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Hagar Suit, New Dope Teaser, New Mushroomhead Video, and Quick Recording

Hagar suit


Sammy Hagar is in some hot water over a trist he may have had a couple of decades ago. A former Playboy bunny in Iowa could sue the rocker for libel as well as invasion of privacy and breach of contract. Apparently Hagar put some allegations about the women in his 2011 memoir. A lawsuit had been dismissed last year but an appeals court says the women has established some facts and a jury should decide the fate of the case. The woman says she gave birth to Hagar’s child in 1989. The child later died. Hagar denies being the father and doubts she had a baby and claims she’s guilty of extortion. What a flippin’ mess.


New Dope teaser


More is known about a new Dope album. The Chicago natives posted another video teasing the album Blood Money which is expected Spring of 2015. Earlier this week the band posted the video for the tune “Selfish” which will be available for download September 12.



New Mushroomhead video


Mushroomhead are back at it with a new tune and video that will surely creap you out and give you nightmares. The masked rockers are seen in some neo nazi regailia without being blantatnly neo nazi. Instead, their logo of an ghoul with X-ed out eyes is on flags and arm bands and uniforms. The tune “Out of My Mind” is from the album The Righteous & The Butterfly which came out in May. The video isn’t for the faint of heart. Close to the end there’s a torture scene with back piercings, waterboarding and other images you may shy away from.



Quick recording


So how long did it take to record AC/DC’s new album? Ten days … that’s it. Considering they had a new guitarist with them in place of Malcolm Young, it’s quite the feat! But then again, the band is full of veteran rockers. So what do you expect? There’s still no word on when the new album will be released.


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Final Mix is Done, Close to the Top, Amy's Solo Tune, and Nickleback Details

Final mix is done


Black Veil Brides are ready to release their upcoming album IV this October. They already released the release date but now they’ve confirmed the disc is done after listening to the final mix and signing off on the last few details. Several of the band members took to their various social media accounts to proclaim their pride for the finished product. Fans can expect to pick up the new attempt October 28th.


Close to the top


Is the popularity of country music or Motley Crue? Either way, the compliation of country artists covering Motley Crue tunes cracked open on the US charts at No. 5 selling 31,000 copies in its first week. Nikki Sixx said that the compilation was made for country and rock fans and he thinks that diehard Crue fans will appreciate the country bumpkins take on some of Crue’s most well known tunes.


Amy’s solo tune


Amy Lee is taking some time for a solo release. Fans may notice a bit of a different side of the Evanescence singer as she put out a new electrnoica song titled “Push the Button”. The song will be on the soundtrack for the film War Story which is out now. Lee worked with Dave Eggar on the track and said the film is very dark and introspective. As for her plans with Evanescence, Lee says she doesn’t like to make predictions but she doesn’t have plans in the foreseeable future to work with the band saying she needs to show some different sides of herself. Well, we’re looking, so show us all the sides you want!



Nickleback details


The new Nickleback tune “Edge of a Revolution” is out now and so are details about the band’s new album. Titled No Fixed Address the Canadian natives plan a November 4th release. This is the first release from the band under the Republic Records label. A hand written track list of the new album was posted on the band’s Facebook page.


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New Slayer Next Year, New Billy Idol, Butcher Babies Uncovered, and New Dope

New Slayer next year


Am I the only one who thinks it’s kinda weird that Slayer is on Facebook? Anyways, the thrashers from Slayer are back in the studio to work on their eleventh album. The band posted a pic to Facebook showing the back of Kerry King’s tattooed head as he stares longingly at a soundboard. The message attached to the pic simply says “#SlayerAlbum15”. Am I the only one who thinks its kinda weird that Slayer is now using hashtags? The band’s last album back in 2009 was before Jeff Hanneman’s death and Dave Lombardo’s dismissal. But there are new members and a new album expected in 2015.


New Billy Idol


Speaking of new albums … One of the original cyber punks is preparing a new album and we’ll see how well it goes over for the current rock crowd. Billy Idol has a new single streaming online titled “Can’t Break Me Down.” The single is expected to appear on the new album Kings & Queens of the Underground. Fans can preorder the album now. The first attempt in nearly a decade will be out October 21st.


Butcher Babies Uncovered


They could be described as the sexiest chicks in metal and soon they’ll be completely uncovered. Well, that’s what their new EP will be titled. Butcher Babies are working to release a 5 song cover disc titled Uncovered September 30th. The disc will feature songs like “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raiser,” “Don’t Give a F**K,” and “P***Y Whipped” so you know it’s gonna be just what the doctor ordered. The band fronted by Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd will be out on tour September 12th.


