater in Chicago. Their new album Till Death, La Familia drops in stores July 22nd.



Somewhat super group


It’s a kind of super-group of sorts—Soungarden bassist Ben Shepherd, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron, Off! Guitarist Dimitri Coats and Alain Johannes, formerly of Queens of the Stone Age, are hooking up for a side project. Apparently the project started up back in 2008, and now members are wanting to fire it back up. The music is described by Coats as heavy and doomy. Surely there are more updates on the horizon for the unnamed group.


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Touring This Fall, Reissued Motorhead, New Lyric Video, and New Non-Lyric Video

Touring this fall


Black Veil Brides will be out on tour this fall with a stop in Chicago at the Riviera Theatre October 25th. Then they’ll head down to St. Louis December 9th at The Pageant. The band expects a fall release for their latest attempt and the extensive tour spanning over three months hints at it being a pretty epic release. The band has spent most of this year in the studio working on their latest album and it’s unclear if this will be conceptual as previous albums have been. Expect to pick up the album late October, right around the time you see them in Chicago.


Reissued Motorhead


Looking for another reissue to add to your album collection? Be sure to check out the reissue of Motorhead’s Aftershock when it’s released next month. Even though the album originally came out last year, the reissue features not only the entire album, but also an extra disc with some live performances of new and classic tunes. You can pick that up July 29th.


New lyric video


You’ve been hearing it on the air and now Rise Against’s latest tune “I Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore” has a lyric video that works to promote the band’s image and the new album that drops mid month next month. Be sure to check out the poppy punk tune today and pick up the album The Black Market July 15th. The song is now available to purchase via iTunes.



New non-lyric video


It’s not a lyric video this time. It’s an actual video-video. Linkin Park have released through Facebook the video for their single “Until It’s Gone”. The performance based video shows the band performing with a city landscape, intricate highways and refineries superimposed over their faces. Plus, Chester Bennington has some over-the-top hand moves to convey his emotional lyrics of the song. The band is already streaming their new album The Hunting Party through iTunes. The album drops next week.





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Top of the Charts, Streaming Online, From the UK to the US, and New Crue Tune Teased

Top of the charts


Three Days Grace are finding some success in their latest release. The tune “Painkiller” has launched to the top of the charts to land at No. 1. That spot isn’t a new place for the band, as they’ve had a number of No. 1 songs on the Active Rock charts. To be more precice, the band has now had 12 No. 1 tunes on the chart. What makes “Painkiller” so signifigant: it’s the first tune with new singer Matt Walst to land on the active rock charts. What that means, is the band has a winning record, even when there’s turmoil or turnover. Walst filled in for former front man Adam Gontier during a recent tour and eventually was confirmed as the new singer. According to Loudwire, Three Days Grace currently hold the record for No. 1 tunes on active rock charts beating out Linkin Park, Shinedown, Disturbed, Seether and Godsmack. The band is currently in the studio working on a new album, so it’s a safe bet they have more tricks up their sleeve.


Streaming online


Linkin Park have offered up their new album to stream a week before it drops in stores. They’ve already released four tunes to the internet, two of which are radio signles. The Hunting Party is available for pre-order through iTunes. That’s also where you’ll be able to stream the new album. You can expect to hear Linkin Park perform tunes from the new album when they tour with Thirty Seconds to Mars and AFI. That tour will be in Chicago at the First Midwest Band Amphitheatre August 29th.


From the UK to the US


Royal Blood are heading to the US for a headlining tour. The band out the UK hit US radio in the face with their tune “Out of the Black.” The band will be in Chicago July 31st for a show at Lincoln Hall and then the following day they’ll play Lollapalooza.


New Crue tune teased


Speaking of tours, Motley Crue getting ready to hit the road this summer for their final tour and bassist Nikki Sixx is getting all sentimental in talking about rehearsal. He also says they wrote and recorded a new song fans are sure to hear when they hit the road. That tour will be in St. Louis July 9th and in Tinley Park August 8th.