New Dope


Dope is back with some new music and the performance video for the new tune “Selfish” is everything you’d expect from the band and more. With driving drums, droning yet syncopated guitars and Edsel Dope’s unique vocals, it’s definitely worth checking out. The Not Safe For Work video features a tompless women covered in grease paint lipsyncing the tune. The band will be out on tour in Peoria August 31st and then Joliet at Mojoes September 5th.



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Slipknot Album and Tour Deets, New Bizkit Video, and Canceled Godsmack Show

Album deets


It didn’t take long for Slipknot to release details of their fifth studio album. The band sent radio the single “The Devil In I” and also made it available to stream online. Just a few hours after that they let fans know that October 21st is the day the 16-track album titled .5: The Gray Chapter will be in their hands. It’s been six years since the masked group released their last album. Then they suffered an overdose death of bassist Paul Gray. Front man Corey Taylor and other band members said Gray was instrumental in the band’s writing process. As for who’s on drums—that has not been revealed.


Tour deets


If you were satisfied with new Slipknot album details, you’re about to be spoiled. Slipknot also unveiled a North American Tour alongside Korn starting this October. They’ll be in Moline, Illinois at the iWireless Center November 25th. Then they’ll be in Rosemont, Illinois at the Allstate Arena November 28th. Tickets go on sale September 5th.


New Bizkit video


Limp Bizkit have a new video out for their tune “Endless Slaughter” and it’s rather unique. Now, the song has multiple personalities. That also is apparent in the video. When the music changes up, so does the video. It opens with an interesting take on what it’s like to be Fred Durst making his way through a crowd of fans while singing the new tune. Then it shows the band’s bassist walking on a bridge. Then Wes Borland covered in grease paint running through some catacomb-looking place. At the end of the video Drummer John Otto takes to the screen behind the drums. It’s still unclear when the new album Stampede of the Disco Elephants will be out.



Canceled show


And the show apparently didn’t go on for Godsmack at Uproar. The band canceled their set over the weekend because of unforeseen production and technical issues. The band took to their Facebook page to announce that none of the main stage acts were able to play because of the stage problems. Other bands moved their sets to the outdoor stage to perform … Godsmack defends their decision saying they didn’t know about the problems until last minute.


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Airing Today, Saving Able at Coz's, They Keep Going, and Moose Slaughter

Airing today


Be listening today at around 11 when QLZ will air the first radio single from Slipknot’s new album. We got our hands on it over the weekend and we’re the only station in town that, as Styles said, has the brass to play it! The tune “The Devil in I” is a tad bit more approachable to the mainstream than the other tune Slipknot released online titled “The Negative One”. That doesn’t mean there are driving guitars and pumping drums in addition to front man Corey Taylor’s guttural screams … there’s just not as much as can be found in “The Negative One”. Any Slipknot fan will appreciate the dichotomy between the two songs. Also, any Slipknot fan is surely salivating for the new album which is expected to drop sometime this October.  Can't wait to hear it on air, check it out below:



Saving Able at Coz's


Saving Able took the stage at Coz’s Pizza Sunday, the first Springfield show from the band with new singer Scott Austin. Openers Royal Bliss warmed the crowd up, despite the temps pushing well into the 90s late Sunday afternoon. Coz’s then hosted Saving Able in fine style with an outdoor show on the west side of town. Stay with 92.7 WQLZ for updates on future shows in and around town.


They keep going


Just how long can AC/DC continue? As long as they’re alive. That’s according to AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd. The band’s future was called into question when it was reported founding guitarist Malcolm Young was ill and not continuing with the band. Then news broke the band was recording a new album without Young. Now Phil Rudd tells Australian TV that “we’ll probably all have to be dead before it stops.” That’s what you call dedication. Rudd confirmed that there will be another tour. He also doubly confirmed that there will be another album. Both of which he’ll be on. However, Rudd does have a side job set to release a new album August 29th.


Moose slaughter


No facelift for The Faceless’ tour van after the band smashed into a moose in Canada. The van is totaled. Thankfully nobody was injured. The status of the moose, however, is unknown. The Faceless finish up their tour on the now ironically dubbed “Summer Slaughter” tour. Guess they didn’t think they’d actually slaughter a moose on the tour, but hey! Makes for a great story!


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Weiland is Not in Jail, New Korn Video, Sonic Highways Trailer, and Motley Ice Crue

Weiland is not in jail


A false report that Scott Weiland was arrested for meth has TMZ finding egg on their face. TMZ reported that the singer was picked up for meth charges nearly a month ago and had been in jail for that long. The celebrity tabloid said Weiland went into a Rite-Aid to steal razor s and other cosmetic items and then ran from security only to be stopped by police. Once search, TMZ says the singer was found to have meth on him. Well since initially reporting the story TMZ has now admitted it was a false story and it was just an impersonator that had fooled the L.A. Sheriffs office … way to pass the buck, guys! So, to repeat the top news—Scott Weiland is not in jail for meth charges and TMZ sucks at reporting news.


New Korn video


Korn’s new video for the tune “Hater” puts bullying into perspective with a slew of examples right up front from seemingly regular people. It then features some intense imagery of women crying blood and even bathing in the red stuff. It’s worth a view.



Sonic Highways trailer


There’s a new trailer out for Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highway series for HBO and it looks amazing! In the 3 minute video, front man Dave Grohl narrates and say the series and forthcoming album is a musical map of America and they pulled up the family tree of American Music in the making of the HBO special. There are plenty of stars just in the trailer inlcluding Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Rick Neilson, Billy Gibbons, Paul Stanley, Slahs and others. The trailer even shows clips of Dave Grohl talking with President Barack Obama about music. In a very poetic manner, Grohl says the album and documentary series is “a love letter to the history of American music”. Catch the series on HBO Fridays beginning October 17th at 10 CST. The album Sonic Highways will be released November 10th.



Motley Ice Crue


Plenty of rockers have taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but none have yet on stage … until now. Motley Crue answered the call on stage in Indianapolis. Before the entire band had the water dumped they challenged KISS, Def Leppard and Aerosmith to take the challenge on stage.



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New Sixx: A.M. Teaser, Gwar to Tour, Dave's Dad Situation, and New Breaking Benjamin Lineup

New Sixx: A.M. teaser


New Sixx: A.M. is coming and fans are getting an up close and personal look at singer James Michael’s favorite tune off the new attempt. The album is titled Modern Vintage and there’s already a stream for the tune “Gotta Get it Right” circulating online. Now there’s a video showing what appears to be some behind-the-scenes footage of either a video shoot or a photo shoot of the band dolled up posing for cameras. In the video Michael talks about the new tune “Stars” that still gives him chills even though he’s heard the song hundreds, if not thousands of times already. The album is set to drop October 7th with pre-orders beginning August 25th.



Gwar to tour


It didn’t take long for Gwar to schedule shows across the country. The band has announced they’ll be out on the road with a stop in Chicago September 12th at Riot Fest. Then they’ll be down in Sauget at Pops October 29th. Blothar replaces Oderus Urungus as front man after Oderurs master Dave Brockie passed away earlier this year.


Dave’s dad situation


Big life events for Dave Grohl: not only is he gearing up for the release of a documentary series on HBO, he’s also preparing for the release of Foo Fighter’s eighth studio album. But life happens too! The Grohl family had an addition and then a subtraction. August 1st Dave’s wife Jordyn gave birth to their third daughter. A few days later, Grohl’s father james passed away at the age of 75 after battling cancer. Our thoughts and prayers with the Grohl family on what surely has been a rollercoaster of a month.


New Breaking Benjamin lineup


There aren’t many details about new Breaking Benjamin, but a video posted to the band’s Facebook has fans salivating! Despite various legal and health issues, Breaking Benjamin will be back on the scene with a new lineup. The posted video also features links to the twitter accounts of the various new members. And, don’t fear … Benjamin Burnley is still up front! Watch the clip today.





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Mixing genres Shed a tear New lyric video New album announced

Mixing genres


Sometimes music can make odd bedfellows … and the latest couple caught in the sack is the rock of Motley Crue shackin’ up with the modern country music scene. That’s gonna make one ugly baby. Crue bassist Nikki Sixx says that it’s all good for country artists to strip down Crue tunes because most of the songs were written on acoustic and can stand up to interpretation. The compilation Nashville Outlaws: A Tribute to Motley Crue features big names in modern country music is out this week. In our humbled opinion, it would have been worth checking out if maybe David Allan Coe or Hank Williams Jr. or Waylon Jennings would have covered the tunes.


Shed a tear


Meanwhile Motley Crue are still out on the road with the farewell tour and the guys get weepy eyed each night. Sixx says even though the tour won’t be done for a while longer, it’s the last Crue show for certain fans in towns across the country and that’s grounds for a cry. The band will take their final bow next year in Los Angeles.