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New Music Tuesday, New Location, and Almost Done Writing

New music Tuesday


It’s new music Tuesday and that means you need to represent. Included in new music to grab up: Hellyeah’s Blood for Blood, featuring 12 new hard hitting tunes from the minds of Chad Gray, Vinnie Paul and crew. You can also pick up Tesla’s Simplicity. Also, today you’ll be able to catch the latest Godsmack tune “1000HP” immediately after Free Beer and Hot Wings, when we Shut Up & Rock. Be tuned in right at 10 this morning to catch the latest Godsmack tune broadcasting over the airwaves! You can also head over to purchase the tune via iTunes today. Get your volume nob ready to crank to 11! Godsmack’s new album is expected sometime in August.


New location


Last year, Rob Zombie went all out for Holloween with his Great American Nightmare. Now the horror rocker is expected to setup his Great American Nightmare haunted house in Phoenix from mid-September to November 1st. He’ll actually perform opening night and says he wants it to be above and beyond what it was last year when he debuted the haunted extravaganza in southern California. Zombie will also be out on tour, hitting up Fuel Arena in Grayslake, Illinois July 19th.


Almost done writing


Metallica is 90 percent done writing their new album, according to drummer Lars. This is the latest in a series of updates from the band about the progress of the new album. A few months ago, Lars said that the band was in the fourth inning of creating an album. That would be just less than 50 percent complete if there aren’t extra innings. His band mates have also hinted that the band has a repository of riffs ready to go, they just need to put the pieces in order.


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Remembering 20 Years, Pantera Reunion a No-Go, Build Your Own Robot, and Axl in 3D

Remembering 20 years


It’s hard to believe that Soundgarden’s album Superunknown is 20 years old this year. To reminisce about the creation of the album, Spin hooked up with the band for a retrospective. The article recounts the who’s who of visitors that took to the studio to check out the progress of the album 20 years ago. Some of the names include those from Nirvana, Pearl Jam, the Smashing Pumpkins, Queens of the Stone Age and even Johnny Cash. You can only imagine the types of stories these artists pull from their memory banks. Feel as if you were right there by finding the article from Spin online. Soundgarden is taking to the road with co-headliners Nine Inch Nails this summer to celebrate the milestone. They’ll be at Tinley Park’s amphitheater July 24th.


Pantera reunion a no-go


You can rule out any kind of Pantera reunion. That’s according to Vinnie Paul who surely is getting sick of that question. The current Hellyeah and former Pantera drummer was asked by media down south and he said it’s time to move on. Hellyeah’s new album Blood for Blood drops Tuesday.


Build your own robot


You could built your own robot with Powerman 5000! The band is letting your inner geek flourish with the website There you can built a virtual robot featuring a headshot of you or anyone else for that matter. This is on the heels of the band releasing their new album Builders of the Future. Want to see more? Well, after hitting up the site to building your robot, make plans on checking out Powerman 5000 August 1st at Pop’s in Sauget!


Axl in 3D


Sick of seeing Guns N’ Roses videos in standard 2D? Screw that, right? You wanna see an aging Axl Rose in all his 3D glory, right!? Right! Well, the band heard your calls and are ready to release Appetitie for Democracy 3D: Live at the Hard Rock Casino – Las Vegas, but it’s gonna be in theaters before you can pick up a disc for your 3D TV. 100 cities across the US will feature the 3D production June 14th. Get more details online at You’ll be able to pick up the Blu-Ray July 1st.


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Beastie Wins Monster Case, Hellyeah Streaming, New Album Deets, and Chili Peppers in Studio

Beastie Wins Monster case


It was a battle of juggernauts between The Beastie Boys and Monster Energy Drink and the Beasties came out victorious. The hip hop rockers took Monster to court for copyright infringement and after months of legal wrangling, a jury awarded The Beastie Boys $1.7 million. Essentially what happened here is the Beastie Boys were trying to uphold their fallen band mate’s charge that their music not be used in advertisements. Monster did just that with an online advertisement for their energy drink. Monster admitted to using the music in ads but said they should only pay $125,000. Beastie wanted $2 million. Ultimately the jury had the last work and awarded the group $1.7 million. The Jury also pointed out that Monster copied the group’s persona which made it seem they endorsed the beverage. Monster’s lawyers says they will appeal.