New lyric video


It’s exactly the news you wanted to hear this morning … Nickleback have inked a new record deal and they’ve got a new song streaming online. The band will release an eighth studio album and to tease fans, and believe it or not there are plenty out there, the band posted a lyric video that is actually very anti-authoritarian. The new track titled “Edge of a Revolution” mentions the NSA spying and CIA trickery, plus a rally cry that “we won’t give up, we won’t go away.” A new album through Republic Records is expected sometime this Fall.



New album announced


Speaking of new albums, Bush has announced their Man on the Run release for October 21st . This will be the band’s sixth studio album. Fans will get a taste of the album with the first single The Only Way Out set for a digital release September 9th.


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Casting Call, Vedder's Ice Bucket, New Buckcherry Tune, and New Gwar Front Man

Casting call


It was your chance to be in a Slipknot video. The band briefly put out a solicitation for fans to join them in filming the video for the forthcoming single “The Devil In I”. Slipknot has done similar video shoots, in particular over 10 years ago with the video for “Left Behind”. There they asked fans to join them in a remote location to charge towards an house and take their anger out on the structure. For the current deal, the band asked extras to appear as quote “human maggots” in the Los Angeles area this weekend. One of the major prereqs included being comfortable shooting barefoot. The band is expected to drop a new album before the year is out.


Vedder’s ice bucket


Mark Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder off of the ice bucket challenge. The viral fundraising campaign to raise money for ALS has been sweeping the country. Before getting the rather large bucket of ice water dumped on his head, Vedder challenges Tim Robbins, Bruce Springsteen, and some dude from One Direction per his daughter’s suggestion.



New Buckcherry tune


A new Buckcherry tune is streaming online. The song titled “Somebody F#ckec With Me” is from their forthcoming EP with a title worthy of the most expensive FCC fines. Every song is guaranteed to have a series of F-bombs. Loudwire has the angst filled tune “Somebody F#cked With Me” streaming through SoundCloud. You can pick up the four-letter titled EP today, if your local record store carries the profanity-laced disc. You can also get the disc online. Buckcherry will be out on the road with a stop at Austin’s Fuel Room in Libertyville, Illinois, October 3rd.


New Gwar front man


We told you about that Gwar’s Oderus Urungus was respectfully burned to rest in a traditional Viking funeral. That was after the death of Oderus master Dave Brockie. There will never be a real replacement, but former Gwar member Mike Bishop took to a new character during the recent GWAR-B-Q as Blothar. Hope to see the out-of-this-world band on the road real soon.



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Oderus Burned to Rest, and Simmons' "Apology"

Oderus burned to rest


In an absolutely glorious remembrance of Oderus Urungus, family, friends and fans gathered for a ritualistic Viking funeral over the weekend. Thousands of people said their final farewell to the Gwar front man Friday in Richmond, Virginia. Dave Brokie’s funeral with close friends and relatives already took place—on April Fools Day of all days, but the Oderus character was laid to rest in epic fashion. Video online shows a crowd of onlookers watching as an archerist draws back a flaming arrow and releases it into the side of a Viking-like vessel with the Oderus costume aboard. The vessel in the middle of a pond then quickly caught fire sending the memory of the ghoul from outerspace back into the cosomos. Rest in Peace Oderus!


Watch the archerist take the shot:



Watch the entire ceremony here:



Simmons' "apology"


Gene Simmons is eating some crow after telling people with depression to kill themselves. During a recent interview the KISS bassist said that his mother survived a Nazi concentration camp and she loves life. He then went on to say that if some 20-year-old is depressed living in Seattle, they should kill themselves. Aside from that he said that people threatening to jump off buildings should just do it. After a huge uproar online over the weekend, Simmons took to his website and apologized saying that he was wrong to say those things and depression is very serious and very sad. He also says he regrets making the “off hand comments in the heat of an interview.” For some reason, I’m not sure I believe his apology. Just sayin’.


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New Godsmack Video, Soundgarden Lullabies, Pinch Drumming, and Slasher Music

New Godsmack video


The latest video from Godsmack is available online. The band released the performance based-video of the title tune of their new album 1000hp that also features some old school footage of the band in their early days. It’s a trip through memory lane for Godsmack fans that have been following the boys from Boston since they took to the rock scene back in 1995. The new album is out now.



Soundgarden lullabies


If you’ve got very young children you’re looking to acclimate into the rock world, or if you just so happen to enjoy lullabies, then the latest round of Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star is a must have. The company that brought out lullaby versions of heavy metal tunes from the likes of Five Finger Death Punch, Korn and others now will make Lullaby Version of Soundgarden available. The 8-song track listing includes “Black Hole Sun,” “Spoonman,” “Rusty Cage,” plus the Temple of a Dog colabo “Hunger Strike.” Expect to pick up a copy August 19th.


Pinch drumming


If you’ve been itching to see Tool drummer Danny Carey perform on stage again, your time has come, but Danny won’t be slapping skins for Tool songs. Instead, he’s been tapped by Primus to take to the stage in place of Tim “Herb” Alexander. The three shows Danny will play will be at Riot Fest in Chicago and Denver, plus an additional show in Chicago. The temporary replacement is a way to let Alexander continue to recover and heart surgery. Primus front man Les Claypool said that Danny is “the mighty redwood tree of percussion, towering over his kit like a golden haired noble sequoia.” Danny comes in at 6-foot-five.


Slasher music


Slash may have plenty of experience writing music for rock bands, having done so successfully for decades, but what about writing music for a haunted house? The shredder will compose music for a 3D maze at Universal Studios Hollywood. The maze is called “Halloween Horror Nights” and is themed as an aging ice cream factory run by a clown with deranged children who look to turn visitors into high protein frozen treats. Slash says he’ll be first in line at the opening September 19th.


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Frances Bean and Zelda, Suit Tossed, and Reopening Case

Frances Bean and Zelda


It’s not just the rockers who are coming out with condolences to those impacted by the suicide of actor and comedian Robin Williams earlier this week, it’s at least one prominent dead rocker’s daughter reaching out to the dead actor’s daughter. Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of late Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain, has reached out to Zelda Williams, the daughter of late actor Robin Williams. Media reports indicate that Zelda has ditched her social media accounts after receiving off-putting messages. Cobain reached out through social media and said Zelda has quote “such an incredibly beautiful soul” and that she loves her but she already knew that. She also says that she there for her whenever Zelda needs her.


Suit tossed


Those aspiring to be in a band, take note—things can get fickle between former band mates. That whole lawsuit thing that Glen Danzig had against his former band mates over profits from Misfits merchandise has been thrown out of court. According to Classic Rock Magazine a judge terminated the suit siding with Misfits rocker Jery Only saying a previous signed agreement between Only and Danzig when Danzig left the band said that Only was the only one who could make money off the merch … confused yet? Anyways, the Misfits will be back on the road this week to celebrate their 30th anniversary.


Reopening case


Twenty years after the brutal beating death of AC/DC’s manager, Australian authorities have reopened their case. Crispin Dye was beaten to death on Christmas day back in 1993 following a celebratory drinking session. Witnesses at the time saw three young males sanding over Dye’s unconscious body and police say they believe the motive was robbery. Police have put out a $100,000 reward for any info that would lead to an arrest.


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Not Buying It, Coal Chamber Reunites, New Album in October, and Simmons Says Learn English

Not buying it


Though he's learned to never say never in the rock business, Scott Weiland sounds doubtful that he'll do anything with Stone Temple Pilots again. As for his current dealings, Weiland says he's focused on his other band The Wildabouts ... a band you haven't heard about until just now. The original STP singer tells iChill in a recent interview that nobody bought STP with Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington. Weiland says that the few songs Benningtong and other STP members put out sold less than 40,000 units. Weiland says his version of STP has sold tens of millions, as Bennington's band Linkin Park.


Coal Chamber reunites


I know you’ve been itching for some new Coal Chamber, right? Well, the original band is getting back together for a new record. The group just inked a deal with Napalm Records for an upcoming release. Front man Dez Fafara asked the question “how many times do you get a second chance at anything in life?”


New album in October


New to the scene Crobot are preparing for an October 28th release of their full-length album Something Supernatural. Loudwire reports that the band hooked up with Lamb of God producer Machine. Crobot’s Brandon Yeagley said working with Machine was great and there was an understanding where the band was coming from and how to get at their core. Be sure to request the lead single titled “Nowhere to Hide” on QLZ today!


Simmons says learn English


This is one way to piss off an entire fan base … get political! That’s what KISS’s Gene Simmons has done with a recent interview. Simmons was talking with the Huffington Post Monday to promote the band’s upcoming “4th and Loud” reality TV show. After taking some video questions from dissenters telling Simmons and the band to lay down their instruments, the bassist answered questions about immigration where he said he’s an immigrant and has advise for other immigrants – learn to speak GD English. Quote “It is the key that will unlock the keys to the kingdom.” Simmons and crew will be featured in their new reality show “4th and Loud” this week on AMC.