Hellyeah streaming


You’ll be able to rock out to the new Hellyeah album Blood for Blood this weekend, even though it doesn’t come out until Tuesday. The band has made the entire album available to stream through a YouTube playlist. Stream it today! Also, request “Sangre Por Sangre” today!



New album deets


Rise Against have made their fans super happy with news of a new album. A teaser video reveals the details. The new album will drop July 15th and will be titled The Black Market That’s not the only news. The first single from the album titled “I Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore” will be available to stream this coming Tuesday. A sample of the tune is available online.





Chili Peppers in studio


Speaking of new albums, Red Hot Chili Peppers are in the studio, and there’s video evidence. The band posted the clip on Instagram showing the sound board, some nodding from band members and even Flea working on some bass riffs. When completed, the new album would be the band’s 11th studio album.



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Influenced by Lemmy, Helsinki Performance, Another Lyric Video, and Teaching Gig

Influenced by Lemmy


You may hear something a bit familiar with new music from Halestorm. Lzzy Hale says her influence for writing new music lately has been Motorhead. The band is piecing together tunes for a new album and in an interview with Music Radar, Hale says the band is halfway done. Hale says writing new music is exciting, but it’s a “mindf**k”. As for the Motorhead influence, Hale says she asked herself “if [Motorhead front man] Lemmy was a girl and played guitar, what would he [or rather she] do?” Lemmy isn’t the only influence. Hale says that some of the songs they’ve pieced together sound like Tom Petty tunes as well. There’s no firm timeline for when the new album will be available.


Helsinki performance


Wanna hear Metallica perform a decades old song for the first time? The band has released footage of their set in Helsinki, Finland, where they performed “The Frayed Ends of Sanity” from the 1988 album … And Justice For All. The 30-minute video shows the band warming up and doing a sound check while rain comes down. Their overseas tour is better known as their “By Request” where fans in Helsinki requested the ‘80s Metallica tune.



Another lyric video


They just might release the entire album in lyric videos before it’s even released. Another lyric video from Linkin Park--this time it’s a tune that features System of a Down’s Daron Malakian, and you can kinda tell ‘cause it’s quite riffy, in a SOAD way. Not only does Malakian jam on the six string for the song, he also provides his voice. The tune “Rebelion” can be found on the band’s forthcoming album The Hunting Party which drops in stores June 17th.



Teaching gig


If there was ever a reason to go to college to study music, this might be it. Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi is now a professor of music at London’s Coventry University. Iommi was given an Honorary Doctorate of Arts by Coventry last year, a sign of appreciation, but with an actual teaching gig, the doctorate has gone from a nice gesture to being very practical! Iommi will be teaching this fall.


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It was an OD, Statue proposal, New Mastodon, Lyric Video, and New Body Count

It was an OD


It took about as long as they said it would ... the toxicology report on GWAR front man Dave Brockie turned out to be accidental overdose of heroin. Brockie, who started the band and performed under the stage name Oderus Urungus, was found in his home March 23rd. He was 50 years old. The band still plans to proceed forward with shows and benefits and other fundraisers to get a statue of Brokie put up somewhere. GWAR will actually have the GWAR-B-Q featuring Mike Bishop, who was the original Beefcake the Mighty vocalist for the band. Tickets for GWAR-B-Q go on sale June 6th.


Statue proposal


Speaking of putting up statues, there’s word that someone wants to put a golden statue of Danzig riding a dragon in Austin, Texas. The Austin Music Commission could soon decide to erect that statue to welcome visitors to the Red River Cultural District. The original suggestion was done in jest but has since picked up steam to where it landed on the organization’s meeting agenda.


New Mastodon


There’s a new Mastodon tune available to stream online. The tune “Chimes at Midnight” can be found on their forthcoming album Once More ‘Round the Sun. The band already released the tune “High Road” back in April. Mastodon toured earlier this year and performed some of the new material to fans. The album drops in stores June 24th.