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New Foo Fighters Album Details, She Lost Millions, KISS and MLB, and Early Corgan Recordings

New Foo Fighters album details


Foo Fighters new album will be out November 10th and is titled Sonic Highways: The Album. The band made the announcement of their eighth studio release after teasing the hell out of fans. They also release the 8-song track listing of the songs they recorded in 8 different cities around the country. That entire process will be the subject of a forthcoming HBO documentary series titled Sonic Highways set to premier October 17th.


She lost millions


Courtney Love says that she lost $27 million dollars of Nirvana royalties paying for a number of lawsuit settlements. The Hole front woman and widow of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain said told the UK’s Sunday Times that she’s a big girl, and that’s rock ‘n roll. She also says that she has protected Nirvana’s catalog from fast food commercials and movies about board games.




As if the KISS action figures, or lunch boxes, or bobble heads, or football team wasn’t enough … KISS have gone and teamed up with Major League Baseball to create t-shirts featuring the band wearing baseball uniforms. As of right now the band will have t-shirts showing band members wearing the uniforms of different teams with a tagline “Dressed To Kill”. So far fans can pick up the KISS MLB t-shirts for teams from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Phili, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Washington Oakland and St. Louis. Later in the year the team will release another round of baseball themed shirts. Find them in team gift shops, sports retailers and soon in department stores.


Early Corgan recordings


More details are out about what Billy Corgan plans on releasing from early in the Smashing Pumpkins career. The singer/songwriter says his next project will be a multi-volume collection of home demos from 1885 to 1990 and it will show just how bad of a musician he used to be. Corgan warns that the tracks are all over the place in terms of quality. When you’re 18 and you find a microphone and a recorder, what do you expect? Corgan says there are more than 800 tracks to consider and it may take a while.


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Inside QLZ's Studio, Foo Tease, and Motivational Speaker

Inside QLZ’s Studio


You may think that being a rock star means you get your own driver. That’s not the case. Grayson and Elliot from Letters From the Fire stopped by last week to perform in studio but they also talked with Styles about life on the road. When it comes to driving from show to show each member takes their turn. Styles also talked about the band’s time at Rock on the Range recently. The new album is all tracked but there are a few final edits being mixed. So there’s still a timeline issue for when the full album will be out. The band says they expect the new album out early next year. But, the EP from Letters From the Fire will be out August 19th. Watch video from the studio interview at QLZ’s YouTube channel today!



Foo Tease


It’s about as much of a tease as you’d expect from the Foo Fighters at this time … Typically a band will tease new music by putting out a 30 second clip featuring the hook from a forthcoming single. In the case of the latest Foo Fighters tease … it’s just an isolated vocal clip of what appears to be Dave Grohl screaming “all rise!” The band is preparing for their eighth studio album and eight-episode HBO series titled Sonic Highways. The show premiers on the premium cable TV channel October 17th. We’re expecting some big news today from the band, so you may want to seek out their social media to stay abreast to their situation.



Motivational speaker


Bret Michaels wants to teach you how to live life. The Poison rocker and reality TV star will host his very first Life Lessons September 24th at the Hard Rock Café in Oralando. In a video posted online the singer said he’ll talk about everything from health, wealth, love, music, the pursuit of happiness, and even some QnA with those in attendance. Get more details at



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Malcolm Not Returning to AC/DC, KISS TV, and Collage of Foo

Malcolm not returning to AC/DC


It’s doubtful that Malcolm Young will ever return to AC/DC. That’s according to the band’s biographer Jesse Fink. The new book The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC goes into intimate detail about the Young Family and how they created arguably the loudest and most popular global rock band. Fink tells a Boston radio station that he doesn’t expect Malcolm to get back with the band and said the younger nephew Stevie is there for the long haul. With over 40 years under his belt with the band, you gotta say it’s been one hell of a run for Malcolm Young! The band has recorded a new album and expect to release it sometime before the end of this year.




If you’re down with reality TV and KISS then get ready for their “4th and Loud” show that will highlight the band behind the scenes of their Arena Football League team LA KISS. Set your TVs to AMC August 12th. The band posted a couple of webisodes for your viewing pleasure.



Collage of Foo


Foo Fighters may have spilled the beans on details about their new album … well, not all the beans … just some of them. Circulating online are Tweets of location coordinates relating to the city where the band recorded their album. Alongside those coordinates were pieces of artwork. When all the eight pieces of artwork are put together an incredible yet fictitious cityscape is created showing prominent features from various cities around the country, including New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Hollywood and others. The teaser Tweets could also be an ad for their upcoming HBO series that’s set to air October 17th. There’s no actual release date for the new album but it’s thought to arrive sometime this November. Foo Fighters say on their Facebook that there will be some big news this Monday.


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More About New Slipknot, Hale on a Talent Show, She's Only 21, and Recovering Before Riot Fest

More about new Slipknot


Cory Taylor remains mum about Slipknot’s drummer. Late last year Taylor said that drummer Joey Jordison was out of the band … something Jordison said he did not quit Slipknot. That hinted that he was fired. But with the release of the new tune “The Negative One” Slipknot fans are dying to know who’s behind the drum set! Music critics note that whoever is behind the set for the new song really studied Jordison’s technique because it’s very similar to previous songs. Taylor tells HardDrive that the band is keeping everything under wraps because they “want the music to speak for itself.” He says when the time is right the answers will come. Also, Taylor told BBC that the new song isn’t an official single, it’s just a taste of things to come. Another tune titled “The Devil In I” is expected in a few weeks and is said to be more melodic. The new album may drop sometime late October.


Hale on a talent show


If you’re into the stupid singing show competitions you may recognize one rocker chick on this week’s “America’s Got Talent.” Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale showed up with Lindsey Stirling, a violinist she’s been hanging around with a lot lately. The two performed the song “Shatter Me.” Surely you can find the performance somewhere online if it tickles your fancy.


She's only 21


Watch out guys, she’s of age! Not just for porno or for buyin’ smokes … now The Pretty Reckless’ Taylor Momsen can legally drink! The actress turned rock singer from the St. Louis area celebrated her 21st birthday late last month and says things really aren’t that different. She’s been playing bars since she was 15 and she actually drinks less now than she did when she was a teenager.


Recovering before Riot Fest


Hoping to see primus soon back on the road after the drummer underwent heart surgery. There weren’t any complications for Tim “Herb” Alexander’s triple bypass surgery and the band says that he’s resting at home. Primus did have to call off some shows in Minnesota, North Dakota and Iowa for next month saying that it’s not realistic to have Tim play the drums this soon. Don’t want to bust open any stitches! As for the band’s appearance at Riot Fest in Chicago and Denver? Primus says they will make a special announcement soon.


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New Slipknot Video, More Inside QLZ's Studio, and Kid Rock Dong Update

New Slipknot video


After revealing the video for the first Slipknot song in six years, the band’s website now says there will be a special announcement at their online August 12th. What will that be? One can only assume it’s to announce the first new album in six years. Maybe an extensive US tour is also in the works! Head on over to today to watch the video until your hearts content today. Caution, it’s not for the faint of heart—nor is it for anyone with sensibilities towards goats or clean women. The band, which apparently is not just without late bassist Paul Gray but also drummer Joey Jordison, also made the song available for purchase and download through iTunes.



More inside QLZ's studio


The Veer Union hung out in studio with QLZ the other day where they performed a few tunes … and as always, our cameras were rolling. Get over to QLZ’s YouTube page and watch The Veer Union perform “Borderline” and “Seasons”. It’s just another way we get up close and personal with the rock stars traveling through central Illinois. The Veer Union is out on the road with Letter From The Fire and Trapt for a tour.


The Veer Union -- Borderline (Acoustic)



The Veer Union -- Seasons (Acoustic)



Kid Rock Dong Update


Remember that story about the glass phallus Kid Rock got as a gift being called up in a sexual harassment lawsuit involving members of ICP’s crew? You may need a flow chart to fully understand what’s going on … or you just need to read Kid Rock’s letters to those involved. Rock, who hails from Detroit—ICP’s hometown—is said to have received the glass … uh, rod … from a guy who tried giving it to a chick within Psychopathic Records. She decline and the … uh, toy ended up in Rock’s hands. Rock sent out letters saying he has no idea such glass piece exists and certainly doesn’t have it. The letters are use very choice words to blast the involved parties for dragging Rock’s name into their drama. In one letter Rock says if he wanted this type of drama he’d move to LA.


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Godsmack's Day, In QLZ's Studio, Opening Act, and New Video Soon

Godsmack's Day


Their new album 1000hp comes out today and tomorrow is a day of celebration for Godsmack in their hometown. Boston Mayor Martin Walsh will make the official declaration in recognition of the band’s roots by proclaiming August 6th Godsmack Day in the City of Boston. Apparently all it takes to have a day named after you is to become a successful Rock band. Hell, Puddle of Mudd has a friggin’ key to Springfield, for crying out loud. Pick up Godsmack’s new album today!


In QLZ's Studio


They’re currently out on the road with Trapt, but they stopped in studio with QLZ for a brief reprieve. Letter From The Fire were in town for a spell Monday and hung out to record an acoustic version of their tune “Zombies In The Sun.” And yes, our cameras were rolling. Be sure to head over to QLZ’s YouTube page to watch the latest from Inside the QLZ Studio with Letters From the Fire!