Lyric Video


Linkin Park have released a lyric video for the tune “Wastelands.” The song begins with a hop-hop feel from Mike Shinoda and then is quickly overtaken with Chester Bennington’s chorus. The band has already released the tunes “Guilty All the Same” and “Until It’s Gone”. The album The Hunting Party is due out June 17th.



New Body Count


If you couldn’t get enough of Ice-T’s side project Body Count with their tune “Talk S**t, Get Shot,” then maybe the tune “Bitch in the Pit” will fill you up. The latest explicit tune from the hip-hop metal act honors all the ladies out there who take to the mosh pits at metal shows. Worth a spin!



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Lewis Berates Audience, New Tune Teased, New Series Teased, and Beats by Reznor

Lewis berates audience


“Your f**king mothers should be ashamed of themselves, you f**king pieces of s**t,” that’s what Staind’s Aaron Lewis said after berating audience members in the middle of a song. If you haven’t seen the video by now, you’re missing out. During a Staind show over the weekend in Kansas City, in the middle of a song Lewis saw a young crowd surfing girl getting what he described as molested. After an initial profanity laced tirade the Staind singer then said that the culprits should be beaten down by everyone around them. He even threatens to single people out of the crowd for an ass whooping if he sees it again. After venting … he then tells the guitar player to continue. This isn’t the first time that Lewis has blown up at audience members for unruly behavior. It also highlights the issue of women getting sexually assaulted at rock shows, something that is often overlooked or underreported.



New tune teased


Godsmack have posted a 25 second clip of their new album’s title song online. The tune “1000HP” will officially be released to rock radio June 9th. That’s also when fans will be able to pick up a copy of the song via iTunes. It’s not clear when the album will be out or if the band will tour. Godsmack will be with the Monster Energy Aftershock Festival in California for a single date in September.



New series teased


Foo Fighters have a more solid date for their new album, and more details about the HBO special. A teaser featuring front man Dave Grohl talking about the idea to record the new album in different studios around the country is circulating online. What’s being dubbed “Sonic Highway,” the trailer for the forthcoming HBO series simply says “coming soon.” As for the album, that’s gonna come out sometime in Novembers.



Beats by Reznor


Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor didn’t get bought out in the deal between Apple and Beats Music. Reznor Tweeted he will continue as the company’s Chief Creative Officer. Apple bought Beats last week for $3 billion.


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New Tour, On Cassette, New Faith, and Ceremony Aired

New tour


It’s a tour of a different sort … an apology tour. Jack White is making the rounds, apologizing to everyone he’s talks smack against in recent interviews … and court hearings … and behind people’s backs … you know, he’s just clearing his conscience. The White Stripes founder and indi-rocker from Nashville is issuing apologies to The Black Keys, Meg White, Duffy, Lana Ray, Adele, and others. Jack made statements in divorce court that The Black Keys ripped off his music and he didn’t want his kids in the same school as the kids from The Black Keys’ members. He talked smack about Meg White, his former band mate, saying she didn’t know as much about music as he did and had a difficult personality. As for the others, well he said that Duffy, Lana Ray and Adele wouldn’t be where they are today without the likes of the late Amy Winehouse. He’s now saying that he wishes the best for everyone and they deserve whatever success they’ve earned.


On cassette


Does anyone have a friggin’ cassette player anymore? Do they even make cassette tapes anymore? What the hell is Limp Bizkit doing releasing their new song “Endless Slaughter” on cassette? They must really not want anyone to listen to their music. Anyway, the band posted to Facebook that the song will be the first “experience” from the new album Stampede of the Disco Elephants available only on cassette at available only at Bizkit concerts.


New Faith


Could there be a new Faith No More album in the works? IN a message from the group over the weekend, there was news that “the reunion thing was fun, but now it’s time to get a little creative.” With the Tweet was a pic of front man Mike Patton making a goofy face. Surely there will be more updates … we’ll keep you posted.




Ceremony aired


And, if you missed any of the Rock Hall of Fame that aired on HBO over the weekend, you’ll be able to find assorted clips from performances and other induction happenings online.


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