Opening act


Football and Soungarden fans will really get their rocks off with a season opening performance. And if you are a Seattle Seahawks fan plus you dig some Soundgarden … well, we just made your day. The band will perform for the season opener this year in Seattle for the Super Bowl champs. There will be performances from Pharrell Williams and also Ariana Grande as well. Put September 4th on your calendar. That should be a nice kickoff for the NFL’s 95th season!


New video soon


Sometime today we’ll get to see the video for the new Slipknot tune “The Negative One.” Fans are calling the song a return to their earlier sounds with harsh and gritty tones, mixes of many different percussion and plenty of rage filled in your face and to the point lyrics.  Get to to check out the song and refresh all day for the video ...


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New Slipknot Streaming Online, Suit Dismissed, New Bizkit Tune, and Airs October 17th

New Slipknot streaming online


If you haven’t already, you need to! Get over the Slipknot’s website, register and unlock the first new tune in 6 years titled “The Negative One.” It seems the two weeks or so of teases to the band’s website wasn’t for naught as the band pumped out one of most anticipated songs in recent history of heavy metal. When you register and unlock the song, you’ll also notice a message about returning to the site Tuesday for the video exclusive for the song. Lord knows what that’s gonna be like! We’ll keep you posted!


Suit dismissed


Meanwhile a judge says the widow of Slipknot bassist Paul Gray waited too long to file a lawsuit against Dr. Daniel Baldi, the guy she thinks caused his death. The Polk County, Iowa, District Judge ruled last week to dismiss the case filed by Brenna Gray. She filed suit saying Dr. Baldi failed to help her husband overcome drug addictions. The Judge said she should have filed within two years of her husband’s death. Paul died of an overdose in 2010. She filed suit this past February.


New Bizkit tune


They originally dropped the single via cassette tape—something some of you apparently still rock in your hoopties, but now Limp Bizkit has given the track up as a download. The tune “Endless Slaughter” is just the latest release from the long awaited album Stampede of the Disco Elephants. Critics say the song is one of the weirdest songs the band has ever put out. It goes from some unhinged vocals to some post-hardcore rock then into some hip hop. It kinda runs the gamut of Limp Bizkit sounds. The band will be out on tour this September with a stop in Chicago at the Aragon September 28th and in St. Louis at the Pageant September 30th.


Airs October 17th


If you want to watch Foo Fighters in the HBO series Sonic Highways, you better subscribe to the premium cable channel by October 17th. That’s when the show will air the first of the series. The eight episodes will air Friday nights throughout the run. There’s still no word on when the album will be out.


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Zombie's Creepy Clown, Future Plans, and Weekend Live Music Options

Zombie's creepy clown


Dammit Rob Zombie is creepy. The horror rocker and movie director is working on a new movie called 31 and if the film is at all the level of creepy that movie poster is, it’s sure to make you cringe. The poster features the image of a evil clown. Zombie told Rolling Stone his infatuation with creepy clowns started as a child when he had to hang out with some stranger dressed as Ronald McDonald. He says clowns are very entertaining and incredibly repulsive. The script for the new film is done and now they’re gonna scope out some locations, but Zombie is crowdfunding the movie with a goal of raising $2 million. You can get all kinds of perks by donating to the production of the film. Head over to and search out Zombies profile.


Future plans


Volbeat are gearing up for a new album. In a recent interview drummer Jon Larsen laid out plans moving forward where he said when they’re done with festivals late August they’ll head back to the US and tour with Five Finger Death Punch for a few weeks and then it’s back to the UK for a tour in November. After all of that, a bit of a holiday and then work on a new album.


Weekend live music options


A whole bunch of happenings on the live shows front—up in Chicago concertgoers will get to check out Lollapalooza. That multi-day event is scheduled throughout the weekend. Jane’s Addiction front man Perry Ferrell started up the music festival over 20 years ago. This year’s lineup includes a bunch of non-rock bands like Eminem and Lorde. Wanna see a rock show? How about you instead get down to Pops in Sauget tonight were (hed) p.e. will be joined by Bound to Break and others. That show was supposed to feature Powerman 5000 but Pop’s website says they’re no longer on the event and tickets prices have been reduced. If you want to keep it local, then be sure to head downtown Springfield Friday and Saturday for the Downhome Music Beer and Art Festival. Did I mention there will be 4 stages with dozens of bands and over 100 different types of beer to choose from? See you there!



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